Presents for Christmas – 16 ideas to make yourself

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Do handicrafts lovingly Gifts for christmas – and surprise your family and friends! With a little creativity you can bring joy to your favorite people and have fun yourself. Let these ideas inspire you!

Do-it-yourself stylish gifts for Christmas – ideas for friends

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A nice surprise can be prepared even on a tight budget. Do handicrafts Gifts for christmas and bring joy to your friends. All you need is a little creativity – buy vases / teapots in white and then decorate with beautiful decorations. A glitter spray or paint spray from the craft shop can decorate the vase. Those who like to paint can hand-paint teacups with a marker. Melt colored pencils in the microwave / or in an old saucepan / and mix them with heated wax – this is a quick way to color the candles. Paint a coffee cup with blackboard paint and write a loving message on it.

Wonderful gifts for Christmas for the family




Christmas beautiful cup of aliens

Surprise the kids and build a beautiful wall clock together. You can buy a plain wall clock, or just buy the movement and then cut out the wooden dial. Take a picture of the child, press the photo out on paper and cut out the figure. Glue the figure to cardboard, then attach it to the pointers. Complete! Do you have jam jars at home? Fill them with sweets and decorate them lovingly with Christmas motifs. Make jewelry stands for your girlfriend or daughter from old picture frames. More cute ideas for Gifts for christmas can be found in the photo gallery.

Nice idea to imitate – paint cups

Tinker Christmas gift idea yourself

Plant pots are made from tea cups

Christmas gifts plant pot original idea

Painting teacup with plants for Christmas

Build a modern wall clock yourself in two colors

build christmas gifts friends

For the children – nice homemade gift

Wall clock children's room build photos yourself

Decorate the pointer with a photo

Handicraft ideas Christmas beautifully original creative

Lovingly leasing sweets in jam jars

Children prepare candy bags to decorate

Delicious sugar bags for the children

Bags of Christmas decorate gift ideas

Skin cream lovingly packaged

Women cream lotion body red bath bell

Decorate cups with rope

Girlfriend knitwear keeping mug warm

Decorative stand made of picture frames

Make Christmas nice idea yourself

three candlesticks nice idea colorful

Gift ideas parents colorful original three colors

Pouring candles, coloring crayons Nice craft idea

Gifts teapot dye pink color

Loving girlfriend prepare christmas surprise

Mug message romantic gift advent

Sprinkling gold spray paint on Christmas vases