Tinker mirror decoration yourself – ideas for eye-catching mirror frames

Mirror with gold frame-do-it-yourself ideas

The self-made Mirror decoration is right on trend and is considered a valuable eye-catcher in the home. Wall mirror frames don’t always have to be boring. With the right materials, a mirror frame can be easily decorated and can be used in the hallway as well as in the bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, etc..

How can you make a beautiful mirror decoration yourself?

Design mirror frame craft ideas

Mirrors are among the most popular home accessories that are often part of furniture. The wall mirrors can be beautified quickly. Different materials are called Mirror decoration used – decorative stones, shells, starfish, decorative sand, glass stones, colorful buttons, etc. An asymmetrical mirror frame with gold optics looks beautiful and is really a loving addition to any room. To achieve this interesting wall design, you will need the following popular materials, which can be found in the nearest craft store:

– a round wall mirror with a wide rim

– Hot glue gun

– tick

– primer and paint spray

– Painter’s tape, paper, cardboard

– a thin wood fiber board

– Decoration material as desired (our suggestion is to work with wooden slats, as these convey a natural warmth.)

Mirror decoration – an individual gift for many occasions

Decoration ideas to make yourself-wall mirror design

For the Mirror decoration choose the right spray color first. Then you have to transfer the outline of the round mirror onto the thin wood fiber board and cut it out (after cutting out, the upper edges of the mirror must protrude at least 3 cm). First of all, you can screw a tick into the wood barrel panel cut. Center the wooden disc on the back of the mirror and glue the two together. This is how you get the support for the wall mirror. Thin wooden slats are glued to the back of the wooden disc, primed and colored with paint spray. Voilà!

Mirror with a wooden frame

Wall mirror wood frame design ideas

A wall mirror with a rustic wooden frame conveys warmth and comfort. Such Mirror decoration with small, thin wooden slices looks traditional, cozy and inviting. First you draw the contour of the mirror or the shape you want on a piece of paper the size of the mirror and cut it out. The blank is used as a background for the mirror frame, on which the wooden panes are glued. Have fun tinkering!

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