Sewing baby clothes for beginners – 5 great DIY projects with instructions and patterns

baby things beginners sew pieces of fabric crackle cloth

Are you expecting a child soon or are you a new mum and would like to sew something very special and unique in design for the newborn? In the following post we have selected great DIY projects that you can use to sew beautiful and practical baby things. Detailed step-by-step instructions help beginners to implement their sewing ideas with ease.

Sewing practical baby items – sewing baby bibs

sewing bibs for babies fabric patterned

Self-sewn baby things are also suitable as loving and personal gifts for birth, a baptism or various other occasions. For our first idea of ​​sewing baby clothes, basic knowledge of the knitting needle and the sewing machine is sufficient. When choosing materials, you should always keep in mind that babies and toddlers like to put everything in their mouths. It is therefore important that the selected textiles are free of harmful substances and do not fray easily. Do not attach any fixed small parts or cords as there is a risk of swallowing. Above all, the design of the baby accessories should be practical and colorful.

Simple baby clothes sewing instructions

materials baby things sewing instructions sewing patterns needles fabric buttons

A bib, for example, is needed for a long time in every baby household. You can sew this baby bib by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.


Sewing machine and / or needle and thread

Snap fastener or Velcro fastener

Patterns (can be found below for free to print out)



Cotton fabric or terrycloth

baby things sewing pattern fabric needles instruction

1. Print out the pattern and cut it out.

2. Fold the fabric once, fix the paper to the fabric, transfer the pattern and cut the cut twice (for the front and back). When transferring the pattern, calculate a seam allowance of approx. 1 cm. Iron the fabric to prevent it from stretching as you sew.

fabric thread baby bibs baby things sewing beginner

3. Now lay the pattern pieces on top of one another, left sides facing, and pin them in place. Leave an opening of about 10 cm for turning.

4. Start sewing the bib around the needles, leaving a small seam allowance (approx. 0.7 cm). Work slowly and precisely around the neck to create a nice and even curve.

baby bibs baby things sew snap fasteners yourself

5. Cut the seam allowance back to a few millimeters so that later the homemade baby bib is nice and flat on the right side and the seams do not stick out. Now cut out the curve for the neck.

6. Turn the baby bib through the opening and iron the practical baby accessory nice and smooth. You can close the opening by hand with a few neat stitches. If you want, you can topstitch the bib all around again.

7. Finally attach the Velcro fastener or press studs and the bib is ready.

Baby clothes sewing patterns for bibs

baby bibs baby things sewing pattern instructions

Sewing crackling cloth for babies

sewing baby crackling cloth simple step by step instructions

If you are looking for cute and useful gift ideas for babies, then you have come to the right place with a small, cuddly crackling cloth with colorful loops to play with. Babies love to keep themselves occupied with such a simple toy. Colorful pieces like this crackling cloth are often kept as great memories for the children.

sewing crackle cloth for baby ideas colorful fabric ribbons

For the soft and colorful crackle cloth you will need:

Cotton fabric 24 cm x 24 cm

Terrycloth 24 cm x 24 cm

Woven ribbons in different colors, a total of approx. 60 cm

Pieces of roasting tube 24 cm x 24 cm




sewing machine

Sewing thread


Attach colored pieces of tape. Sew the fabric with a crackling cloth

1. Cut a square measuring 24 cm x 24 cm from the ironed fabric for the front and back. Leave the roasting tube twice as it comes out of the roll and also cut a 24 cm x 24 cm square from it.

2. Now cut out several pieces of woven ribbon (approx. 7 cm long). Fold each piece in half and iron it.

3. Take the piece of roasting tube, fold it several times and punch holes in it with the office punch.

4. Place the piece of fabric with the beautiful side down in front of you and distribute the woven ribbons around the shawl at regular intervals. Pin them in place with a pin each.

crackling cloth toys small children fabrics pieces of tape

5. Lay the fabric at the very bottom with the loops facing up. Then put the terrycloth over it, also facing up, and the last layer is the crackling foil. Pin all pieces in place and sew together over the pins with a straight stitch. Leave a turning opening where there are no pieces of woven tape.

6. Carefully bevel the corners of the crackling cloth without cutting the seam.

7. Now reach into the opening and turn the crackling cloth. Shape the corners with a chopstick or pin and iron the colorful cloth.

8. Finally, topstitch the fabric edge close to the edge with a straight stitch. This is also how the turning opening is sewn shut.

