Photo frame collage – wall decoration ideas with photo frames

picture frame collage armchair stripes wood furniture gray-green wall

With a picture frame collage you can make creative wall decorations yourself. The project can be tinkered with in less than an hour. We’ll show you where and how to flaunt the finished collage. let yourself be inspired!

Photo frame collage – combine photo frames of different sizes

picture frame collage living room wall decoration white couch vintage

The white picture frames on the wall in the living room look simple but very elegant. The wallpaper patterns with a natural theme contrast with the puristic lines of the photo frames. The different photo frame sizes set exciting accents. An attractive and inexpensive decoration for narrow walls and dark rooms.

Photo frame collage – photo frames in contrasting colors

picture frame collage red vintage idea sideboard deco

If the wall is painted in one color, the decoration can be colorful and eye-catching. The photo frames in contrasting colors are just the thing – they automatically attract attention. The modern sketches, posters and even newspaper clippings spice up the otherwise simple color scheme.

Emphasize picture frames with wall paint

picture frame collage white red wall paint stripes black and white

You can even underline the attractive look of a picture frame collage with an effective wall design. In this example, a striped pattern was chosen for this. On the wall, in turn, hang white and red frames of various shapes and styles without pictures.

Collage framed by furniture

picture frame collage shelves bench tropical style decorations

Combine the picture frame collage with pretty wooden furniture. High shelves like this one can beautifully frame the designed collage and at the same time emphasize it. Hang different colored frames to make the wall look more interesting.

Photo frame collage for the rental apartment

Picture frame-collage-living room-wall decoration-ideas-Scandinavian

In rented apartments in particular, it is not always possible to hang pictures on the wall. The holes in the walls are difficult to renovate later. Instead, the photos can be displayed on open wall shelves. Different photo frames can be perfectly combined – the eclectic look gives the interior an extra kick.

Coordinate photo frame collage photos and wall color

Picture frame-collage-wall-decoration-ideas-modern

The photos / pictures in the photo frame are skilfully matched to the wall color – dark blue characterizes the interior. White photo frames have been selected so that modern art can come into its own.

Picture frame collage – family photos as wall decorations

Picture frame-collage-wall design-ideas-modern-yellow

 The family photos can be arranged like a movie on the wall. The collage is imaginative and arouses interest. At the same time, the photo frames take up less space and can be rearranged or added at any time.

Living room in eclectic style with picture frame collage

Picture frame collage living room wall decor ideas

 Black and white photos bring a romantic touch from the past

Picture frame-collage-living room-wall decoration-ideas-modern

 Country style living room with baroque style picture frame

Picture frame-collage-photos-wall-living room-ideas

 Wall design with modern picture frames in the river

Picture frame collage hallway decoration ideas

 Golden picture frames on the wall in the hallway

Picture frame collage gold color wall design hallway

 Modern wall design in Scandinavian style in the living room

Picture frame-collage-gray-wall-design-Scandinavian-chic

Picture frame-collage-wood-wall decoration-ideas-modern

Picture frame collage ideas family photos gold

Picture frame-collage-red-wall-accent-color-living room

Picture frame-collage-wall-decoration-modern-design yourself

Picture frame-collage-wall design-wall decoration-ideas-modern

Photo Frame Collage Living Room Instagram Photos Designs

Picture frame collage ideas wall decor design

Picture frame-collage-ideas-wall-decoration-blue-wall-paint

Picture frame collage country style wall decor ideas

Picture frame collage-country style decor-living room

Picture frames-collage-country-style-photos-modern-posters

Picture frame-collage-modern-art-exhibit-ideas

Picture frame collage ideas photos wall decor design