Room divider in the children’s room – functional division

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Furnishing a children’s room is a real challenge for most parents – the room should fulfill several functions, be practically furnished and still look inviting and playful. And often several children share a room – which creates additional problems. In these cases a Room divider in the nursery turn out to be extremely useful – it divides the available space into several zones and ensures that every child can enjoy their privacy.

Room divider in the children’s room – divide the room into different zones depending on functionality

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To ensure that there is order in the children’s room, a clear division of the various areas is an absolute must. If a child lives there, the parents should set up a reading corner, a play corner and a sleeping area. The experts recommend optically separating the sleeping area from the playground. In this case, a small bookshelf can be used as a room divider in the nursery. At the same time, it offers storage space for children’s books and toys.

When two children share a room, the task is a little more difficult. With a curtain made of translucent fabric, the children’s room can be divided up in no time. So the little ones can enjoy being together and at the same time preserve their privacy. This variant is also for households where a baby and a toddler have to share the room – so the little ones fall asleep much faster.

Creatively design room dividers in the children’s room

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A few simple tricks will help ensure that the room divider does not look too strict in the nursery:

– A shelving system can be embellished with wall stickers.

– Colorful baskets can be arranged on the shelves

– The curtain can be decorated with wind chimes and paper garlands.

– The children are allowed to help with the handicrafts and decide for themselves where the curtain is hung.

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Furnishing a children’s room – room divider in white separates the desk from the sleeping area

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Shelving system offers storage space for the toys and separates the room in two

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If several children share the room, curtains are necessary

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