Recycle old jeans – what new things can be tinkered with?


Denim is robust, durable, easy to clean and always up-to-date. Do you have a pair of old jeans that you will never wear again but would be a shame to throw them away? If you’re looking for ideas on how to recycle old jeans could, are, then you have struck gold here. Whether as a cushion cover, fashionable bag, bedspread or to store make-up, pens and work utensils, denim can be processed in a variety of ways.

Recycle old jeans – sew bedspreads

Recycle old jeans-duvet-children's room-patchwork-near

Sew a quilt out of old jeans. Either completely made of denim or combined with another fabric, such a bedspread is perfect for the children’s room.

Recycle old jeans – bags made from old jeans

Recycle old jeans tinker-bag-near

You can sew a handbag, backpack, beach bag or purse from old jeans. The top of the jeans is best for a handbag or backpack, and the pant legs can be used for beach bags and purses. Run a brightly colored cloth through the belt loops to spice up the handbag.

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Sew book covers


You can also create beautiful and functional book covers from old jeans. Use the back pocket of your jeans to conveniently stow away bookmarks, pencils or a calculator. Use fabric paint or lace scraps to decorate the book cover.

Organizational idea for the home office

Recycle old jeans, handicrafts, bags, embroidery rings and storage space

Use the back pockets of several jeans to conveniently stow away writing, work utensils and other small treasures.

Sew cushion covers


Placemat with pocket for napkin and cutlery

Recycle old jeans tinker-placemat-serviette

Quilt made from triangular pieces of fabric


or picnic blanket


Jeans cushion cover and two leather belts as decoration

recycle old jeans idea-cushion-cover-belt-decoration


Cell phone pocket for your cell phone


Flip flops made from leftover jeans


Makeup storage


Organize painting supplies

recycle old jeans tinker-home-office-create-order

 Dress made from old jeans


Aprons made from jeans

old-jeans-recycle-tinker-aprons-bags  old-jeans-recycle-tinker-pillow-remote-control-bag






old-jeans-recycle-tinker-mugs-coaster-denim-creative-ice cubes