Tinker decorations out of old toys: 20 upcycling ideas on the topic of “Make new out of old”

From the favorite cuddly toy to the Lego building blocks to the collection of dinosaur figures: If the children lose interest in a toy, then the question arises for the parents, where to put them? Ultimately, the storage space options at home are rather limited. So that the children’s room is not bursting at the seams, new and intact toys are often sorted out and disposed of or given away. The new upcycling trend offers another, creative way out of the situation. We will show you how you can make decorative and functional home accessories out of old toys. The DIY ideas on the topic of “Make new from old” are very easy to implement and are even suitable for beginners.

Make something out of old toys: wall decorations for the children’s room

From old to new, from toys to wall decorations, craft ideas with animal figures

Even if the children have “grown out” of some toys, they can still find space in the children’s room. But this time as a wall decoration. Different animal figures in particular are rarely used and the children quickly lose interest in them. We offer you several ideas on how you can put the animal figures in the limelight. The first idea is for an imaginative wall decoration. You need the following materials:

  • Stretched stretcher frames with the dimensions 15 cm x 15 cm
  • Acrylics
  • Brush, big and flat
  • Glitter spray
  • Glue for plastic
  • Rubber animal figurines

First paint the canvas with acrylic paint of your choice. Then paint the animal figure and spray it with glitter spray. Once the paints are completely dry, glue the animal figure to the canvas. Continue until you have attached all of the animal figures to the stretcher. Arrange them in a motley ensemble on the wall in the nursery.

Make something out of old toys? Dinosaurs as a coat hook

Upcycling old toys ideas for the nursery to make yourself

Here’s a smart idea to help keep the kids tidy. Make coat hooks yourself so that the little ones can hang up their scarves, coats, hats and even accessories such as headphones. In order for everything to find its place, you need the following materials:

  • several plastic dinosaur figures,
  • Acrylics,
  • a saw,
  • Adhesive or Tesa power strips,
  • a wooden board,
  • a brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood color, white

First saw the dinosaur figures apart in the middle. Paint the part that you will use as a coat hook with acrylic paint. Set the dinosaur figures aside to allow the paint to dry. In the meantime, sand the wooden board with sandpaper and paint it with the white wood paint. Hang the wooden board on the wall and attach the dinosaur figures with the Tesa Powerstrips. Make sure that the coat hooks are about 15 cm above the child’s height. This will make sure that the child can easily reach them.

Make something out of old toys? Accessories for the sewing room

Upcycling old toy trucks becomes pincushion holders

It used to be an absolute must in every house, nowadays it is more of a hobby room: the sewing room. The right storage space ensures that everything finds its place and that there is no mess. Here’s an idea how you will never lose your sewing pillow. Just put it in a transportation toy like a truck. This makes the sewing pillow particularly decorative and cuts a fine figure at the table. At the same time, you can always put it away when you no longer need it. Transport toys made of metal or wood cut a particularly good figure in the sewing room, because they bring a vintage touch from bygone times into the room.

Animal trophies for children’s rooms: make wall decorations yourself from old plush toys

Make wall decorations yourself out of old toys and upcycling ideas for plush toys

You can also make a very creative wall decoration out of cuddly toys. The idea comes from the USA and is intended to express a protest against the animal trophies made from real animals. Instead of real animals, the old plush toys decorate the wall in the nursery. The trophies are ready quickly and do not require any special skill or crafting experience. All you have to do is cut off the animal heads with a saw, glue them to a wooden board, and then display them. A good upcycling idea, because most plush toys are broken after a year at the latest. It is also a cool decorating idea for children’s rooms with a forest or safari theme.

Make something out of old toys? Make table lamp from fire engine yourself

Make bedside lamp out of old toys yourself upcycling fire engines

Turn the old fire engine into a lamp in the trendy industrial style. All you need is a lightbulb and the lamp is ready in a matter of minutes. It offers reading light in the children’s room and sets accents in the home office. The best thing about the lamp is that you can regulate the lighting conditions with just a few movements and thus influence the room atmosphere. Pull the light bulb down, you get focused light, keep the light bulb up, then it will diffuse soft indirect light around the room.

“Make new out of old” in the garden: Build a game table yourself out of skateboards

from old to new garden ideas for the children Skateboard becomes a painting table

It is a mistake that toddlers always enjoy being with their parents. Now and then they just need time for themselves. You like to spend this time in a play corner – in bad weather in the children’s room and in nice in the garden. Now we offer you an idea of ​​how you can build a play table for the children in the garden yourself. The little ones are guaranteed to be happy about it and like to play in the outdoor area.

And this is how you can build the garden bench yourself:

  1. The table frame is similar to that of a picnic table.
  2. Use skateboard decks for the seats and the tabletop.
  3. Paint the tabletop of skateboard decks in panel wood color.

Make your own flower pot out of old toys

Make a plant pot out of old toys and an idea for vintage decorations

Vintage transport toys can also be planted. Pick-ups are particularly suitable. The flatbed trucks all have enough space to accommodate a small flower pot. You can therefore first buy and plant a suitable mini pot, and then place it in the cot. Succulents and other types of ground cover for the rock garden feel particularly comfortable in a small flower pot. The decoration cuts a fine figure on the wall shelf and can be staged together with other vintage home accessories and found objects from the flea market.

