Tinker with plastic bottles – 30 creative ideas to imitate

tinker plastic bottles varnish glue paper floral vintage

What you can create from used objects is incredible. Much, as the media and society admonish again and again, is harmful to nature and the earth and to humanity in general. Perhaps that is how it is when you ruthlessly throw away your trash. The positive thing is that you can always make something creative and interesting out of leftovers such as packaging and used and broken things. It’s all part of a whole culture – the DIY society. Plastic bottles come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are easy to work with. You only need a pair of scissors or a cutting knife, glue, wire or thread and you are ready to create something creative. Here are 30 ideas that you could get in minutes tinker with plastic bottles can. Have a lot of fun doing it!

Tinker with plastic bottles – creative DIY projects for the garden

plastic bottles tinker bowls flower pot cat figure

Tinker cacti

plastic bottles tinker cacti ideas flower pots deco

Sculptures made from plastic bottles

plastic bottles tinker flowers ideas sculptures green flowers

Tags made from plastic bottles bottoms

plastic bottles tinker flowers bottle bottom red green blue lid christmas tree

Make a vertical garden out of plastic bottles


Scheme for growing vertical vegetable and spice garden

Tinker with plastic bottles -scheme-garden-urban-city


Make hedgehog flower pots for the garden yourself


Larger plants can also be grown in larger PET bottles


Plastic containers are particularly suitable for planting young plants that will later be placed in the garden.


Plastic doesn’t always disturb nature. You can also use it to build something useful – a bird feeder, for example. Hang it on a tree in the garden or in the nearby park.

plastic-bottle-tinker-bird-food spoon-diy

With a little imagination, you can make great gift boxes out of the PET bottles. Here the lower parts of the plastic bottles are colored in bright spring colors and decorated with a functional zipper. This resulted in cute gift boxes in which imaginative little things can be stuck.

Tinker with plastic bottle-container-zipper-diy

Make a manageable organizer for make-up and make-up items out of clear, colorless plastic bottles.


Find plastic bottles with a similar shape to the bottom. Build a practical step shelf for accessories or small things.

Make -organiser-diy-little things out of plastic bottles

Many small things can be stored easily and clearly in transparent plastic bottles.


Tinker with plastic bottles – a DIY project for cell phone holders 


plastic bottle-tinker-cellphone-holder-socket

Make a gift box out of plastic bottles and decorate it tastefully – a great recycling idea



Save money with a plastic bottle piggy bank. You can also paint or wrap wrapping paper on the bottle so that it does not reveal its contents.


Make your designer lamp from a fabric softener bottle or from several cola bottles

plastic bottles-tinker-floor-lamp-detergent-softener

plastic bottles-tinker-lamp-chandelier-transparent

Make a shovel for the litter box or for the garden


The dogs are very irritated by the crunching noises made by the plastic bottles. Make a dog toy – wrap an empty plastic bottle in cloth or tuck it into an old sock. Remove the cover beforehand.

Make a dog toy sock out of plastic bottles

The bottle caps can also be used to make great things. Paint them or collect different colors and make whole pictures.

plastic bottles-tinker-cap-lids-recycling-art


Make a breakfast box out of the bottoms of the plastic bottles

plastic bottles-tinker-breakfast-box-muffins-house

 You can make great decoration ideas from disposable bottles


Bottle cap pendant


Tinker with plastic bottles – beautiful flower


Make a stand for disposable bags out of a plastic bottle

plastic-bottle-tinker-organizer-single-use bag-bags


Tinker with colored-creative-ideas from plastic bottles