Spice up pumps – 6 DIY ideas for glamorous heel shoes

Spice up pumps -loops-ribbon-high heels-patent-black-red

Every real party mouse should have at least one great pair of glamorous heeled shoes in their shoe cabinet. These are only worn for going out and on special occasions, so they can be a real eye-catcher. If you don’t have really stunning shoes, you can redesign a simple pair yourself. We’ll show you 6 cool ideas how to use your Spice up pumps can.

Spice up pumps – 6 glamorous DIY ideas with instructions

pumps-spice up-heels-do-it-yourself-ideas-instructions-fashion

As a beginner, try to decorate your high heels simply. Black patent leather shoes with a large red ribbon tied around the ankle would look extremely stylish and elegant. The easiest way to do this is to fix the tape to the back of the shoe with a rivet. Look for a wide band in classic red for a tasteful look.

Spice up pumps – glitter and glamor

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-glamor-decorating-high-heeled shoes

For a party or for the coming New Year’s Eve you need some really glamorous pumps. Why not in silver? Buy a beautiful model at the sale in the store, get enough glitter and all-purpose glue or universal water-based wood glue. Spice up the simple shoes and let your feet shimmer and sparkle in silver. Depending on that, you can of course choose a different color. Just make sure that the original color of the shoes comes as close as possible to the shade of the glitter.

Spice up pumps – make your own glittering silver heels

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-heels-decorate-diy

If you have an old pair of shoes that seem a bit boring, spice them up with patterned fabric. Just find one that fits, cut it into pieces to make it easier to walk around and cover the shoe and heel with it. When looking for suitable shoes, make sure that they are made of plastic. Because of the natural fat of the leather, it becomes almost impossible to put anything on it that will hold on for a long time.

 Spice up silver pumps 

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-high-heels-before-color

Spice up pumps and make glamorous party high heels yourself

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-high-heel-shoes-before-simple

Spice up pumps – useful materials

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-materials-shoes-glue-diy

Carefully apply the clear adhesive

pumps-spicing up-glitter-silver-instructions-applying-adhesive-heels-shoes

Spice up pumps – mix glue with glitter and apply

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-do-it-yourself-decorate-apply-glue

Spice up pumps with silver glitter 

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-decorate-heels-glue

Spice up pumps and let them dry for 24 hours

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-apply-glue-decorate-do-it-yourself

Make glittery party shoes yourself

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-festive-christmas-diy

Glamorous look for a party evening with self-decorated heel shoes

pumps-spice up-glitter-silver-instructions-glamor-festive-heels

* DIY instructions in pictures by Merrick`s Art 

Spice up pumps – black and white pattern

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-modern-attractive-pattern-pompon

Spice up the old pumps with Pepita fabric – instructions

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-materials-shoes-fabric-glue

Cut the fabric into suitable pieces

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-fabric-cut-out-pointed-cut

Spice up pumps and use clear glue

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-paragraph-stick-cover-glue

Cover the heels of the shoes with fabric

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-heels-dress-up-fabric-cover

Spice up old pumps with Pepita

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-glue-apply-fabric-cover-tip

Apply the fabric correctly and straight to the shoes 

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-fabric-cover-attach-cut-adjust

Spice up old pumps and cover them with black and white fabric

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-shoe-glue-apply-cover-fabric

Let the shoes dry and cut out the excess fabric 

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-fabric-dress-up-cut-out-excess

Overlap the fabric on the back of the shoe

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-cut-stueche-cover-stick

Spice up the pumps in black and white 

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-decorate-heel-sole-back

Spice up and decorate old pumps

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-elegant-heel-shoes-pattern

pumps-spice up-black-white-pepita-modern-dog-pompon-cool

* DIY instructions in pictures by Love Maegan

Spice up chic pumps and decorate them in gold – instructions

pumps-spice up-pointed-shoes-heel-lacquer-black-glitter-decorate-diy

Spice up pumps – fix the tips with paper tape

pumps-spice up-pointed-shoes-lacquer-black-tesaband-diy

Spice up black pumps in gold

pumps-spice up-pointed-shoes-black-glitter-glue-diy

Black shoes decorate the heels and the tips in gold

pumps-spice up-black-heels-gold-glitter-sticking-deco-diy

Spice up pumps and decorate them with glitter

pumps-spice up-black-materials-glitter-shimmer-adhesive-lacquer-spray

pumps-spice up-glitter-glamor-bowl-aluminum-foil-diy

pumps-spice up-glitter-adhesive-fabric-shoes-paint-in-black

pumps-spice up-diy-glitter-glamor-shoes-decorate-heels

Spice up pumps – decorate the sole with rhinestones

pumps-spicing up-instructions-high heels-black-materials-glitter

pumps-spice up-heels-shoes-snleitung-glitter-stones-glamor-diy

pumps-spice up-black-stones-heel-sole-glitter-glamor

pumps-spice up-heels-blue-glitter-feather-peacock-blue