Modern outdoor lighting -private moon by Leonid Tishkov

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If you think this is a bunch of unearthly photo manipulation then you are completely wrong! The Moscow doctor Leonid Tishkov actually traveled the world with his own personal moon. The artist did the 10 years ago modern outdoor lighting created for a contemporary art exhibition, he took it back to his apartment and finally decided to travel the world with it.

Modern outdoor lighting – Leonid Tishkov has traveled the world with his garden lamp

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“I’ve been on various journeys for ten years and every time I showed the moon there was room for me. The moon is a shining point that brings people from different countries, from different nationalities and cultures together, “- says Leonid. Take a look and admire the photos too!

Modern outdoor lighting – The artist has become known worldwide with his moon

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His moon accompanied him on his world tour – and was constantly photographed

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This resulted in futuristic photos

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Whether in the middle of nature, in the country or in the big city – Leonid Tishkov’s moon fits everywhere and at the same time nowhere

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The moon is a modern sculpture that brings to light the lives of poor people

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And researches the connection between man and nature

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Or just make a strong artistic statement

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