Tinker figures from modeling clay – instructions and ideas

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Kneading, pottery and modeling are not just for children. Adults also enjoy making decorations and imaginative Figures made from modeling clay to create. You don’t need any special tools or huge ovens to bake the products, and there is no chaos when doing handicrafts. In stores there are clay that dries in the open air and polymeric modeling clay that can be baked at home in an electric oven.

Tinker figures from modeling clay – suitable tool

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You can get the right tools from specialist retailers, but you don’t have to. Much of the household is well suited – knives or cutters of different sizes for biscuits, cups and glasses to cut out, a bottle or rolling pin to roll out and objects with interesting structures to create motifs on the surface of the modeling clay.

Take a look at the instructions and try with us step by step to make artistic figures of air-hardening clay or polymer clay or Fimo, as you wish.

Make figures out of modeling clay – Instructions – small dolls made of polymeric modeling clay

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Depending on the size of the doll you want, take a sufficient amount of plasticine in your hand. In total, you need three balls of different sizes – a small one for the bun, a medium-sized one for the head and a third, which you then shape into an elongated shape, for the body. Design the hairstyle as you wish – braided, pinned up or divided into two. You also adjust the number of balls accordingly. After you have finished all the figures, they need to be baked in the oven. Set the kitchen oven to 130 degrees and when the temperature is reached, place the prepared figures on baking paper and in the oven for 30 minutes. The desired temperature and baking times vary with the different types of modeling clay. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the dolls cool down before touching them. If you have only used plain white plasticine, you can paint the figures with colors as you like and design your clothing freely. Have fun!

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For the instructions, dolls were made that have a conical body and a spherical head. However, you can of course experiment with the shapes and try any other variations until you find something that suits you.

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There are various tools that make working with modeling clay easier. With them you can, for example, indent the mass in a certain way, which can be useful for creating eye sockets. The modeling clay can also be scratched. Again you have the opportunity to experiment. So you can say that the work is very fun and varied.

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Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to get enough of it. Paint the finished dolls according to your taste and design blonde, brunette or red hair, happy, sad or abstract faces and any kind of clothing. The bodies that you turn into clothes can have beautiful patterns or just plain solid colors.

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And when the dolls are ready, try other figures next time! How about owls or other animals, cupcakes or even cacti and other plants? Let your imagination run wild. You can create beautiful decorations for your home with the help of modeling clay.

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Ideas for imaginative figures made of modeling clay


In the following you will find a variety of ideas and suggestions for wonderful figures made of modeling clay that are easy to imitate and are also suitable for handicrafts with children. First of all, we would like to draw your attention to these cute owls in fun colors. They can either be tinkered with white polymer clay and painted in after it has hardened, or made directly with colored modeling clay. You determine the size yourself. Just make sure that the larger the figures, the more time they will take to cure.


If you are looking for ideas that are also suitable for the children, then it is best to choose small figures and animals that are easy to imitate. These cute penguins are a great idea, for which you only need some black, white and orange modeling clay. First, make three balls of each color, with the black being the largest and the white being the smallest. Then shape the body and arms first, and then the abdomen and legs. Don’t forget the beak and eyes too.

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However, the figures made of modeling clay should not always be animals or small people. Rather, you can make appetizing delicacies from polymer clay that look really realistic. Small fruit and vegetables, cute muffins, macarons, donuts and croissants can be designed with a little skill and creativity. You can then let these harden in the oven and transform them into beautiful jewelry. Your daughter or best friend would surely like homemade pretty earrings with donuts or a necklace with a sweet muffin as a gift.


Cats and dogs are considered the most popular pets in the world and are often made by children from different materials. One of them is definitely modeling clay. A cat can be tinkered quickly and easily from modeling clay and is perfect as a first DIY project for beginners. You can choose any color for this, because cards come in many different colors. First, create an oval for the body of the chosen color, form two flat ovals for the paws and attach them to the lower side of the body. The figure should be able to stand upright. Then shape two small triangles and attach them to the top as cat ears. It only remains to design the face, tinker a cat’s tail and the figure is ready.

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You can also make an atmospheric decoration for the apartment from polymer clay. Beautiful houseplants and succulents are perfect figures made of modeling clay and can beautify any window ledge. Small cacti of different kinds can be tinkered with simple figures and then arranged in mini pots. In the picture you will find some inspiring ideas for mini polymer clay indoor plants that you can quickly and easily recreate at home. Give it a try!

Instructions for kneading with air-drying clay


With this type of modeling clay, the created figures dry in the air for one to three days, depending on their thickness and size. Occasionally moisten your fingers and the modeling clay with a little water so that you can work longer. Use a bottle or rolling pin for rolling. You can cut out circular shapes with a drinking glass, a teacup or a knife. The surface is quite soft and can be printed with different structures. After drying, paint and decorate tastefully with paints. Have a lot of fun doing handicrafts!


If you want to make flat figures from modeling clay, such as cup coasters or hanging tree decorations, then you need a rolling pin to roll out the dough. If you do not have a rolling pin, you can use any round bottle made of glass or another solid material as an alternative.


The cookie cutters are perfect for cutting out different shapes from clay and modeling clay. A great alternative to round shapes are glasses and cups of various kinds. With a bottle neck, on the other hand, you can cut out particularly small circles that can almost never be perfect with a knife.

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If you want to decorate the figures made of modeling clay with a beautiful pattern, you can stamp the clay before it hardens. Various objects with a patterned surface can be used for this, such as elegant doilies and lace. The easiest way to transfer the pattern to the modeling clay is to place the doily on it and press over it with the rolling pin. After hardening, the resulting patterns can be painted in bright colors for a nice effect.



Ideas for creative figures – air-drying clay




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