Paint pictures with children in autumn using different tools and techniques

Autumn painting with children and different techniques

Autumn is known for its bright colors and that makes it perfect not only for decorations, but also as a theme for various handicraft and painting projects. And since this beautiful season is just around the corner, today we are specifically showing you some great suggestions that you can reproduce with children at home, in elementary school or in kindergarten. There are different painting techniques with different colors that are guaranteed to be a lot of fun for every child. And later on, the finished pictures can be given to parents or grandparents as a present. Let yourself be inspired and get the necessary colors and materials soon. Then you can paint beautiful autumn pictures with children and spend a fun afternoon together.

Painting autumn pictures with massage balls

Paint original autumn pictures with massage balls - trees with colorful crowns

  • white paper and brown craft paper (or a printed tree without a crown)
  • Colors in red, orange and yellow and possibly also green
  • Massage balls
  • Paper plate
  • scissors
  • Glue

Paint autumn pictures and cut out a trunk of paper and glue it on

In principle, there is not much to explain in this guide. If you want to paint such an autumn tree, you need a tree trunk, which you draw on the brown paper and then cut out and glue on the white sheet of paper. Alternatively, a finished tree can also be printed out. But then there should be no leaves. Now put the three autumn colors yellow, orange and red on the paper plate. First pick up some of the yellow color with the ball and then roll it over the picture, along the crown.

Paint autumn pictures - dip the massage ball in paint and roll it over the leaf

If you have added enough yellow “leaves”, take a new ball and repeat the process first with the orange and then also with the red color. Finally, you can also design a few green leaves here and there that have not yet changed color, so to speak. Let the paints dry and the picture is ready. This way you can paint as many autumn pictures as you want.

Autumn trees painting with corks

Painting autumn pictures with wine corks - dab autumn colors on the treetop

  • at least 3 wine corks
  • Colors in red, orange and yellow
  • brown and white craft paper or:

    printed tree trunk with branches without leaves

  • Paper plate
  • scissors
  • Glue

As in the previous instructions, with which you can paint autumn pictures, you first need a tree, which you either cut out of the brown paper and stick on the white sheet or print it out. Then you can paint the pretty tree as a motif for autumn. Put a little of the three colors on the plate so as not to stain the color in the packaging.

For autumn, paint pictures, draw, cut or print out a tree trunk

Dip the first wine cork in any color and use it to dab leaves on the crown of the tree. This creates points. Then repeat the process with a new cork and the next color. You are also welcome to mix the colors to get more nuances. Then you need more corks. Just experiment!

Paint autumn pictures with cotton balls

Cotton balls and clothespins are great tools for drawing and doing handicrafts with children

  • Cotton balls
  • Clothespins
  • Colors (e.g. acrylic)
  • Painted or printed tree trunk to design
  • Sheet of paper or canvas

If you don’t have corks at home to try out the technique above, you can use cotton balls instead, which are also quicker to find if you want to spontaneously draw autumn pictures with your kids. You will also need clothespins to hold the cotton in place. However, if you use easily washable paints, you can simply hold the balls with your fingers. The cotton wool is simply dipped in the paint and then used to print dots.

Paint forest made of autumn trees for autumn pictures

Suggestions, tips and ideas for techniques for painting autumn pictures

If you would like to paint an entire autumn forest, simply draw a lot of tree trunks, which you then decorate all around with leaves. For this you can choose any technique from the ones listed above. At the end of the article we also have a few variants for you to design tree crowns and leaves, which you should all try out once. And since autumn remains for a while, you have enough time for it!

Autumn leaves painting with children

Combine crayons and watercolors in an autumn picture

  • 2 sheets of paper of any size
  • flat autumn leaves
  • duct tape
  • Crayons
  • Watercolors
  • broad brush

Paint beautiful autumn pictures with crayons and real leaves

Be sure to use a smooth and level surface, otherwise joints or other unevenness will also be transferred to the picture. Then distribute the collected leaves on a sheet of paper. It is best to fix the paper with adhesive tape so that it cannot slip. You can also cut out other autumn motifs from paper and add them (for example mushrooms). Then place the other sheet of paper over it. You can now also attach this to the lower sheet with adhesive tape so that it does not slip, but you do not have to. But if you paint autumn pictures like this with children, it will probably be easier for them.

