Tinker lanterns and create enchanting decorations for indoors and outdoors

If you want to create a particularly inviting, romantic and cozy atmosphere with the decoration at home in no time at all, you can easily achieve this with a little candlelight. If you don’t just want to decorate inside, but also want to set beautiful accents outside in the garden or on the balcony, you should choose Tinker lanterns. Let yourself be inspired by the following creative and simple ideas for making lanterns yourself.

Make lanterns out of upcycling materials

Tinker lantern jars-plates-decorative sand-pink-blue-glasses-tablecloth

Incredibly beautiful lanterns can be made from various upcycling materials, such as glass or cans. Preserving jars, with or without lids, jam jars, mustard jars, baby food jars and old drinking glasses are the ideal material for your fascinating, homemade lanterns.

Make tea lights out of glass and conjure up great decorations for special occasions

Tinker lantern glitter-stripes-hearts-big-small-purple-red-mason jar

You can decorate with candles for absolutely any occasion and all year round, so that you can set beautiful, atmospheric accents with the candlelight. Lanterns made of preserving jars are incredibly versatile with the right decoration, they give the candles a secure stand and put the candlelight in the spotlight in a fantastically beautiful way.

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 Tinker lanterns for Halloween

Tinker lantern jars-halloween-spider-bats-pumpkins-colored

Are you looking for a funny and creepy table decoration for Halloween that can be made easily, quickly and without the use of materials? Atmospheric lanterns can be completed in no time and even if you are too scared, they bring warmth and cosiness with them. All you need are empty jam jars and the appropriate stickers. Colorful bats, spiders, ghosts or pumpkins create the desired festive, terrifying atmosphere.

Make winter lantern with children

Tinker lantern jar-glitter-silver-snowflake-stars-decoration-aluminum

A lantern with a winter theme can just as easily be made with the right motifs. At Christmas, for example, you can make pretty lanterns with your children with glittering, silver, gold and why not with colorful stars and snowflakes. These little masterpieces bring a festive atmosphere and are also great gifts.

Make a beautiful lantern with ornaments out of drinking glass


Do you have old drinking glasses at home that you no longer use? From these you can make beautiful lanterns and decorate them according to your taste. With the help of stencils or a string and a colored varnish, interesting motifs can be depicted on the glass. Wrap the stencil around the glass, spray it with paint, let it dry, remove the stencil and admire the play of light.

Paint the lantern with oriental patterns

Lantern-tinker-ornaments-indian-mason jar-metal-bowl-brass-golf-blue

If you like to paint, you can decorate a lantern with magnificent ornaments and conjure up a special and mysterious decoration in an oriental style. With playful, elaborate, colorful or geometric patterns, you can make unique glass lanterns yourself.

Make a lantern with transparent paper


With tracing paper, you can also make great creations together with your children. For beautiful, colored flowers, you need to cut the tracing paper in several pieces in the shape of a sheet and coat the glass with paste. Glue the pieces in the desired shape and your lantern is already ready.

Make a lantern with napkins


With the napkin technique you can also make beautiful lanterns. Older children can also take part in this project. The first thing you need to do is separate the colored layer of the napkin with the desired motifs from the rest. Coat the glasses with glue, stick the napkin pieces carefully on them and apply glue again with the brush.

Make colorful lanterns with adhesive tape

Lantern-tinker-glasses-colored-tea lights-sticky tape-dotted-striped-glitter

If you want to spice up small lantern glasses, you can quickly and easily create pretty decorations on the glass with colorful adhesive tape. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, the multi-colored and patterned stickers are a great alternative.

Dress up tea lights with colored adhesive tape

lantern-tinker-glasses-adhesive-strips-flowers-tea lights-white-pink-flame

A strip of adhesive tape with tiny dots or flowers does not change the candlelight, but creates a colorful and nice decoration. You are also welcome to decorate the tea lights yourself with the colorful adhesive tape instead of sticking on the transparent glass. Several different tea lights will look great and are ready to use in no time.

Design colorful lanterns with foil

lantern-tinker-jars-rope-ribbon-hearts-red-pink-foil-paper-fairy lights

You are welcome to stick film on the lantern glasses and set beautiful colored accents in the room. If you want to enjoy a special candlelight, you can cut out certain figures in the foil. A big heart or star just looks great. By the way, you can also use LED tea lights or small chains of lights.

Make magical lanterns with lace

lantern-tinker-lace-white-decoration-ribbon-purple-butterfly-gold-black-mason jars

The particularly filigree material lace can also be used to create beautiful decorations for your self-made lanterns. They look particularly delicate and romantic and are therefore also ideal as wedding decorations. Wrap the lace ribbon around the glass and cut it accordingly so that the ends overlap a little.

Tinker lantern glasses-pointed-pattern-black-figural-tea lights-zigzag

Create elegant wedding lanterns

lantern-tinker-blue-lace-ribbon-mason jar-color-loop

Secure the tip with the hot glue gun. If you want, you can tie a colored ribbon or embellish the lantern with small butterflies, hearts or other patterns. Once you’ve decided on a color theme, you can add color to the ribbon or mason jar. Black lace looks very elegant and dramatic.

