Tinker lampshades – 55 attractive instructions and ideas

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Lamps and lampshades are an important part of interior design. Some like it purist with hidden LED lighting, for example, others like it classic with a magnificent crystal chandelier. More and more often you want to do something yourself, to develop your imagination and to design something creative in your free time. You can get one out of almost anything Tinker lampshade. All you need is a good idea and some free time. Everything else can be found at home. Take a look at our picture gallery and think about what is lying around unused in your house and can be used. Perhaps it will soon become a beautiful, creative designer lamp. Some things can even be made for outdoor use, such as hanging lights made of mason jars or you can hang a lampshade made of wooden clothespins in the laundry room.

Making a lampshade – paper is an easy material to work with

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With a little more patience, you can even fold cardboard lamps like origami. The more technically skilled can cast a lampshade out of plaster of paris using a suitable plastic bottle. In order to hang up the designed object, different types of suspension are available in stores (at Ikea or in the hardware store). These are also available in different colors for the cable.

Discover your new designer lamp that you can make yourself. At the bottom, two videos show how you can make an original lampshade with a lace doily or with string and an exercise ball.

Tinker lampshade – design your own lamp in industrial design style

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Mason jars can be perfectly converted into effective lights. You can either use solar lights, or get incandescent lamps and lampholders from the hardware store. Whether pickle jars, ball mason jars or colorful preserving jars for drinks – they look particularly decorative as a glass lamp.

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For this DIY project, some manual skill is required. The diameter of the lamp socket is transferred to the inside of the metal cover with a marker. Then it’s up to you how you conjure up a hole in the lid. You can either make small holes with a hammer and nail or drill along the line with a 4 mm metal drill bit.


Now the drilled-free inner piece is removed from the cover. Three or four more holes are drilled around the opening. Now put the lightbulb through the opening in the lid and screw it into the socket on the other side of the lid. Then close the jar and the lamp is ready!

Crystal chandelier – bottles

Tinker lampshade -glass-old-bottle-crystal bottle-chandelier

Mason jars are not only used on the table, but also above it

Tinker lampshade -preservation glass-driftwood-hanging lamp

Great hanging lamp made of glass


A designer lamp out of a hat can become a highlight in the house

Tinker lampshade -hat-black-lamp-hanging lamp-creative-modern

You can also use the same method to turn a cylinder from a flea market into an elegant pendant lamp. You need an incandescent socket and a lightbulb again. Use a cutter to make a cross slot in the middle of the hat. The cable is pulled through the hole and connected to the socket on the other side. Optionally, you can also drill a tin bucket and insert it into the hat. This ensures additional stability and beautiful light reflections.


You can find suitable lamp suspensions in hardware stores or at Ikea

lampshade-tinker-lightbulb-holder-hanging-lamp-lamp base

Make a unique lampshade out of paper mache

Tinker lampshade -cardboard mesh-hanging lamp-do-it-yourself-white-paper

Table lamp with a shade made of paper mache supports creative thinking


lampshade-tinker-paper-papier-mâché-gray-large-hanging lamp-interesting

A 3D lamp made from corrugated cardboard


Convert origami into hanging lamp


Cool hanging lamp made from a folded map of the world – an idea for the teenage room

Tinker lampshade -paper-globe-map-geography-origami

Lampshade made from disposable cardboard plates

lampshade-tinker-paper-disposable-plate-cardboard-white-floor lamp

Very easy to imitate – lampshade made of newspaper



lampshade-tinker-patchwork-paper-pieces-floor lamp-lamp-rustic


Make a lampshade out of wire baskets


Wonderful hanging lamp – instead of birds you can also use butterflies or glue-on ladybugs to decorate


Make a dodecahedron out of plexiglass and golden tape

Tinker lampshade -plastic-transparent-dodecahedron-geometric-modern-gold-adhesive tape

Have you put away all of the music tapes??


Connect transparent music cassettes with plastic ties

Tinker lampshade -music cassette-plastic-binder-lamp


A DIY project for a rope hanging lamp




Tinker lampshade - rope-white-yellow-spray-diy-adhesive tape

An artistic lampshade made from plastic bottle bottoms


Tinker different variants for the lampshade from lace doilies



Tinker lampshade -point-lace-doilies-lamp-white-dark-evening-light


Sculpture made of wooden cubes



Make themed lampshades yourself out of clothespins for the laundry room



lampshade-tinker-clothespins-wood-wire-lamp-washing machine-diy

Video instructions for a lampshade made from lace doilies

Tinker lampshade-fairy lights-lace-white-romantic-diy-shebbychic


lampshade tinker white crochet metal stand idea

lampshade tinker vintage style white lace paper

lampshade tinker fabric birds pictures wood stand

lampshade tinker light blue flowers roses romantic vintage

lampshade tinker colorful string glue modern sideboard deco