Small-format plant pots made from old toys create ideas and DIY instructions

Another variant is to plant rubber animal figures. However, more skill is required here. And of course patience. You need the following materials:

  • Large rubber animal figures, they should be hollow inside
  • Craft knife
  • Awl
  • Potting soil
  • plants
  • Acrylic paint
  • paint brush

The first step is to cut an opening in the back of the respective animal figure with the craft knife. Make sure that the opening is sufficiently large. Then you can paint the animal figures in a bold color. You can either paint all animal figures in the same shade or in tone-on-tone colors. Then use the awl to drill several drainage holes in the lower side of the animal figure. In the meantime, prepare the plant – water it and place it in a sheltered but cool place. Fill the animal figure halfway with substrate. The next day, you can carefully remove the root ball and shake off the soil from it. If necessary, you can also loosen the roots. Only then should you put the root balls in the new “flower pot” and cover them with soil.

Make upcycling old toy dinosaur plant pot yourself

Water the plants and provide them with slow release fertilizer. Display the decorative figures on the mantelpiece, on a coffee table or on the garden table. Incidentally, if you are currently wondering which plants fit in a small-format flower pot, then we offer you some ideas for inspiration. Tillandsias are of course a very successful choice, especially because they don’t need soil and therefore fit into even the smallest flower pots. But also the money tree, the bow hemp and various cacti are perfect for planting a mini plant pot.

Make new out of old: make your own garden wind chimes out of xylophone

How to make wind chimes from xylophone yourself Instructions

A wind chime made from old xylophone is not only a real eye-catcher in the garden, it also makes a beautiful chime. The percussion instrument is very popular with babies and toddlers due to its ease of use. But when the desire to play is over, or the first musical instrument breaks in the hands of the little artist, then you can use the sound bars for the next handicraft project. Take out the chime bars and hang them close together on a tree branch. Your new greyhound is ready, glowing in cheerful spring colors and making soft tones sound with every breeze.

Make new out of old: dinosaur furniture knob for the children’s room

Turn old into new wardrobe door handles for the nursery

Next we will explain how to make furniture knobs out of old toys. The procedure is similar to that of the coat hook. The only difference is in the attachment. Coat hooks can be attached to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape, but the adhesive tape cannot hold the furniture buttons sufficiently. Therefore, you should screw the toys to the furniture door. But first drill a 0.3 cm hole in the cabinet door. Then saw the dinosaur figures apart in the middle. Then pre-drill a 0.5 mm hole in the respective animal figure. By the way, you can fill animal figures that are hollow with plaster of paris. Now all that remains is to screw the toys down.

What to do with old toys Wall clock with Lego figures

make new toys out of old Upcycling ideas for wall clocks for handicrafts

The wall clock as a decorative piece in the children’s room. We offer you an idea that you can easily realize if you have Lego figures at home. You need the following materials:

  • a sheet of plywood or a wooden tray
  • clockwork
  • Batteries
  • scissors
  • Drill or wood drill
  • 12 Lego minifigures
  • adhesive
  • self-adhesive number

Drill a hole in the center of the locking plate for the pointer shaft of the clockwork and mount the clockwork. First, set the pointers to 12 and then orient yourself to position the Lego minifigures correctly. You can of course also buy self-adhesive digits and stick them around the Lego figures. But for toddlers it is mostly sufficient if you can follow the position of the hands. Soon they will learn that if, for example, the pointers are pointing to the girl in yellow, they must go to bed. And if the pointers point to the boy in yellow, lunch will soon be served.

Make fridge magnets out of old toys: Lego building blocks

Make magnets out of old toys with Mario Spiel

Do you have Lego building blocks lying around at home? Don’t throw them away, you can use them for the next upcycling project. Glue magnets to the building blocks and arrange them on the fridge. Building blocks on a specific topic, such as “Super Mario”, are extremely popular.

Key chain made from ancient animal figures

Tinker key rings out of old toys Instructions

Educational toys for the farm or the doll’s house with pets are very popular with children between the ages of 2 and 4. But if the farm has long been forgotten, then you can convert the animal figures into key rings. Paint them in a color of your choice and hang them on the key ring using craft wire or flower wire. complete!

Make new out of old: the soft toy becomes a backpack

Instructions and upcycling ideas can be sewn from plush toys in a backpack

Many children have so many plush toys that they don’t even know which one to play with first. So some cuddly toys are forgotten. These are usually sold or given away. But you can also turn it into a backpack. For this purpose, you will need the following materials:

  • Medium-sized cuddly toy
  • 2 straps with adjustable buckles for backpacks
  • zipper
  • scissors
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • material

Upcycling old toys and idea for a backpack made from cuddly toys

This is how the backpack is made: First, use the scissors to cut the seam at the front in the middle of the cuddly toy belly. This is where you will attach the zipper later. When you have opened the cuddly toy, you should remove the polyfill. Leave just a little bit of the filling on the bottom and cover it with the fabric. Sew the fabric to the bottom of the plush toy. Now sew on the straps as backpack straps. In the end all that remains is to attach the zipper and the new backpack is ready.

Tinker with old toys: picture frames 

Picture frames from old toys create ideas to make yourself

Make your own lamp out of old toys

Lamp from old toys make ideas for lighting in the children's room

Upcycling old toys: make your own Lego pen holder 

Lego pen holders from old toys create ideas for upcycling

Make jewelry hangers yourself from old toys

Make jewelry hangers out of old toys, make upcycling dinosaur figures

Upcycling idea: Instructions for the jewelry hanger

Making jewelry hanger from old toys Instructions

Tinker picture frames out of old toys: DIY idea

Upcycling old toy ideas for do-it-yourself picture frames