Setting up a computer in the kitchen – a practical design idea

Build in computer kitchen

It’s an exciting job because, on the one hand, you have to protect the computer from water, and on the other hand, you need a cozy sitting area where you can check your e-mails while you cook. We’ve rounded up some ideas that are practical and still look good.

Furnish the kitchen – computer and desk

Computer desk kitchen

Of course, it would be easiest if you just got a new one Set up the kitchen, and provide the right space for a computer and desk. The trick is that even if you have a laptop that you can’t just put on the dining table – it can be damaged very easily there. There are several variants so that you can protect your technology – you can provide a space for your computer and desk when planning your kitchen, you can organize a bench with a small table where you can work in peace, or you can take advantage of the kitchen cabinets.

Furnish the kitchen and combine it with a cabinet

modern kitchen workspace

In case you’re not new to your Set up kitchens you can optionally use the kitchen cabinets as storage space. If you remove the door from a kitchen cabinet, you can secure additional space for the computer. All you need is a chair or bar stool. Another practical option is to install a computer with a touchscreen on the wall. This variant saves space and always looks elegant. You don’t have to mount the screen too close to the stove or refrigerator.

Set up the kitchen and plan the storage space


Like yours Set up the kitchen it very much depends on how you can design the area using the screen. You need to provide enough space for bookshelves to organize binders, letters, magazines, and anything else you may need.

Shelves in the kitchen

Kitchen computer office equipment

Computer on the kitchen counter


Mount the computer on the wall


Small kitchen with computer


Elegant green desk in the kitchen

green desk computer kitchen control idea

 Computer in a modern corner kitchen

Computer kitchen variants