Remodel Ikea furniture for a modern and individual interior

ikea furniture remodel furniture-foil-stick-compartments-decorate

Ikea furniture is known for its elegant and simple design and is without a doubt one of the most popular pieces of furniture. But if you find it too simple, you can spice it up in various ways and create a completely new piece of furniture that completely suits your taste. We have put together a few ideas to help you do different Remodel Ikea furniture can. In principle, everything can be used, from wallpaper to furniture foil, paint and decorative elements made of wood. Let yourself be inspired and design your own piece of furniture.

Ikea furniture remodel with wallpaper

ikea furniture remodel moppe-closet-idea-wallpaper-decoration

Furniture and especially the doors of cupboards can be quickly and easily embellished with wallpaper. This piece of furniture is the Moppe cabinet. If you want to redesign Ikea furniture in this way, you can use any colors and patterns. The only important thing is that it fits in with the rest of your facility. First take out the trays and prepare spray glue.

Ikea furniture remodel for a vintage style

ikea furniture remodel office-inspiration-storage-space-decorate-wallpaper

Then cut out sufficiently large pieces of wallpaper to remodel Ikea furniture, with which you then stick the front of each box. After that, don’t forget to cut out the handles as well. When the glue has dried and the wallpaper has set well, you can slide the boxes back into the closet. We find this patchwork design, which was created from different wallpaper patterns, very original.

Redesign the headboard

ikea furniture remodel malm-bed-wood-glue-headboard-idea

The Malm bed from Ikea is without a doubt very attractive. However, it also has a very simple, white headboard that is just perfect for letting your imagination run free. With the help of thin boards, you can remodel Ikea furniture and make it look like the entire headboard is made out of them. Cut them into the short pieces and stick them to the headboard (e.g. with double-sided tape).

Painting furniture

ikea furniture remodel malm color swatch stencil

The Ikea Malm dresser is offered in different colors. However, it is again characterized by a simple surface. You can add back patterns in a number of ways when remodeling Ikea furniture. You need stencils with the selected patterns, any color of varnish and a brush.

Pretty patterns


The template is simply glued to the surface for remodeling Ikea furniture. Then coat them with the varnish along the pattern. It is best to remove the stencil before the paint has dried. Otherwise, cracks may appear. With ordinary color, there is no risk. We find the idea very nice, in which a different pattern was chosen for each subject.

Replace cabinet doors


The simple doors can also be changed by simply replacing them. This is associated with larger expenses, but it is quick and easy. This Besta sideboard has been equipped with new doors from Superfront and the result is simply breathtaking. If you want to redesign Ikea furniture, you can also take a look on their site and search for suitable surfaces.

New feet


The Soderhamn sofa from Ikea, in turn, has new feet, which promptly make the piece of furniture unique. The same feet were also chosen for the sideboard above. If you would like to redesign Ikea furniture by changing the feet, you can take a look at the website of the Swedish company Prettypegs. The selection is huge and really impressive.

Simple ideas to remodel


Here are some more feet from the same company. The stools from Ikea, which should not be missing in any household, have been spiced up here. Simply lift your legs up to really relax – the footstools guarantee that. If you also use them to redesign Ikea furniture, you will get a real eye-catcher.

Metod shelf


The white Metod shelf has been spiced up with some pastel shades. They only represent a few accents and do not change the piece of furniture too much. Order the shelf with doors right away or have doors made afterwards to highlight them with a little color. You can also redesign this idea for Ikea furniture according to your taste.

Shabby chic style


Here you can see another variant for the Ikea Malm dresser. It was touched up with some varnish. The new surface looks modern, but can also be used for furnishings in a shabby chic style. The first thing to do is start with a white varnish. Also, have a paintbrush handy if you plan to remodel Ikea furniture this way.

Simple instructions


The entire chest of drawers is being remodeled into Ikea furniture and coated with the white lacquer. It is important that the color does not cover and that the original furniture color can be seen through the new paint. You can also wipe the paint off with a rag after painting. This means that only a small proportion of the piece of furniture will stick. Let the white paint dry.

Remodel Ikea Furniture – Attractive Olive


Olive was used as the second color for the example. The varnish is applied in the same way as the white paint. You are welcome to repeat the steps until you are satisfied with the result. Always alternate white and olive and don’t forget to let the original color shimmer through. Then you are already done with remodeling Ikea furniture.

Furniture foil for a side table


Another idea to pimp Ikea furniture was again implemented with furniture foil. This is the Klubbo side table, which is given a classy look thanks to the marble-look foil. The white table top is simply stuck with the foil. Other colors and patterns are of course also possible to redesign Ikea furniture.

Replace door handles


In addition to cabinet doors, Superfront also offers attractive handles that you can use if you want to redesign Ikea furniture. Replace old door handles or put some where there weren’t any. The selection is really large and it is guaranteed not to make it easy for you. However, your new piece of furniture will look just stunning.

Attach decorative elements


There are such decorative elements that are quite simply glued to the surface of the cabinet. They can be made of wood or plastic and are perfect even for novice craftsmen. If the elements are not self-adhesive, obtain a suitable adhesive to attach them to the piece of furniture (here again the Malm chest of drawers).

Nice patterns and mirrors


The decorative elements can also be wonderfully combined with a mirror if you want to redesign Ikea furniture. For this purpose, the mirror is first fixed to the cabinet and then the decoration is attached to it. Mirror surfaces are perfect for small rooms to make them appear larger or simply to create a glamor effect.

Set discreet color


If you just want to add a little bit of color, you can choose to redesign this idea for Ikea furniture. Here, only the area above the compartment is painted in color. To do this, remove the drawers. Once the paint has dried, you can slide it back into the dresser and decorate your bedroom with the new piece of furniture.

Colorful and geometric


Can it never be colorful enough for you? How about a geometric pattern that you create from several bold colors? You get a modern piece of furniture for your facility that puts you in a good mood and nobody else owns it. Here the Tarva chest of drawers has been redesigned. The doorknobs were left out and come into their own.