Leaves of various shapes transferred onto paper with wax pencils

With the crayons, which are best chosen in autumn colors, you can now stroke the top sheet. Keep the pins horizontal to make use of their length. In this way, the shapes, edges, and patterns of the sheets are transferred to the top sheet. Don’t push too hard, just apply less pressure first. You can always intensify the colors afterwards if necessary. Alternate the colors for each sheet or combine several in one. That is up to you and your child.

Simple painting instructions for children with pens and brushes

You can either leave these autumn pictures as they are or you can continue and paint them in with watercolors. That would of course be very pleasant for the children. With the watercolors you can easily paint over the whole picture. You don’t need to worry about the wax surfaces. They are guaranteed not to blur. But there are interesting color mixes and effects. For the background, it’s best to use contrasting colors that really show off the leaves, such as blue or green.

Create colorful, autumnal coloring pictures in elementary school or kindergarten

Would you like to paint this idea in the fall in kindergarten or are you looking for ideas for pictures that you can also paint in the fall in elementary school, this variant can be converted into a larger project. Every child can create their own picture. Finally, they are all combined on an oversized sheet of paper to make a giant poster that can then be hung in the classroom. The kids will be proud! Or you can have the children all transfer the sheets onto a large poster and paint them together. This will work best on the floor. This is possible with smaller groups, where the children will not disturb each other when they paint the autumn pictures.

Paint acrylic pictures in autumn

Use stencils and acrylic paints to paint leaves and draw leaf veins

  • Leaves (real or cut from paper)
  • Sheet of paper A3 or A4 and possibly another to print out the sheet templates
  • Acrylics
  • Sponge or wide brush
  • thin brush
  • scissors

This is a very simple idea that even smaller children can use to paint autumn pictures. If you have collected the leaves yourself, you should first press them in a book for a few days. Alternatively, you can also print out or record and cut out sheets of paper. Whichever variant you choose, the sheets are then placed on a sheet of paper and you can start painting.

Put a little acrylic paint on one corner of the sponge or use a brush to pick up paint. Hold the leaf with one hand and brush the edge of the leaf with the sponge or brush. This way, you continue with the entire edge of the sheet. Then you can add more leaf prints and paint as many beautiful autumn pictures. Also, don’t forget to add the leaf veins with a thin brush. Your acrylic painting is ready.

Ideas for a trunk of hands

Create a trunk with the imprint of one hand and create leaves with brightly colored autumn colors

A trunk with branches can also be wonderfully designed by children. For this you can either use finger paints, paint the arm with your hands and fingers and then press them onto a piece of paper. Or you can draw the outline of the hand in pencil on paper and then paint it in with brown paint. You can now design the crown using various techniques. You have already seen some of them above. But the following ideas for painting autumn pictures are also great:

With bubble wrap

Quick technique for autumn painting pictures with bubble wrap

Would you have come up with the idea of ​​using bubble wrap for painting autumn pictures? So it’s best to keep these practical packaging materials next time, because you can use them to design the crown for autumn trees, among other things. To do this, paint is applied to the knobs. If something goes in between, it doesn’t matter. Then press the film onto the paper to transfer the color and create impressions. Repeat with any colors.

With toothbrush and leaves

Beautiful autumn tree idea with splashes from a toothbrush and leaf motifs

Once you have a tree trunk and some leaves (real or printed) ready, you’re good to go. Spread the leaves on the crown (several at a time or individually). Then pick up some watercolor paint with a toothbrush after soaking it in water. Acrylic paint can also be used, which you can dilute a little with water if necessary. Now add splashes around the leaves. You can then remove the leaves. There are also special pens for blowing that can be used and conjure up fine splashes on the picture.

With leaves as a stamp

Simple inspiration for autumn pictures with trees and leaves - use leaves as stamps

Sheets are also great as stamps and are super easy to use for this purpose. With a brush, you simply apply paint to the sheet. Then press it with the paint down on your tree and the leaf shape is already transferred onto the leaf. Combine several colors, just like in nature. Several colors can also be applied to one sheet to create a motley sheet. There are no limits to the imagination and there are no rules. Everyone can design their tree the way they want.

Painting autumn landscape with ear swabs

Painting techniques for children and adults - A bunch of ear sticks for painting dots

If you prefer to paint finer and smaller leaves for your autumn pictures, you can use simple cotton swabs instead of corks. There are two possibilities here: Either you take a stick, dip it in the color you want and then dab along the tree branches to create a crown. Or you can make a “bouquet” out of chopsticks. To do this, take several pieces and tie them together with a rubber band. Now you can dip them all together in the paint and design several sheets at once.