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Everyone who has a child between 4 and 14 years old knows the latest trend – rubber bracelets. They are colorful and spice up the simple school outfit, such as jeans and a T-shirt. The best thing about the bracelets is that you can make them in no time. The students love the trend and often give these bracelets as a token of eternal friendship or love. These bangles are also a cool idea to give away if you have just been invited to a children’s birthday party. You can easily put several together Make rubber bracelets and arrange the gift with them – or give a handicraft set as a present.

Making rubber bracelets – everything you need to know about the latest trends


Who together with his child Tinker rubber bracelets needs a little prior knowledge. The jewelry comes from America – there the children have been collecting and exchanging bracelets for a long time. These are especially popular because they are a cool pastime for those rainy days. Parents and children can enjoy the togetherness while they tie the elastic bands. The bangles for the children’s party are also practical. You have two options to choose from. For example, you can buy a craft kit. These sets contain a hook, elastic bands, clips and the so-called loom / on which the elastic bands are stretched /. Numerous designs, both simple and difficult, can be linked with it. Anyone who is more skilled or already has some crafting experience can make the rubber bands themselves with the help of two pencils.

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The designs themselves vary in difficulty – some are suitable for beginners and others for advanced users. Depending on the knotting technique and the width and length of the bracelet, the number of elastic bands used can vary greatly, but you should expect around 25-40 elastic bands.

Creative ideas for making rubber bracelets


You can create great bracelets from the colorful rubbers without a professional set. You can weave a simple fresh bone pattern with the help of two pins and rainbow looms in the colors of your choice. In the first step you have to stretch a rubber band crossed around the pins, so that a figure eight is created. Then take the next elastic and stretch it as well, but without crossing it. Make sure the two rubbers are tightly on top of each other and repeat the same thing with the third rubber. Then grab the bottom rubber on the right side and pull it over the right pin. Now repeat the same steps with the left side. The result is a link between the pens. Proceed with the next colored rubbers as already described. Next, check the length on your wrist and attach a clasp.

Make rubber bracelets and wear more if possible


Without a frame, you can also make a bracelet with the interesting dragon scale pattern. The materials you will need are rubber rings, clasp, fork and crochet hook. As explained above, tighten two rubber bands to form a figure eight. One rubber on the first and two prongs and the second eight on the other two prongs. Place a contrasting colored elastic band over the middle two prongs. Then pull the lower rubbers over the upper straps on the same prongs. Now stretch two more rubbers onto two prongs each. Then, lift the lower rubber bands on all four prongs over the upper ones. Keep braiding the bracelet until you reach the length you want. Periodically pull the band taut on the back of the fork. Take the crochet hook and thread the four loops on it. Pull another rubber ring through the four crochets and hang up the S-hook to close it.

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For the next pattern you will need rubber rings in two colors, a fork instead of a loom and an S-clip to close it. Stretch the rubber over the first and third prongs of the fork and twist it into a figure eight. Take a rubber ring from the second color, twist it back into a figure eight and slide it over the second and fourth prongs of the fork. Repeat these steps. Rotate the fork so that you can see it from the front. For each prong, pull the rubbers over the tips. Repeat all the steps from the beginning. If your bracelet is already the right length, pull the loops from the first prong over the second and then the fourth over the third. Finally, carefully pull off the remaining loops and attach the S-clip.

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Loom bands combined with iron on beads also look great. Pull the elastic band over two fingers or pens and twist it into a figure eight. Thread another two rubber bands over it. Pull the edges of the bottom elastic over your fingers. You can pull the clasp through in the middle where the straps have come together. Take a bead and pull the next elastic through it. Also thread the elastic with the bead over your fingers. Pull the bottom ribbon over your fingers to the right and left again.

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This is followed by another band with a pearl. Repeat the steps already described until the loom band with pearls is long enough. Put the last two loops together and attach the clasp. If you want colorful bracelets, you can combine pearls of different colors. Let your creativity run free and design your own composition. In addition to making bracelets, rubber bands allow you to design key chains, animals, small bags and even sandals.

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