Spice up the old refrigerator – ideas with wall stickers and blackboard paint

Wine cellar wall stickers refrigerator flooring marble

The old refrigerator still works, but somehow no longer looks good? Have you just bought a used refrigerator and would like to spice it up? Don’t worry – we’ll give you cool ideas on how to do it with wall stickers old refrigerator can beautify.

Give the old refrigerator a kick – wall stickers

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Cool wall stickers can do that old refrigerator beautify and cover scratches or stains. The wall tattoos can also create an optical illusion, which is very cheap, especially for small kitchens. Whether old stone bridges, wine cellars, funny animals or modern art – the refrigerator can quickly become an accent in the purist kitchen. Some manufacturers even offer the option of turning the family photos into wall tattoos – what a cool idea!

How you can beautify the old refrigerator with blackboard paint

cool idea spice up refrigerator write shopping list

If the refrigerator is scratched, there is only one thing left – you can paint it with blackboard paint. Families with young children will particularly appreciate this idea, but adults will love it too – on the old refrigerator you can paint, write the shopping list, a love message / family motto. Our tip – the blackboard color is no longer only available in black – there is a wide range of colors to choose from – so you can experiment! The possibilities are practically endless – let your imagination run wild and try out different designs!

Street scenes beautify the old refrigerator and hide scratches and stains

spice up cool idea white cabinets old kitchen appliances

Modern designs – wall tattoos are easy to care for and can be attached quickly

Wall stickers create beautiful designs in the kitchen

Modern art – a photo collage in black and white for the dark refrigerator

red chairs tiles wood look cool decoration idea

Retro touch – cool pictures and drawings give the white kitchen a kick

spice up ideas wall stickers wall decals coating

Modern and original – the refrigerator becomes a highlight in the kitchen interior

Fridge tile flooring earth high gloss counter

Paint the refrigerator with black board paint

Black white chalk black white chalk kitchen design blackboard color shopping list

Do-it-yourself idea – cut a cat out of paper and stick it to the fridge

cool cute idea tutu skirt tail bow

Different designs are available – shown here – spices

Spices original idea design small kitchen

Retro – designing the kitchen – the refrigerator adds the concept

Spice up fridge wall decal cool idea decoration

Funny wall stickers – child-friendly kitchenFitted kitchens spice up cute wall stickers kids

four cool wall decal designs dog Komix old

Cabinet black board color cool idea light laminate floor

Counter refrigerator blackboard color flooring dark color

Wall stickers blackboard paint spice up a cool idea

Shopping list fridge spice up cool idea

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The Bosch retro refrigerator brings color to the kitchen