Tinker pine cones and decorate the house atmospherically

Pine cone decoration tinker Christmas tree-golden-berries

Collect pine cones from the yard or the park and decorate your house nicely in the cold months. Tinker pine cones decoration is very light and inexpensive … you just need some interesting ideas. Pine cones grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their natural charm and beauty make them ideal for home decoration in autumn and winter. Collect a basket of pine cones and let your imagination run wild.

Tinker pine cone decoration – rustic table decoration

Tinker pine cone decoration -glass vases-salt-artificial snow

Pine cones can be a rustic and eye-catching accent on a table. Instead of arranging flowers in a large vase, collect the cones in the center of the table.

Make pine cones and decorate the table

Pine cone-decoration-tinker-glass tray-pillar candle-cinnamon sticks

Alternatively, you can place pine cones on a silver tray under the drinking glasses to add a natural touch. The lemons and the cinnamon sticks are lovely additions to this stylish display.

Elegant nature on the mantelpiece

Fir cone decoration tinker mantelpiece-garland-fir-green-white-roses

Pine cones lying chaotically on the mantelpiece are an elegant way to bring nature into your home. Start with garlands of twigs all the way down the mantle. Put the cones on top and add another touch of green color with fresh apples.

Decorate the candle holder with pine cones

Pine cone-decoration-tinker-tealight-holder-gold-painted

Candlestick cones decorate glue ornaments winter

           glass candlestick decorate spigot hot glue gungluing golden elements pine cones decoration tinker

Make your house shine beautifully by making glittering pine cones decorations. These beautiful homemade candlesticks look very elegant on the coffee table, surrounded by evergreen branches and sparkling golden balls.

Painted pine cones

decorate pine cones, paint, exhibit

Fresh colors emphasize the interesting shape of the cones. Fill a wooden bowl with brightly painted pine cones to add nice texture to the decorations.

Pine cones on the rocks

pine cone decoration ice wine bottles bowl

You can even spot pine cones in the most unexpected places! Sprinkle pine cones in a bowl of ice amidst wine bottles. Your presence creates an association with cosiness.

 Making trees out of cones

                pine cone decoration house mantelpiece flower pots metal frame decoration tinker glue

Glue the tenons under the mantelpiece

pine cones decorate the mantelpiece glue the underside

in the plant pot

cones soil fill fir tree pot

large cones turned upside down

cones flower pot idea tree look mantelpiece

pine cones decorate ideas flower pots mini fir tree

Fill the basket with natural finds

basket full of fir pine cones cinnamon sticks natural materials

    different types of cones

cones pine cones pine cones decoration house tinker

Fill the glass vase with cones

pine cones glass vase transparent balls branches

autumn winter floral arrangement branches basket

Fir branch transparent ball stuck cone

glass vases decoration arrangement pine cones berries branches

pine cones decoration tinker curtain holder

table decoration winter autumn pine cones glass drinking glasses

decorate table pine cones lemon silver tray cinnamon sticks

garlands fir branches green apples pine cones

autumn winter deco cones ideas tinker vase branches