Summer lantern tinker with shells

Lantern-tinker-shells-mason jars-pasted-pieces-blue-rope

Did you collect a lot of seashells on the beach on your last summer vacation? With pearl-colored shells you can achieve great decorative effects and take that holiday feeling home with you. Embellishing lanterns with seashells doesn’t take much time and the results are fascinating. Preferably use glasses with a straight surface so that the mussels adhere better.

Decorate empty jam jars with sand and seashells

lantern-tinker-box-mason jars-stones-sand-bottles-globe

Run the hot glue gun around the clam bits and cover the edges with glue. Briefly press and hold the mussels with your finger. The other pieces are also attached all around. You are welcome to fill the glasses with sand and make a great Mediterranean lantern.

Make wax candles yourself and conjure up beautiful lanterns


If you have leftover candles at home, you can conjure up romantic mini tealights in shells and use them instead of tealights. Melt the remains of the candle in an old saucepan, put the candle wick in it and tie it to a wooden stick so that it stands straight.

Make your own fragrant herb candle in a mason jar

Lantern-tinker-wax-liquid-jars-lavender branches-wooden skewers-candle wick

You can now fill the mussels with the warm wax and, as soon as the wax has hardened, shorten the wick. You can make an aromatic herb candle in the same way. For larger lanterns, you can get wax lenses from the craft shop and put thyme or lavender sprigs in the jar.

Decorate the lantern with wine corks


If you want to design a lantern with a vintage look, you can conjure up a great decoration with wine corks. Use a larger glass vase with a pillar candle as a lantern. Spread the corks around the candle. A real eye-catcher is ready in no time.

Make a lantern with floating candles


You can create a light and enchantingly beautiful lantern with floating candles. Every glass vessel can be used to create charming works of art with the floating candles in a wide variety of shapes and colors. These lanterns are a real, noble and chic eye-catcher for a banquet table. For a great and romantic wedding, candles in the form of roses or hearts are suitable as the centerpiece at the guest table.

Lanterns with underwater flowers and floating candles for a romantic flair

lantern-tinker-mason-glass-wine-glass-vase-tall-floating-candle-orchid-purple-decorative stone-petals

You can give your luxurious lantern even more shine with various decorative stones, glass lenses or diamonds. You can decorate a large glass vessel with fruit and a smaller one with petals or with beautiful underwater flowers.

Decorate lanterns with book pages 


If you have old newspapers and an old unusable book at home, you can create lanterns with a great design with printed paper. Just tear up a book page and stick the pieces of paper on the walls of the glass. Apply paste with a brush and let the glasses dry.

Decorate the lantern with dried fruit slices


If you want, you can cover the lantern with a whole piece from the book page, in which you have cut out a heart or any other figure. You can also make an attractive and fragrant lantern with slices of dried fruit, which you also attach to the inside of the glass vessel.

Tinker autumnal lantern

lantern-tinker-autumn-leaves-mason jars-wire-hanging-tealights-pillar candles

If the cloudy weather outside is having a negative impact on your well-being and mood, in the fall you can decorate tea lights with natural materials that are in front of your door. Cones and colorful autumn leaves, berry branches and natural paper also make this autumn decoration a great gift.

Decorate winter lanterns with sisal

lantern-tinker-rope-fir-tree-decorative stone-rosemary-snowflakes-mason jar-large

With natural materials such as sisal you can decorate larger glass vessels and create a natural and rustic atmosphere. Mason jar decorated with spray snow, looks beautifully wintry with a sisal rope ribbon and a sprig of rosemary. You can only create great decorations if you wrap rope around the glass.

Tinker wintry lanterns – cover glass in wool

lantern-tinker-jars-wool-socks-knitting-decoration-moose-pinecone-lamp-serving tray

In the cold season you can make a table decoration that provides warmth and comfort and can be done easily. An old wool sock looks great and the candlelight looks even gentler. If you like to knit, you can make this decoration yourself with knitting patterns as you wish.

Make a lantern to hang up


Are you designing a summer garden party and you notice that you don’t have the right decoration? With several glasses that you hang on the tree at different heights, you will ensure enthusiastic looks among the guests. Make handles out of some craft wire, decorate them with flowers from the garden and hang them up with colorful organza strips.

Dress up lanterns with scraps of fabric


You can also make beautiful lanterns from old fabric scraps yourself. Just have a look around at home, maybe you will find an old cloth that you can cut into strips, stick on the glass and conjure up a unique lantern. This is a great way to creatively reuse useless things.

Tinker lanterns out of cans

Lantern-tinker-tins-metal-hanging-thread-roll-tea lights-green-pattern-perforated

Effective lanterns can of course not only be made from glass. Old tins can be quickly and cheaply transformed into great individual items with a little imagination. And so that you will only get pleasure from the homemade lanterns, never leave the candles lit without supervision or within the reach of children or pets.