Tinker window decorations – 55 ideas for every season

Even before you enter the house through the front door, you get a pleasant, cozy feeling to have arrived at home. It’s nice when you feel secure in your own home. This is particularly easy to achieve with personally designed decorations. You can be a cute one Tinker window decorations and feel the cozy atmosphere of your own four walls from outside. Let yourself be inspired by our 55 fairytale ideas for every season and for young and old and you will also find three instructions on how to decorate the window panes creatively and individually.

Make window decorations with an embroidery frame and colorful fabric

Tinker window decoration -diy-embroidery-frame-hanging-colorful-fabric

Be creative and, firstly, choose colors that match the overall look of the room. The most important thing is to choose an exact color scheme and stick to it. The decoration looks particularly appealing when the same colors can be found in the upholstery, wall colors, home textiles or accessories. Get the materials and start tinkering with the window decorations.

Tinker window decorations – the more colorful the better

Tinker window decorations -diy-materials-embroidery frames-fabric-colorful-scissors-thread

Required materials:

– Embroidery hoops – size and number according to your wishes and window size

– Scraps of fabric – they should be slightly larger than the embroidery hoops

– Scissors

– thread for hanging

– Hooks to attach to the window frame

Tinker window decoration -diy-fabric-colorful-embroidery-frame-fix-fasten

First you should cut the fabric a little larger than the embroidery hoop. Then place the scraps of fabric on the inner frame and pull the outer frame over. Tension the fabric as much as possible for a good result. This works best if you pull the appropriate points from behind when tightening.

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Tinker window decorations -colorful-fabric-embroidery-frames-diy-circles

You can secure the fabric that is left over at the back with a needle and thread. Repeat for all hoops. Use fabrics with different patterns and colors to create colorful window decorations. Finally, tie a piece of thread to each hoop and let the decoration hang on the window.

* a project by Designer trapped

Hang a garland of paper butterflies on the window

Tinker window decorations - front door-garland-butterflies-paper-magazines

For this cute garland Small children can also help out for the window or front door. Find brightly colored pages in magazines and use a template to cut out several butterflies. Glue them on a thread with simple tape and hang the finished garlands where you want them.

Tinker window decoration - garland-butterflies-cut-out-paper-magazines

window decoration-tinker-butterflies-paper-magazine-thread-garland-adhesive tape

Tinker window decorations – butterflies from music paper 

window decoration-tinkering-butterflies-garland-notepaper-diy-creative-imaginative

You don’t necessarily have to use music paper for this great DIY idea. You can also use firmer newspaper. First, design a butterfly template and cut it out. To do this, you needed a pair of scissors and a box knife to perforate the wings. Just make sure that the center of the butterfly remains intact, because this is exactly where all the butterflies will be attached to the garland later. For best results, sew the items together using a sewing machine, if you have one, or tape the string in place. Let’s start tinkering with the window decorations!

window decoration-tinker-butterflies-notepaper-cut-out-diy-creases

window decoration-tinkering-butterflies-natoenpapier-cut-out-fine-diyschoen

window decoration-tinkering - butterflies-notepaper-cutting-cutter-knife

window decoration-tinkering-butterflies-notepaper-garland-diy-fine-beautiful

window decoration-tinker-butterflies-notepaper-cut-out-sew-garland-diy

* a DIY project by Style&Influence

Let the children spill and paint on the windowpanes

window decoration-tinkering-children-paint-diy-flour-water-mixture

Now it’s the turn of the little ones, because they too can make window decorations. For this special decoration, the children need colors that they can make themselves and with them they can paint something beautiful on the window panes.

Necessary materials for the colors:

– 1 cup of flour

– 200 ml of water

– 1 cup of dishwashing detergent without sodium lauryl sulfate; so the homemade colors don’t get too frothy

– food coloring

window decoration-tinker-children-paint-paint-food-color-toddlers

First mix well all ingredients except for the colors until all lumps disappear. Then divide the liquid into small containers for the different colors. Drip some food coloring into each container as you wish and mix everything together well. And now you can start spilling, splashing or painting! Don’t worry, thanks to the dishwashing detergent in the colors, everything can be easily removed from the windows later, even after it has completely dried out. And even the little artists can do that themselves afterwards.

window decoration-tinker-children-paint-paint-dab-cleaning-suber


* a fun idea from The Imagination Tree

Make beautiful window decorations in kindergarten

window decoration-tinker-children-diy-paper-cut-out-apples-car-house-colored

While still in kindergarten, the children begin to tinker with different things, which then find their place in the home decorations. If you are looking for a great idea to do handicrafts in the kindergarten, then you can try to create a pretty window decoration together with the little ones. Any stencils can be used for this and decorated in different ways depending on the age of the children. With the finished window decoration you can either decorate the windows in the kindergarten or prepare a present for the parents.


