Modern kitchen back wall and alternatives to the tiled mirror

Modern kitchen splashbacks-alternatives-to-tile-mirror-stainless steel

The kitchen splashback can add beautiful accents to your kitchen and be both beautiful and functional. You can easily dress them up with materials like ceramic tiles or stainless steel, which are some of the most popular Alternatives to the tile mirror are. If you want to freshen up the look of the kitchen, you can easily remove the old tile mirror yourself.

Alternatives to the tiled mirror – modern kitchen rear wall

Alternatives-to-the-tile-mirror-black-kitchen rear wall

When choosing between the Alternatives to the tile mirror it is important that the kitchen splashback matches the overall appearance in style and color. The most commonly used materials for the modern kitchen rear wall are tiles made of porcelain or ceramic, marble and granite, glass, metal and beautiful stickers, paintings or wallpaper on them.

Materials to Consider


If you want to redesign your kitchen splashback, consider the following materials:

  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone slabs
  • Glass
  • metal
  • Painting or permanent wallpaper
  • stainless steel

Alternatives to the tiled mirror – kitchen rear wall with tiles


The advantage of the tiles is that they come in varied colors, shapes and designs. Even custom-made tiles are available and can be adapted to any interior design. The tiles are easy to lay and clean. Many experts advise that it is nice to keep the design simple and to combine the color of the tile mirror with the floor tiles.

Natural stone tiles


The most popular types of natural stone are marble and granite. The marble is gentler than the granite and is more suitable than Alternatives to the tile mirror.

Alternatives to the tile mirror – metal


This version is better for country style kitchens. The tiles or slabs can be installed all over the back wall, from the countertop to the kitchen cabinets. Aluminum is a good choice for modern or retro designs. The type of metal should match the color of the lights and fittings.



Glass is a new design trend among the alternatives to the tiled mirror. Relief-like glass plates are usually installed between the cabinets and countertops. Glass as a material is easy to care for and scratch-resistant.

Tile mirror embellished with wallpaper


This option can dress up the kitchen beautifully and with little effort. You would find that for a small area like this, it would be created easily and in less time. But make sure that the wallpaper is washable so that it is not spoiled by the water. Alternatively, you can protect the wallpaper with a glass.


Kitchen back wall with stainless steel cladding

Kitchen splashbacks with stainless steel are in again, because they create a modern, glamorous look in your kitchen. These Alternatives to the tile mirror harmonize with the kitchen appliances and accessories made of stainless steel such as stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. Other advantages of the stainless steel Tile mirrors embrace their durability and ease of care.



Retro look


Wooden cabinets and beige Tiles


white kitchen cabinets


sheet  Alternatives-to-tile-mirror-metal

whimsical shapes


black, white and silver


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