Sewing the tablecloth – 35 DIY ideas with ruffles for party

Sewing a tablecloth ideas-rushing-pink-ombre-effect

Anyone who uses table decorations for festive occasions knows that tablecloths play a particularly important role. It could serve as a single-colored backdrop for pretty decorative items or it could become an eye-catcher itself. Ruffled tablecloths, for example, look great and are a great way to liven up a party. The slightly ruffled fabric is very popular with most women and looks playful and elegant at the same time. Whether for a party for a children’s birthday party or a garden party in shabby chic style, sewing a ruffled tablecloth would be a great idea.

Sew a tablecloth – ruffles create a beautiful mood

Sewing the tablecloth-ideas-rushing-garden party-summer-white-pink-purple-gradient

If you haven’t found a nice frilled tablecloth on the market, you can sew one yourself. First measure the size of the table top and calculate the desired overhang. Most ruffled tablecloths reach the floor. When calculating the amount of fabric, make sure that the ruffle fabric pulls together, so you need to double its length. A fabric length of 50 centimeters will make a 25 centimeter long ornament. You can combine different colors to create a nice effect. Choose thread colors that match the different fabrics.

Sewing tablecloth for a birthday party

Sewing the tablecloth-ideas-rustling-vintage-motto-baby-girl-pink-beige

A simple idea would be to frill an old plain colored tablecloth around it. Or even easier – to sew floor-length ruffles on only one or three sides. This is particularly effective for dessert tables, which are usually right next to a wall.

different types of fabrics and colors


Sewing ruffles requires practice and experience. This is why you can do it once or twice on small pieces. Also keep in mind that if the fabric is long, it would make sense to work in sections.

Check out the great ideas for tablecloths with ruffles and get inspiration for your next DIY project. You can also embellish duvets with ruffles!

Garden party for large and small princesses

Sewing tablecloth-ideas-rustling-purple-fabric-garden party-princess

Ruffles in pastel colors


Ruffles in rainbow colors


monochrome in red or combined with brown


plain blue tablecloth


Children’s birthday party with the slogan “Mermaids”

tablecloth-near-ideas-rustling-birthday-party-mermaid-motto-blue-purple-color overflow

Combine white, rose and old rose

Sewing the tablecloth ideas-rushing-baby-party-girl-pink-white-combination

Combine green, blue and purple


Sew ruffles only on the front

Sewing tablecloth-ideas-rushing-party-sea theme

Children’s birthday decoration in yellow and white


wine colored white tablecloth


beige tablecloth with ruffles


white is classic


tablecloth-near-ideas-rustling-vintage-garden party-cream

tablecloth-near-ideas-ruschen-tuell-fabric-rosatoene-garden party


tablecloth-near-ideas-rustling-rustic-look-jute fabric


tablecloth-near-ideas-rustling-red-dots-pattern-garden party

tablecloth-near-ideas-rustling-pink-white-garden party

tablecloth-near-ideas-rushing-rosatoene-ombre-effect-children's party