Spice up furniture yourself – 25 great ideas with the dip-dye method

Painting furniture home accessories dip dye coloring trend

If you are looking for new ideas, like old ones Spice up furniture yourself then you have come to the right place. Furniture and home accessories with a dip-dye effect are all the rage. Dip-Dyed means something like “dipped” in German. This look can be achieved very quickly and we would like to introduce you to a few ideas that you can try out yourself.

Spice up furniture yourself and color it in parts

furniture home accessories spice up painting dip dye

Tables, stools and chairs can be spiced up quickly and easily with the dip-dye method. Dip in once and you’re done! The colored feet of the furniture already have a great effect. Even a simple side table becomes an eye-catcher in the room with a colored accent. Stools and chairs made of untreated wood are best for “dip dyeing”, but you can also partially dye vintage cabinets and chests of drawers. First you should sand the surface of the already painted furniture with sandpaper, because that way the paint will adhere better. Use acrylic varnish for wood or commercially available wall paint.

Spice up furniture yourself – colored feet

Spice up your furniture yourself dip dye table leg blue white

Measure the table legs beforehand and then use a pencil or masking tape to mark the height that you want to color later. Paint and let dry overnight. Then remove the masking tape. And done. You have a real designer piece with an individual character.

Drawers with an ombre effect

Spice up furniture yourself dip dye chair desk drawers ombre

colored chair legs

Spice up furniture yourself dip-dye chairs dining area

Pimp up the vintage dresser

Spice up your furniture yourself dip dye dresser feet gold

colorful side table instead of simple wooden stool

Spice up furniture yourself dip dye stool side table

new bar stools after the kitchen renovationSpice up your furniture yourself dip-dye bar stool kitchen

pink painted chair legs

spice up furniture yourself painting chairs dining area pink white

Scandinavian and simple

spice up furniture, paint stools, dip dye

Spice up furniture dip-dye trend chair part blue

Spice up furniture dip-dye chairs tablecloth

Spice up furniture dip-dye neon colors

Spice up furniture dip dye method dining table foot blue

Spice up furniture dip dye wood stool feet yellow

spice up stool dip dye golden color feet

Spice up old furniture yourself ideas dip-dye stool side table blue gold

spice up the table wood dip-dye white feet

spice it up yourself dip-dye candle holder wood tealights