Sewing baby equipment – burp cloths as an indispensable companion

light baby things practically sew burp cloth baby bottle

Just like the first-time clothing from bodysuits, rompers, diapers, etc., burp cloths are part of the baby’s basic equipment. The burrow is often quite wet and the burp cloths protect the parents’ clothes. If you want to sew useful baby clothes yourself, then the following sewing project is right for you.

diy fabrics materials patterns sewing useful baby things

Tools and materials required:



Staples or pins

sewing machine

Cotton fabric

Waffle fabric

baby things sew yourself ideas fabric rectangles clip

1. Cut out two rectangles of the same size from both fabrics.

2. Place the cotton pattern with the beautiful side down on the waffle fabric. Pin one short side and the two long ones around with pins or staples. The open side will be the turning opening.

patterned fabric scissors cut corners instructions sewing baby items

3. Now sew the two parts with a straight stitch.

4. Carefully bevel the corners. Please do not cut the seams.

5. Reach into the opening and turn the burp cloth right side out. Press the corners outwards with your finger and iron the baby towel.

Burp cloth sewing for baby colored patterned fabrics

6. Now fold the fabric edges inwards on the open side, pin them in place and sew up the opening.

7. Finally, edge the burp cloth with a zigzag seam or a decorative stitch.

Sewing baby blanket for baby

Beginners simply sew double-sided baby blankets

One of the baby accessories that you can always use at home as well as on the go is without a doubt a baby blanket that feels cuddly soft and fascinates with a cute design. You can also use the reversible blanket as a blanket for your baby in the stroller, car seat or baby carrier. If you want to fill the blanket with volume fleece, you can later use it as a crawling blanket.

cut fabric to measure ruler tools sew baby blankets yourself

Required sewing utensils:

Nub fleece 115 cm x 115 cm

Cotton fabric 115 cm x 115 cm

sewing machine

Sewing thread in a matching color

Fabric scissors

Tape measure


Safety pins


sewing baby blanket cut fabrics to size round off corners

1. Cut the cotton fabric to the required size and place it on the nub fleece. Now you can simply cut around it and no longer need to measure or pin. Place both pieces of fabric right sides together. The edges should be perfectly matched to each other.

2. Once you have cut out the two squares, you can round off the corners. The easiest way to get an even curve is to trace the edge of a plate with a pencil.

3. Secure the parts in place with large safety pins or push pins. Pin every 20-25 cm to prevent the fabrics from shifting while sewing. Smooth out the fabrics every now and then because the fleece is stretchy.

4. Here, too, you have to leave a 10-20 cm turning opening so that you can turn the two-sided baby blanket afterwards. If you want, you can mark the place for the opening with pins inserted perpendicular to the edge.

Pin cut pieces in needles sew baby blanket

5. Now you can sew once around the blanket with a straight stitch. To get the bulges perfect, you can raise the presser foot at the corners, turn the fabric slightly, lower the foot and then continue sewing.

6. Carefully bevel the corners without cutting into the seam.

7. Remove the safety pins and turn the baby blanket over. Work out the corners nicely by hand. Iron the blanket.

8. To close the turning opening, turn the fabric edges inwards and pin them so that you get a straight edge. Finally, you can topstitch the baby blanket all around with a straight seam. Sew with a 1 – 1.3 cm seam allowance and make sure that the opening is sewn well.

Baby sewing ideas – instructions for sewing toys

baby grab ball sewing instructions different fabrics colorful

Babies and toddlers love balls. Regardless of whether you are single or multi-colored, large or small, babies can keep busy with it for hours. They marvel at the ball or roll it back and forth. Later on, you’ll enjoy playing tossing and catching with it. If you are looking for great ideas for sewing baby things for beginners, you might be able to make a soft and non-slip fabric ball.

fabric parts baby toys sewing simple instructions


6 x the pattern from different fabrics (cotton, jersey, jeans, etc.)

sewing machine

Needle and thread


Rattle ball or disk

possibly pins

Baby clothes sew pattern for fabric ball

fabric toys baby ball baby things sewing sewing pattern

1. First draw the pattern and cut along the lines. You are also welcome to use the fabric in two layers. Repeat the process until you get 6 pattern pieces.

2. Take two pattern pieces and place them right sides together. If necessary, pin the pieces of fabric in place. First sew the right side with a straight stitch by securing the beginning of the seam.

3. Now unfold the fabric and place the next pattern piece right sides together on the right side. Sew the fabric pieces along again and secure the beginning and end of the seam. As soon as you have sewn on the last part, close the baby ball by laying the open pattern parts on top of each other.

4. To prevent the seams from opening, you have to sew over the parts that have already been sewn together. Sew below the middle and leave a turning opening of about 3-4 cm. Start sewing again after opening.

5. Turn the ball over and fill it with polyfill until it is nice and round.

6. Finally, close the pretty baby ball by hand using a mattress stitch.