Painting cups – 30 ideas, instructions and tips for painting ceramics

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Paint cups is a creative leisure time idea that is not only wonderfully suitable for children. Not everyone can use paint and brushes skillfully, so there are also suitable pens. Especially for ceramics and available in many colors, they are a great way to easily and quickly personalize cups and plates. The color is fixed during baking in the kitchen oven and is even dishwasher-safe. In just a few minutes you can make a great coffee mug for your loved ones yourself. It takes a little longer for the paint to dry and burn.

Paint and design white ceramic cups yourself – a creative gift idea

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Here you will find some simple instructions with which you can quickly and easily design your own personal mug with or without a template. Our tips:

1. Obtain plain white ceramic cups and clean them thoroughly so that they are free of dust, grease and detergent.

2. According to the instructions for using the colors, they will be dishwasher-safe after baking in the oven. Still, your creations will last longer if the cups are carefully washed by hand.

 Painting cups – Simple instructions for creating a creative coffee cup

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1. Prepare the necessary materials: a ceramic cup without decorations, porcelain pencils, possibly a template, a pencil, tape and scissors.

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2. To transfer the motif to the dishes, you need graphite copying paper or you can brush the back of the motif with a pencil. This pencil layer should then be transferred to the ceramic according to the principle of graphite paper.

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3. Then stick the cut-out paper to the desired place on the cup and trace the contours of the motif with the pencil. You need to apply enough pressure so that the drawing can be transferred.

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4. Draw the motif. The pencil layer is transferred to the traced areas.

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5. The color of the cup is up to you.

Cups are painted and labeled Ceramics are dishwasher-safe

6. Let the cups air dry for at least four hours. Then place them in the cold oven, switch it on and set a temperature of 160 ° C. Let the cups burn for 30 minutes and then cool in the switched off oven.

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7. After fixing, the painted cups are ready and can be washed in the dishwasher at a maximum of 50 ° C, provided this is mentioned in the manufacturer’s instructions.

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