Paint your own t-shirt with textile paint – 22 creative ideas

From pictures, funny sayings, trendy patterns to favorite characters from cartoons. What is depicted on our t-shirts is a way of showing our style and preferences. That’s why painting your own t-shirt is so much fun. A monochrome T-shirt doesn’t cost a lot of money, but with a little creativity it can become a real eye-catcher. If you are looking for ideas on how to get one Paint the t-shirt yourself then you have struck gold here. We’ll show you a few great examples that kids and adults would love.

Paint the t-shirt yourself – great idea with stickers

Paint the T-shirt yourself textile paint-kids-girl-ribbon-dots

There are no limits to your imagination when choosing the motifs for your self-painted T-shirt. However, abstract patterns and geometric shapes such as triangles and circles can be created very easily and quickly. Experiment with different techniques. With stickers, for example, you can achieve interesting effects, as shown in the picture above. With painter’s tape too. Using a coarse, dry sponge and fabric paint creates a cool, textured undone look. With the rubber of a pencil, small dots are made very quickly. Check out the other fun ways to paint T-shirts below. Also, get to know the instructions well when working with textile dyes and let your imagination run wild.

Paint the t-shirt yourself – with a sponge and textile paint

Paint the T-shirt yourself textile paint-chevron-pattern-sponge-yellow-gray

You can paint the t-shirt yourself with a sponge and fabric paint and design it with a very special design. Here is an easy DIY project for a white chevron pattern t-shirt. To do this, you first need to cut out a narrow and a large chevron shape from a clean sponge. Then use a ruler and pen with secret ink to draw straight lines where you want the design to be. This way you can make sure that the pressure is exactly in the middle.

Now choose two textile colors that go well with each other or create a nice contrast. Before painting, put a thick piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed and stain the back randomly. Then stamp the pattern with the sponge by starting with one of the colors, letting it dry and only then applying the second color. Let the t-shirt dry completely, remove the cardboard and you’re done.

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Create great patterns with fabric paint and pencil rubber


Another great technique for painting your own T-shirt can be found in the instructions above. To do this, the pencil’s eraser is used to create a nice pattern with dots. With a template in any shape, this technique can be used to transfer beautiful motifs onto monochrome T-shirts. Any textile color can be used for dyeing, or even a mix of colors can be designed.

Painting t-shirt with stencil

Paint the T-shirt yourself textile paint-triangles-neon colors

Painting t-shirts is a creative activity for children’s birthday parties

T-shirt painting children's birthday unicorn motif

Recreate Anna’s dress on a T-shirt

Paint the t-shirt yourself-textile paint-children's birthday-anna-eiskoenigin-film

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive costumes for Mardi Gras or Halloween, then you can try to make the costumes yourself from cheap materials. With fabric paint and a little skill in painting, for example, you can paint a plain-colored T-shirt yourself and transform it into the costume of a favorite character.

If your children want to dress up as their favorite Frozen characters this year, here are instructions for the costumes of Anna, Elsa and Olaf. The easiest way to create the perfect costume is to use a template with the appropriate pattern. Place the template in the T-shirt and repeat the motifs and patterns on the fabric with fabric paint and a brush.

The dress of Elsa – the ice queen


Queen Elsa’s dress is easier to replicate than Princess Anna’s because it has few elements. The white T-shirt can simply be painted blue and spiced up with glitter powder. Just sew on a few more sequins and you’re done. You can combine the Frozen T-shirt with a blue skirt for a nicer effect.

Olaf – the snowman

Paint the t-shirt yourself textile paint-children's birthday-olaf-snowman

For little boys, on the other hand, a costume like the Olaf snowman is perfect. You can paint a white t-shirt yourself and design it like the body of a snowman. In this case, you don’t even need a template, because you should simply draw on a few circles of different sizes. Furthermore, the arms and a few buttons can be painted black and Olaf’s costume is ready.

T-shirt becomes an elegant children’s shirt


With fabric paint and a suitable template, you can paint the simple T-shirt yourself and transform it into a pretty children’s shirt. To do this, you need a template for the collar and one for the button placket. These can then be outlined with dots using the pencil’s eraser and any textile color. After you have removed the template, you can stamp small dots as buttons on the button panel. It’s that easy to transform the white blouse into an elegant shirt for a special occasion.

Rainbow colored t-shirt

t-shirt-paint-yourself-textile-paint-children-rainbow-paint-painters tape

Another tool that can be used to create creative patterns on the T-shirt is masking tape. You can use it to paint geometric motifs on the T-shirt yourself and conjure up creative designs. One example is this colorful rainbow t-shirt. For this, several strips of painter’s tape are glued to the front and then covered with the rainbow colors. After the paint has dried, the strips can be peeled off and the beautiful design can be revealed. You can find more great ideas in the picture gallery.

Dots or stripes?

Paint the T-shirt yourself textile paint-ideas-dots-stripes-neon colors

Triangles in pastel tones in a row vertically

t-shirt-paint-yourself-textile-color-modern-triangles-pastel colors

Make aztec pattern on your own t-shirt


chaotically distributed triangles on T-shirt

Paint the T-shirt yourself - textile color - abstract - rectangles - mint green

Glitter fabric paint in silver and gold on a black t-shirt

t-shirt-paint-yourself-textile-paint-instructions-stripes-painter's tape

Paint fleur-de-lis pattern on T-shirt using template


only three or four stripes as an accent


Create Batman’s symbol using a template and fabric paint


make the trendy Celiné T-shirt yourself


Label instructions for the t-shirt yourself