Painting canvas – 37 beautiful pictures and motifs to paint with acrylic

Artful decorations should not be missing in any interior. They give the interior the finishing touch and look stylish. You don’t have to spend tons of money on pictures right away.

canvas paint world map colorful blobs idea original mantelpiece

Would you like pretty pictures on Paint canvas, but are you looking for suitable inspiration? Then you have landed at the right place. We have put together great ideas that you can paint over or change to suit your taste.

Painting canvas – three-part decoration with trees

paint canvas trees ombre three-part orange yellow beige

With canvas pictures you can enhance any room. If you also paint on a canvas yourself, you will receive an individual decoration that you can be particularly proud of and with which you will impress every guest. Choose colors that match the interior. If your child likes to paint, they can even paint for their children’s room and look forward to the self-made decoration later.

Painting canvas – branches with dots

paint canvas dots delicate colors pink gray orange red branches idea

Pretty pictures don’t have to be complicated. You will be amazed at the striking designs that you can implement in just a few simple steps. You can also use the finished creation and then use it as a gift for various occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter or even Father’s and Mother’s Day. Be inspired and have fun painting canvas.

Simple ideas that look professional, but can also be copied by beginners

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Painting geometric patterns

paint canvas abstract geometric broken glass look orange yellow blue purple

Geometric patterns always look modern and what you see in them is left to the imagination. The small work of art can be done in just a few steps: cover the canvas with tape, paint the individual boxes with paint, let them dry and remove the tape. When coloring, there are also a lot of design ideas. Play with different shades.

Butterfly on canvas in shades of pink

canvas painting romantic butterfly flowers pink nuances

Simple color gradients in contrasting colors look very effective and are ideal as a background for a beautiful motif. The color gradient can spread horizontally from left to right and change from a lighter shade to a slightly darker one. The best way to get a finely graded gradient is with water-based paints.

You need a large foam brush, three appropriately sized plastic cups, three handicraft colors from the same color family, e.g. rose and fuchsia, newspapers to place underneath.


The cups are filled about halfway with water. Then add a blob of the lightest color to one of the mugs. Continue with the two remaining colors. Together the colors should result in a gradient. If not, add more color.

Now it’s going to be painted on the canvas. Start with the lightest color. You can use it to paint the entire canvas with stroking movements. Now use the medium color and paint the canvas from the top to the center. Last is the dark color. Start again from the top, over the two previous colors, but this time stop about 10 centimeters below the middle. This creates a nice ombré effect.

Canvas for special occasions

paint canvas fathers day idea gift footprint kids pink

Homemade canvas prints with foot and hand prints are a cute gift idea for parents and grandparents. You can use finger paints and watercolors for this. But you can also use acrylic paints. It looks especially beautiful when two footprints form a heart. It’s super easy: paint a foot, press it on the canvas and then wipe the foot with a damp cloth. Repeat the step with the other foot.

Canvas inspired by semi-precious stones

paint canvas diy idea instructions waves design mantelpiece deco

Use different techniques and tools to create interesting effects. This picture, for example, was inspired by the beautiful colors and patterns of agate. First, the acrylic paints are applied to the canvas by hand and directly from the tube. As soon as the wavy lines have been marked, take a piece of cardboard and wave it over the paint. You work from the upper side towards you and apply a little pressure.

Use interesting techniques for extraordinary effects

paint canvas lines acrylic beige dark blue white

paint canvas agate stone inspiration pattern waves

Mix the colors with a piece of cardboard

paint canvas waves cardboard acrylic paints

painting canvas semi-precious stone agate stimulation instruction waveform

paint canvas color superfluous cardboard material blue nuances

paint canvas art make yourself wall decoration acrylic

paint canvas stripes pattern blue hues diy

Vintage canvas – painting lily

canvas paint vintage idea lilies orange yellow ombre

Newsprint can also be used as a background for a canvas picture. Take a newspaper and tear up the text into appropriate pieces. Mix a tablespoon of paste with cold water in an empty jam jar. Screw the jar shut and give it a good shake. After about 30 minutes, the paste should have swelled up. Apply the paste over the entire canvas with a thick brush, put the newspaper on and press on with additional paste and brush. Be careful not to tear the wet newspaper. Finally, you can use a hair dryer to help the canvas dry faster.

canvas paint newspaper paper stick dabs blue

canvas paint lilies white vintage motif diy

canvas paint protective film do it yourself picture decoration

canvas paint shading idea pretty design decor interior

Melted wax crayons on canvas

paint canvas original craft idea wax colorful modern rainbow colors

Crayon Art has been very popular for several years. Colorful canvases are made from melted wax crayons. First the wax crayons are fixed next to each other on one side of the canvas. They are then heated evenly with a hair dryer until they melt and run downwards.

paint canvas craft idea colorful wax crayons instructions simple

paint on canvas wax crayons melt effectively foehn

paint canvas lion colorful idea wax crayon abstract

Striped canvas

paint canvas stripes black idea heart button stick valentine's day gift

Colorful circular pattern

canvas paint circles colorful colors vases glass

Multi-part murals

canvas paint home sweet home three parts yellow orange red photos

Patchwork canvases – combine different motifs

canvas paint children tinker patchwork idea motifs colorful

Gerbera flower in unusual colors for the variety

paint canvas 3d flower turquoise nuances brick wall white

Monogram murals

paint canvas flowers idea letters glue vintage pink

simple color gradients with great effect

paint canvas gray ombre bird yellow accent beginner idea

Flower garden motif for children’s rooms

paint canvas motif children flowers butterfly meadow colorful

multi-part canvas image

paint canvas pastel colors background tree blossoms pink gray light blue

simple picture with colorful circles

paint canvas point design colorful twigs idea wall design

multi-part picture

paint canvas rainbow colors lovers three pictures

abstract motifs in black and white

paint canvas black and white decoration modern style

vertically arranged multi-part murals

paint canvas vertical three-part whale water splash blue yellow gray

clever use of simple shapes

canvas paint tree sunset blossom circles organic shapes pink purple

abstract motifs in strong colors


create different patterns with tape and paint

canvas-painting-diy-ideas-instructions-geometric-picture-yellow-adhesive tape

cheerful warm colors