You can make a particularly personal and really cute decoration for the window with the handprints of the children. To do this, you should first draw them on colored paper and then cut them out. Then prepare different decorative elements that the little ones stick to the handprints with an adhesive. In this way, a cute window decoration can be tinkered.

Ideas for spring and summer with flowers of all kinds

window decoration-tinker-flowers-diy-fabric-paper-adhesive tape

As a rule, almost anything can be glued to the window pane and designed as a decoration if it does not weigh too much. Flowers are best for a pretty spring and summer decoration. However, to keep them fresh longer, it is advisable to use artificial flowers instead of real flowers. You can then simply attach this to the window with some atmospheric washi tape and the window decoration is ready.

Garland of artificial flowers

Tinker window decoration -spring-blossoms-artificial-thread-flowers-pink-pink

50 ideas for every season

window decoration-tinkering-summer-spring-blossom-garland-real-thread

The ideas for making decorations for the window are simply endless and are suitable for every season and every occasion. One of the easiest ways to make a pretty window decoration is with a garland. It is also very practical and cannot damage the window pane. For example, tape can leave marks on the window pane that are difficult to remove. Since the garlands have no contact with the window, they are considered the clean variant for a window decoration.

window decoration-tinker-flowers-dried-garland-real-clothespins-cord-white

For a great effect, you can make the garland not with simple thread, but with a rope and clothespins. In this way you save time for gluing and drying the glue and you can change the decoration at any time.

window decoration-tinkering-spring-tulips-white-glasses-green-decorate

If you are making a window decoration, it should not necessarily be attached or hung on the window. Rather, you can decorate the inside of the window ledge for any occasion. Lush flower boxes, beautifully arranged flower vases and pretty candle holders are particularly suitable for this.

Make decoration out of windows


If you are concerned about home decor, not only can you decorate the windows, but you can also decorate with windows. With old window frames or entire windows, a wonderful vintage decoration can be conjured up, which immediately becomes an eye-catcher in the interior. If the windows used are large, you can also make a window decoration for the window panes. To do this, you can try one of the ideas already shown.

window decoration-tinker-old-window-picture-frame-black-and-white-photo

Old windows can also be transformed into original picture frames. Small windows that can be attached to the mantelpiece or wall are particularly suitable for this. Measure the window frame exactly and have the selected picture or photo printed out in the same dimensions.

window decoration-tinkering-old-window-decorating-wreath-white-couch-font

To decorate with windows, either the whole window or just the window frames can be used. You will find many great examples and suggestions in our picture gallery.

window decoration-tinker-hearts-napkin-doilies-paper

Make beautiful decorations with branches

window decoration-tinker-knots-white-outdoor-birch-wood-vessel

window decoration-tinker-knot-birch-knot-diy-frame-wood

window decoration-tinkering-autumn-branch-orange-panes-cutlery-old-lattice-window

Make beautiful decorations for the window for Christmas

window decoration-tinkering-gingerbread-house-sweet-hanging-glaze-hanging

window-decoration-tinker-christmas-branches-conifer-fairy lights-woolen balls-diy

window decoration-tinker-christmas-garland-flowers-red-fir-tree

window decoration-tinker-christmas-balls-colored-hanging-ribbon-red-large

window decoration-tinker-christmas-chairs-wood-decorate-vintage

window decoration-tinker-winter-christmas-snowflakes-girlane-conifer-cones-couch-pillows

window decoration-tinker-winter-christmas-cones-wreath-snowflakes

Tinker vintage window decorations

window decoration-tinkering-romantic-candle lanterns-vintage-lanterns-candles-tea lights

window decoration-tinkering-kitchen-vintage-country-style-lantern-wreath-old-things

window decoration-tinker-christmas-winter-red-wreath-paper-vintage-branch

window decoration-tinkering-old-vintage-key-hanging-creative-idea

window decoration-tinkering-window sill-outdoor-wind lights-orchid-summer-garland-candles

window decoration-tinker-garland-stars-colorful-gold-pink-table-lamp-modern-lampshade

window decoration-tinker-heart-thread-yarn-diy-wire-hanging

window decoration-tinker-paper-cardboard-colored-stripes-hang up


window decoration tinker garland diy christmas figures reindeer evergreen

window decoration tinker christmas inspiration christmas tree balls tannengruen

window decoration tinker berries idea red winter christmas jewelry

window decoration tinker felt hearts curtain colorful valentine's day

window decoration tinker balls transparent glass red accent lanterns