Potato print with autumn motifs: this is how you make a stamp with the children!

Potato print with autumn motifs autumn leaves ideas children

At the end of summer we can look forward to the wonderful autumn colors again! The children in particular have a lot of fun in autumn and like to do handicrafts with natural materials. We offer you some ideas on how you can make potato prints with autumn motifs yourself together with the little ones. With a potato stamp you can conjure up beautiful motifs for the festive table for Thanksgiving, with the children monsters, pumpkins and co. Stamp for Halloween, make your own motifs with autumn leaves. So let your creativity run free – because you only need potatoes, knives and paint for the next handicraft projects. Fun for young and old is guaranteed.

Potato print with autumn motifs: colorful autumn leaves

Potato print with autumn motifs autumn leaves craft ideas

The first project is for all craft enthusiasts, for whom the colorful autumn leaves are naturally part of the decoration in the months of September-November. Bring cheerful colors into the interior with these charming motifs that are inspired by nature. Our tip: First go with the children to collect autumn leaves from different trees, compare them together and choose your favorite leaves. Prepare a template out of paper, cut out the template and transfer it to the potatoes with a pencil. Then you can cut out the shapes with a sharp knife.

The next handicraft project is suitable for toddlers of kindergarten and school age. Just let them help with painting and stamping. You have to make the stamps yourself – there is a risk of injury. Children aged 10 and over can help cut out the motifs, but only under the supervision of their parents.

Potato print with autumn motifs instruction stamp

It is of course easier with cookie cutters for cookies and biscuits or with an embossing cutter. For this handicraft project you need several cookie cutters in different colors, potatoes, paints, brushes, knives. This is how the stamps are made: First cut the potatoes (choose medium-sized potatoes that will fit in your hand) in half. Then carefully press the cookie cutter on each half in the middle. Carefully cut out the potato edge around the cookie cutter with the knife (see photo above), then carefully remove the shape. The stamp motif should not be more than 1.5-2cm high.

Make your own potato print with autumn motifs

Then the little ones can help out – choose different autumn colors – yellow, red and orange, for example, form a charming autumnal ensemble – and use them to decorate the table runner, the napkins, or stamp beautiful pictures together that you can hang up later.

Making potato print with autumn motifs for children

This is how impressive the end result looks – an autumn table runner for the children’s table for Thanksgiving with the family. It’s also a nice crafting idea for children’s birthdays in autumn – especially when the weather is bad outside, painting and stamping are the order of the day.

Potato print with autumn motifs: decorate table runners for Thanksgiving

Potato print with autumn motifs stamp paper

The next idea is especially for Thanksgiving – a table runner with ethnic patterns, inspired by the motifs used by the Indians in North America to decorate their tents. You can of course combine the three stamps in terms of color according to your own preferences. Even more so – if you let your imagination run wild, then you can not only create zigzag patterns, but also stamp complicated abstract images. For example, pillows, blankets and napkins can be decorated. Or you can hang your modern art above the sofa. The craft project is also suitable for school-age children.

Potato printing autumn motifs instructions decorating wrapping paper

You will need the following materials for the project: 2 potatoes, paint, brush, graphic knife, marker, kitchen paper. Choose watercolor paints if you are crafting with the kids. Use acrylic paints on fabric.

Make potato stamp yourself instructions

First cut the potatoes in two, then let them dry on kitchen paper. Choose medium-sized potatoes, do not peel the potatoes – this will give you a better grip and hold the stamp securely.

Potato stamp children wrapping paper decorate idea

Draw the respective motif with the marker (geometric patterns without curved shapes are the easiest to cut out), then cut out the shape with the graphic knife, then carefully cut away the edges with the knife.

Potato printing with autumn motifs make your own potato stamp tips instructions

This is what the finished motifs look like: a triangle, a W letter, and a geometric shape.

Potato print autumn motifs painting children

Now painting is the order of the day – carefully apply a little paint to the stamp with a brush and create colorful patterns on the paper.

Potato print with autumn motifs thanksgiving Indian wrapping paper

An example – sweetly decorated wrapping paper – a lovingly wrapped present for the grandparents.

Potato print with autumn motifs: feathers and birds

potato print autumn motifs feather thanksgiving stamp make yourself

Nature motifs are particularly popular in autumn – bird feathers can be cut out of the potatoes with a little skill.

potato print autumn motifs children bird tree stamp

A creative idea for modern art using only stamps made from fruits and vegetables – the potatoes are cut into quarters and their prints serve as the bodies of the birds, the tree trunk is made with carrot stamps.

Potato print with autumn motifs: ideas for Halloween

Potato print with autumn motifs halloween tinker children

Small children look forward to Halloween in autumn – so they are guaranteed to cause a sensation with the next project. Select 1-2 potatoes of irregular shape, cut them in half, dip the potatoes in paint and make colorful prints on paper. Then you can glue googly eyes, paint feet, mouth and hands. This is how the cute monsters pictured above are created.

Potato print with autumn motifs: Jack in the lantern

potato print autumn motifs halloween pumpkin face jack o lantern

Everyone knows the legend of Jack O’Lantern, who outwitted the devil on the evening before All Saints Day and thus saved his soul from the fire of hell. After he died, however, he was also rejected by heaven. Then, out of pity, the devil gave him a glowing coal and a lantern made of pumpkin, with which he walks on earth for Halloween.

Potato print with autumn motifs, paint stamps instructions

As creepy as the story may be, the pumpkin lantern is enjoying great popularity these days. With the next project you are guaranteed to ensure Halloween anticipation. Simply cut potatoes in half, carve out the face and paint with paint. Print the stamp on paper and then draw the face again with a marker.

Potato print with autumn motifs pumpkin jack o lantern

Potato print with autumn motifs: greeting card with autumn leaves

Potato print with autumn motifs tree leaf greeting card children

You can decorate a greeting card with a self-made stamp. Choose a motif from the ones shown above and use it to decorate pictures or create collages. We hope you enjoy your handicrafts!

potato print autumn motifs make ideas yourself

Make potato printing autumn motifs yourselfMake potato printing autumn motifs yourself

potato print autumn motifs stamp out

Potato print autumn motifs make tree leaves yourself