Spice up and redesign the Frosta stool from Ikea – 18 creative ideas

Stool from Ikea frosta-paint-three-stool-tie-in-hall-bench

The furniture from Ikea is popular all over the world because of its low prices and simple design. As a rule, they can be assembled relatively easily and quickly from a few parts. In this article we would like to consider a special piece of furniture and introduce creative ideas with it. It is the Frosta stool from Ikea, which has a simple design and is very suitable for various Ikea hacks.

Assemble Frosta stool from Ikea as a side table

Stool from Ikea frosta-different-build-kufper-color-decorate

The popular Ikea Frosta stool is a practical piece of furniture with a low price under 10 euros. It is assembled from a round plate and four legs made of birch plywood. However, with the pieces of furniture you can do much more than build a stool. For example, if you mount the legs upside down, you can build a beautiful side table with crossed legs yourself.

Convert the Frosta stool from Ikea into a firewood shelf

Stool from Ikea frosta-kleine-kaminholzregal-diy-idea

The classic construction of the Frosta stool can also be used for other purposes. If you place the Frosta stool upside down with the seat plate facing down, you can use the area between the chair legs for creative wood storage for the firewood.

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Frosta stool as a newspaper rack

Stool from Ikea frosta-remodel-newspaper-rack-living room

The Frosta stool from Ikea can also be used in the living room with the upper part facing down, namely as a newspaper rack. The available space is perfect not only for newspapers, but also for magazines, notebooks and notepads up to A4 format.

DIY rope shelf made from Frosta stools

Ikea wooden stool-frosta-shelf-ropes-build-yourself

You can build an innovative shelf yourself from the seat plates of the Frosta stool and some thick rope. You can use as many stools as you like, depending on how many shelves you need. To tie the different panels with the rope, you should first drill suitable holes in the wooden panels. For more stability, you can shorten and assemble the legs of the bottom stool.

Build table lamp yourself


Do you need a new table lamp with a creative design, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it? In this case, we have an exciting DIY project for you. You can build a creative table lamp for the bedside table or desk yourself from a Frosta stool from Ikea and a textile cable with a socket.

DIY children’s swing with Frosta stool from Ikea

ikea-frosta-outdoor-swing-rope-build yourself

If you would like to surprise your children with a great children’s swing in the garden, the Frosta stool will come to the rescue again. As a rule, the stool can withstand a lot and is perfect for a swing. For this you only need two of the legs, which should be mounted upwards under the seat plate. Finally, drill holes at the ends of the legs, pull rope through them and attach the swing to a tree.

Creative ideas with Ikea stools


As you may have noticed, the Frosta stools from Ikea are really versatile. With a little skill and the right parts, you can even assemble a cute balance bike for children from just two Frosta stools.

Ideas for children’s fun – sledges made from Frosta stools


Another great idea for lots of fun and smiling would be to convert the Ikea stool into a sled for children. This also requires two stools, which should be assembled in a special way.

Build a practical side table yourself

stool-ikea-frosta-build-your-own-easy-bedside table

If you attach two of the legs of the Frosta stool not to the seat plate, but to the other two as shown, you can build a practical side table yourself. The side table can be used in the living room or as a bed table for breakfast or a laptop in the bedroom.

Build a cat tree out of Frosta stools


Our next idea is perfect for cat lovers who want to create multiple play options for their domestic cats. The Frosta stools from Ikea have been transformed into a cat tree, with the seat plates divided in half and designed as step plates.

Spice up the Frosta stool from Ikea


Since the basic Ikea furniture is really cheap and popular, many have the same pieces of furniture at home. Thanks to the simple design of the Frosta stool, you can spice it up as you like to create a very personal piece of furniture.

Stylish decorating of the Frosta stool

stool-ikea-frosta-stylish-spice up-black-white-pink-paint

To completely change the look of your stool, you can paint it in one or more colors. You can coordinate the design with the rest of your facility or set a color accent in the interior. Any pattern and motif can be created very easily with templates and masking tape.

Design stool from Ikea with cork seat pad

stool-ikea-frosta-spice up-diy-cork-stool

If you want to design the Frosta stool as a combination of different materials, you can cover the seat plates with cork. Cut out a suitable piece of cork and glue it directly onto the seat plate. The Frosta stools from Ikea are made of birch plywood, which optically combines perfectly with the cork.

Crochet colorful cover for the Frosta stool

Stool-ikea-frosta-spice up-cover-colorful-crochet

Those who are skilled with the crochet hook can crochet a colorful cover for the Frosta stool. Round patterns and motifs that match the room in question are best suited for this. With such a cover, the stool becomes more beautiful and at the same time more comfortable for the cold season.

Convert stool from Ikea into a designer stool


You can experiment freely with the design of your own Frosta stool. There are no limits to your creativity and you can turn the simple stool into a designer piece of furniture. It is very easy to create creative designs with felt and thread or yarn.

Spice up the Frosta stool with washi tape

stool-ikea-frosta-spice up-washi-tape-design

Washi Tape is a Japanese rice paper in the form of adhesive tape with various motifs and patterns. This allows you to quickly and easily give the Frosta stool from Ikea a new look and decorate it with your favorite motifs.

Ikea Hack for side table with storage space

stool-ikea-frosta-knuff-magazine-collector-side-table-storage space

The Ikea Hacks allow us to turn simple and cheap Ikea products into great and practical furniture. Below you will find instructions on how you can build a beautiful side table with storage space from an Ikea stool and some magazine collectors.

Spice up Knuff magazine collectors


Four Knuff magazine collectors and a Frosta stool from Ikea are used for this DIY project. The magazine collectors are glued together and made into a tabletop. To hide the holes on the sides, you can cut out pieces from an old basket and glue them on top.

Design a side table from Ikea products with a checkerboard pattern

ikea-knuff-magazine-collector-decorate-table-top-storage space

The easiest way to create the checkerboard pattern is with painter’s tape and paint of your choice. When the table top is ready, the legs of the Frosta stool are attached to it. In the end, an elegant side table with storage space is built that fits perfectly in the living room or hallway.