Spice Up Sandals – 25 Easy Summer DIY Projects

Spice up sandals-leather-brown-stones-large-glitter-silver-rhinestones-diy-idea

It’s finally summer and you can already put on your beloved summer sandals. Perhaps they already have signs of use from last summer and small defects such as stains or missing stones. If you have such old sandals or just can’t find a suitable one in the new collection, then you can get your old one Spice up sandals.

Spice up simple leather sandals

Spice up sandals -brown-leather-stones-rhinestones-gold-silder-diy

With a few aids such as rhinestones, capsules, colored threads, pearls and of course with a few tools such as scissors, box knives and all-purpose glue, you can conjure up wonderful new ones out of the boring, simple sandals.

Ready for summer Then you should spice up your sandals!

Spice up sandals -brown-leather-rhinestones-glitter-large-diy

The classic leather sandals with rhinestones are real eye-catchers this summer. Decorating is very easy. Either you glue the stones on with a transparent glue or you sew them on. Colorful or with glitter, these sandals go with every everyday look and one thing is certain – your feet will not go unnoticed. That’s why you paint your toes nicely in your favorite summer nail polish. You look simple and classic when you combine these self-decorated sandals with faded skinny jeans or with a delicate knee-length dress.

You can decorate simple, white sandals with a wide band with colored stones

Spice up sandals -white-stones-colorful-stick-on-summer-diy

sandals-spice up-white-stones-colorful-stick-on-summer-diy-tinker

Shiny, reflective, silver or gold surfaces look particularly attractive for parties on the beach or in a club. Why not on your feet too? Simply choose a suitable, simple pair of sandals and get inspiration from our picture gallery for your next DIY summer project to spice up sandals! Get started right away!

25 summer DIY projects

Spice up sandals -silver-thread-scissors-black-pink-holes-diy

Spice up sandals -silver-thread-aunaehen-black-pink-summer-diy-idea

Neon colors are also particularly relevant this summer

Spice up sandals -blue-neon-yellow-capsules-stick-on-scissors-diy-idea-do-it-yourself

Spice up sandals -blue-neon-yellow-capsules-stick-on-glue-diy-do-it-yourself-summer

sandals-spice up-blue-neon-yellow-capsules-decorate-stick-on-mess-length-scissors-diy

sandals-spice up-blue-neon-yellow-capsules-chain-decorate-diy

Spice up sandals -blue-neon-yellow-capsules-decorate-diy-summer-do-it-yourself

Spice up sandals -blue-neon-gelab-capsules-stick-on-decorate + -diy-idea-summer

Decorate with colored threads and bows

sandals-spice up-thread-colorful-pink-diy-summer-scissors

sandals-spice up-yellow-diy-thread-bow-summer-diy

Flower Power – Decorate leather sandals with colorful flowers

sandals-spice up-brown-leather-flowers-colorful-flower-power-diy

It’s easy – stick rhinestones on brown sandals 

sandals-spice up-brown-leather-glue-stones-glitter-silver-stick-on-diy

sandals-spice up-leather-brown-stones-silver-stick-on-diy-idea-do-it-yourself

Decorate Roman sandals with capsules

sandals-spice up-roman-brown-artificial-leather-capsules-decorate-diy-idea-tinkering

Give old summer sandals a new look

sandals-spice up-chain-coarse-old-gold-brown-leather-sew-on-diy

sandals-spice up-flip-flops-thread-colorful-decorate-diy-do-it-yourself-hippie

sandals-spice up-white-ribbon-stones-glitter-glue-summer

sandals-spice up-black-ribbon-rose-pearl-stick-on-diy-glue-summer

sandals-spice up-black-chain-gold-diy-summer-idea-tinkering

sandals-spice up-black-high-heels-stones-capsules-elegant-gold

sandals-spice up-black-high-heels-stones-capsules-elegant