Table decorations for New Year’s Eve – sample tables and ideas to make yourself

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Create a festive one Table decorations for New Year’s Eve – and surprise your guests with wonderful party decoration ideas. Pure glamor glitter elements will create a happy atmosphere, while stylish tableware would create a cozy ambience.

Festive table decorations for New Year’s Eve – tasteful arrangements

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The festive one Table decorations for New Year’s Eve creates a happy atmosphere – but so that you can impress your guests, the individual elements must be coordinated with one another. First you choose the color scheme – traditionally this is a combination of two colors. Gold and purple, or gold and dark blue go perfectly together. The color mix between gold and silver should in any case be avoided. A white tablecloth or a table runner in neutral colors will be the perfect background for the glittering accessories on the table. Scatter golden tree ornaments and confetti around the table. The soft light of the candles will freshen up the room atmosphere. Stylish plates with festive ornaments give the table an elegant look.

Table decorations for New Year’s Eve – cool accessories add a personal touch

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Sweeten the life of your guests – with little gingerbread on the plate. A large clock in the middle of the table will set the tone. Hang a garland over the table and stick the number from 1 to 10 on it. Tie small bows on the champagne bottle. Candies wrapped in golden foil look particularly playful. Small paper stars, glasses with rhinestones and white pom-poms will give the interior a classy touch.

Two cool ideas to do yourself – cut small dots out of self-adhesive foil and stick them on the wine glasses. Let yourself be inspired by the art of origami and fold the napkins into animal shapes. Let your imagination run wild and create an original one Table decorations for New Year’s Eve!

Pure glamor – golden table decoration ideas

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Flowers at the table add a fresh touch

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Decorate the champagne glasses festively

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