The latest DIY trend is called upcycling

DIY trend upcycling sofa old auto parts

The DIY trend (Do-it-Yourself) is no longer just a fun hobby for all hobbyists, but has now become a real way of life for many people. So if you want to make yourself as independent as possible from the large corporations and save money, you prefer to rummage in the flea market or in second-hand shops for furniture, decoration ideas and clothing that can be recycled in a completely new and unusual way. A tetrapack is then no longer rubbish, but can be turned into a stylish vase with the help of a little spray paint. But upcycling is not just a trend that is catching on with an increasing number of people for financial reasons. After all, every DIY piece is also something unique and expresses its own personality. “Make new from old” is thus a motto that runs like a red thread through the various areas of life.

DIY trend – create space or buy used

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Ultimately, upcycling also means that old things have to give way and only those objects that fulfill a functional or sentimental value are allowed to remain. Away from the “greed is cool” mentality and towards a more conscious use of the limited resources of this earth. Waste is not simply recycled, but upgraded and given a second life. If you want to try this trend for yourself, mucking out is the first thing to do. It is important to sort out what must remain and what can be separated from. The next question is whether the old and unloved things can still be used in another way. Are they suitable as a basis for the next DIY project? Can the old coffee table just be repainted so that it looks good again? Could someone in your circle of acquaintances or friends still be interested in the sorted out items? Let things be turned into money?

DIY trend – upcycling is a practical alternative

DIY trend upcycling ideas table building old suitcases

Especially those who want to consistently reduce their household items without creating huge amounts of rubbish naturally need a way to get rid of their old possessions as easily as possible, even in large quantities, and to use them for a suitable purpose. Momox offers itself as an option. Because used items can be sold here quickly and safely and are then resold by Momox. So none of the old things that are sorted out end up in the trash. In addition, other consumers can look forward to these bargains and less affluent families can also afford one or the other luxury in the form of books, CDs, electronics and other entertainment media. In many cases, there is also an ideal idea behind upcycling and mucking out, which can be combined very well with Momox’s corporate philosophy.

DIY trend refashioning is revolutionizing the fashion world

DIY trend clothes make yourself shirt refashioning

Refashioning is also a trend that is increasingly spilling over from the USA to Germany. This form of “make new from old” relates solely to the fashion sector. Refashioning can simply mean that old jeans that were actually torn are embellished with patches, or grandma’s old clothes are sewn into a new evening dress. The degree of difficulty of such a project naturally also depends on what the respective hobbyist is capable of doing. For example, these DIY bobble hats guide is a good starting point to carefully put your own skills to the test. All you need is a bobble and a hat, which are then sewn by hand into a stylish accessory. Even an old hat that has actually been seen enough can be visually embellished and maybe even become a new favorite.

A bit more sensitivity is of course required for a more difficult variant of refashioning. Because often used clothes serve as a basis, which may already have holes or stains, are much too big, the color is simply not right or the pattern is hideous. In this variant of “make new from old”, mainly fabric colors, scissors, a tailor’s dummy and a good deal of courage are used. In some cases, the original garments are drastically shortened or all frills are cut off without further ado. An old man’s shirt then becomes an airy summer dress with which a woman can draw all eyes. If you still lack the necessary skills for this trend, you can take a corresponding course to learn tailoring. In more and more German cities, special DIY sewing courses are now even being offered, in which refashioning is specifically taught.

Upcycling for your own apartment

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But not only your own wardrobe, but also the rest of the living space is given a completely new look in the DIY upcycling process. If you want to build a shoe rack yourself, you can use old pipes, for example. A bench with enough storage space for your own shoes can also be conjured up wonderfully from pallet wood. Or how about old wooden and fruit boxes that are simply given a new coat of paint and also serve as clever storage for shoes and jackets? There are hardly any limits to your imagination when it comes to upcycling. In addition, the really nice thing about it is that every single piece has a story. If the pallets from which you have built a substructure for a sofa or a shoe rack have already traveled halfway around the world, then this gives your own living space an inimitably authentic charm that is simply missing with off-the-shelf furniture. So upcycling is a trend that more and more furniture lovers can hardly avoid and that is why they are reaching for a brush or hammer themselves. Because especially with paint and a few nails, some really great living effects can be achieved in just a few simple steps, which can create a real feel-good atmosphere in your own four walls.