One room apartment as temporary accommodation

blue chairs solid wood table

This one bedroom apartment was built in Tokyo as temporary accommodation by the architect Yuichi Yoshida & Associates designed. Dotted plaster motifs cover the floor and contrast with the concrete blocks on the walls and ceiling. The apartment has a total area of ​​47.55 m2 and is for rent or sale.

Remodel one room apartment

hidden-bed-ideas-living room

The one room apartment was designed by the architects Yuichi Yoshida & Associates redesigned by calculating the space and integrating a planned bedroom as a chamber into the living space while retaining the living area and getting the name Tsukiji Room H. The owner wanted work and sleeping areas and hoped to get a higher price on the sale. So the team rearranged the apartment, renovated and embellished the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom and left the remaining space free for functional use. The photos are courtesy of Katsumi Hirabayashi.

One room apartment with wall niche for the entrance and the kitchen


A wooden box in the middle of the living room presents the bedroom and creates a wall niche for the galley on one side and another on the side of the entrance.

Kitchenette-living area-bedroom

Wooden sliding doors reveal a king-size bed on a platform with storage compartments as drawers. The light wood panels hide this sleeping area during the day.


An extra plate in the upper area of ​​the sliding doors offers the possibility of stowing other objects. At the back of the bedroom, in the rear area, is the bathroom. White walls interact with concrete floors and white fixtures. The alternation of wood elements on the floor vertically and horizontally along the floor in the living area and the transition between wood and concrete speaks for the spirit of modernity and has a playful, fashionable character.

Wooden floor parquet bed bedroom

Panels plastered with plaster cover the walls in the living area and a concrete border with motifs is left between the ceiling and walls along the apartment. The exposed concrete is continuously dabbed with lighter plaster and a metallic pipe with light extends over the entire ceiling.

Hammock-wooden chair-floor-parquet

A hammock was attached to the ceiling on metal hooks and faces the balcony. On the other side of the apartment is the elongated kitchen with wooden cabinets, rustproof surfaces and higher shelves hanging from the ceiling on metal rods.

One of the entrances is behind the utility room at the end of the kitchen and the other is next to the bathroom