Printing your own fabric with lavender oil – instructions and ideas in Provence style

Print the fabric yourself pure-lavender-lavender-lavender-flower-glass-bottle-cork

In summer, the landscape in Provence turns into a colorful carpet of purple flowers and that means only one thing – it is the blooming season of lavender. In addition to its wonderful smell and look, it has several uses in everyday household use. In this article we will show you how to use pure lavender oil Print the fabric yourself can. Let yourself be inspired by our instructions and beautiful ideas and decorate your apartment in a French country house style!

Print your own fabric – DIY fabric bags

Print fabric yourself bread sack-cereal-bag-lavender print-diy

Cloth bags and sacks are used for shopping, in everyday life and for storing food such as grain and flour in the household. They are easy to sew yourself and can be individually printed using different techniques. With the help of the lavender oil, you can easily and quickly print and spice up the fabric with any image.

Printing the fabric yourself with lavender oil – necessary materials

Print fabric yourself materials-pure-lavender-oil-tape-template-spoon

If you would like to try this simple technique for fabric printing yourself, you will need the following materials and tools:

– 100% pure lavender oil

– fabric (possibly cotton and of a light color)

– tablespoon or wooden spoon

– Adhesive tape or painter’s tape

– Iron

– Copy of the desired image or motif, absolutely printed by the laser printer.

Tip: if you want to print a motif with lettering on the fabric itself, don’t forget that the copy should be printed in mirror image.

Printing on fabric – Instructions

Print the fabric yourself instructions-lavender-template-fabric-adhesive tape

First you should prepare the fabric and the paper copy. Make sure you are working on a flat surface such as a table. Then the fabric should be ironed flat with the iron and a few sheets of paper should be placed underneath. Then lay the copy face down on the fabric and secure it with painter’s tape. Only then is the back of the copy coated with the lavender oil. You can use a brush to distribute the oil evenly.

Print the fabric yourself with lavender oil

Print the fabric yourself lavender oil-pure-template-instructions-procedure-spoon-result

In two or three minutes you can start transferring the subject. For this purpose you should rub the whole motif firmly with a spoon. Occasionally, you can gently lift the paper to check the result. When the image is completely transferred, remove the copy and let the fabric dry well. When the design is completely dry, you can iron it to seal the image and make the fabric machine washable.

The finished cloth bags and their possible uses


The bags with any design can be used for many different purposes. If your bag has handles, it is perfect for shopping. On the other hand, a haversack made of fabric is both useful and can also serve as an elegant table decoration in Provence style for lunch or dinner.

Print your own fabric lavender bags


The dried lavender is often collected in small lavender bags and placed in wardrobes and cloakrooms to drive away moths. If you want to design a lavender bag in Provence style, you can print a fabric yourself with a suitable motif and use it for it.

Decorate upholstery for furniture yourself


With the technique shown above, you can not only print small fabrics for bags and sacks, but also entire upholstery for seating furniture. So you can spice up the furnishings at home and decorate the apartment according to your personal taste.

Print your own furniture and pillows with pure lavender oil

Fabric-self-printing-lavender-oil-cushions-cushion-cover-decorate-chair-upholstery-spice it up

If you want to transfer the French country house style into your own apartment, you can print a couple of cushion covers for the sofa cushions or for the bed with lavender oil. For example, motifs with lettering in French combined with flowers and floral wreaths are suitable.

Make table decorations in Provence style yourself


For a table decoration in the style of Provence, fabrics can be printed and used as a base for the table. They look beautiful in combination with decoration made from dried lavender bouquets and can be used for special occasions as well as in everyday life.

Print your own kitchen towels made of fabric with lavender oil


The fabric kitchen towels can be printed with pure lavender oil and individually designed. Colorful motifs can also be easily transferred to the fabric, but the colors change more or less. An alleged alternative to lavender oil is acetone for printing on fabric.

Template for a lavender print on fabric


If you want to print on fabric yourself, you should first select a suitable motif or picture. If the finished fabric is ultimately only used to store a special food, then you can choose a picture with the appropriate lettering and motif.

Ideas for motifs to be printed with a mirror image


However, if the fabric with lavender print is only used as a decoration for the home, then you can choose the motif so that it fits the furnishing style at home. French motifs with butterflies and flowers are very popular and are a good idea for vintage or country style furnishings.

Print your own fabric – templates and reflections in shabby chic style


If you want to give your interior a shabby chic style, you can choose one of the templates shown above. Find a suitable motif and try the lavender printing technique with your children. We hope you enjoy printing your fabric yourself with lavender oil!