Tinkering with PET bottles: 16 great ideas to imitate

Handicrafts with PET bottles melt-flower-edge

Plastic bottles are perfect for inexpensive adult craft projects. At the Tinkering with PET bottles Etageren, earrings, jewelry stands, lanterns, flower pots and other decorations are created that can be used in almost all areas of life. Check out our great ideas!

Tinkering with PET bottles – Etagere

Tinkering with PET bottles etagere-sweets-sweets

This beautiful étagère can be made very easily from base parts of 9 plastic bottles, a rod and a record. After the basic construction is made, it is sprayed with pink paint and adorned with small decorations.

Handicrafts with PET bottles – packaging for small gifts

Handicrafts with PET bottles packaging-children's party-souvenirs

An interesting idea for gift wrapping. Simply cut the PET bottle in the middle, spray the bottom part with spray paint and let it dry. Make cuts in the grooves so that small plastic sails are created that can then be folded down one after the other.

decorative tealight holder


When tinkering with PET bottles, the bottom part of the bottle is usually used. This tealight holder looks particularly delicate thanks to the small holes. Plastic can be easily melted with a heated object. For example, with the tip of a hot glue gun, a knitting needle, an eel, etc..

Mini serving bells for muffins


Muffins look like valuable exhibits under a glass bell. The bell jar is made of plastic. Make a handle out of felt in the color you want. These mini serving bells are also perfect as a decoration for a baby shower, as they look a little bit like baby bottles.

decorative lampshade


This project is simple but time consuming. You need to cut out a lot of leaves from plastic bottles in different colors and then attach them to the lampshade with wire. The bottom line is fascinating.

Shell earrings


Plastic melts easily and can be designed in different ways under a candle or lighter flame. With a small pearl in the middle, these earrings look like seashells.

Gift idea for best friend


For a bigger effect, you can stack several plastic flowers on top of each other. A glass bead is hidden in the middle.

Suspension earrings in blue


Have you noticed? These hanging earrings consist of several plastic strips of different lengths. Each strip is folded in two and tied on a ring.

Plastic bottle bracelet

tinker-pet-bottle-bracelet-fabric-leopard pattern

Who would have thought that this stylish bracelet was made from a PET bottle? The plastic was hidden under the fabric.

Vintage look bracelet


A great way to use scraps of fabric and plastic bottles creatively. The accent is set by a strip of lace.

Jewelry stand

Do handicrafts with PET bottles jewelry stand-do-it-yourself

A good craft project for fashion fans who would also like to follow the upcycling trend. A jewelry stand where you can immediately discover the right jewelry for today’s outfit.

cute flower pots for pearl hyacinths

Tinkering with PET bottles cats-flower-containers-pearl hyacinths

Make a planter out of pet bottles for your early bloomers and let them wake up from hibernation. When cutting the bottle in two, make sure these sleeping cats have pointy ears too.

Owl flower pot


Owls are also a popular subject and are easy to draw. Draw two large round eyes, a pointed beak and a couple of feathers on the chest.

Mobile for children’s rooms

Handicrafts with PET bottles mobile-children's room-colored-flowers

You can also make beautiful flowers from the top of the bottle, which can then be used for a colorful mobile for the baby room. Wrap the bottle caps with aluminum foil.

homemade bird feeding station

Tinkering with PET bottles bird feeding station-garden-wood-spoon

Building a bird feeding station for the garden is not difficult. Simply put two wooden spoons through a plastic bottle and then fill it with different seeds. The opening on the bowl should be a bit larger so that the kernels can fall out.

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