Making pen holders for children: DIY ideas with household items

On the first day of school, the desk should also be equipped with everything necessary. We offer you several ideas on how to make a pencil holder for children. The cheerful colors are guaranteed to put you in a good mood and make you want to write and paint. At the same time, all painting and writing utensils are clearly arranged and do not get in the way when they are not in use.

Making pen holders for children: DIY ideas from toilet paper rolls

How to make a pen holder out of toilet rolls yourself Instructions

The first idea can be implemented quickly and easily. All you need is several toilet paper rolls, colorful cardboard and adhesive stickers with happy faces. You should also have a cutter and glue for paper as accessories.

DIY instructions:

1. Cut the toilet paper rolls.

2. Cover them with colored paper.

3. Attach the adhesive stickers.

4. Glue all four pen holders together.

5.Optional: Glue the pen holder to a coaster made of wood or porcelain (available in craft shops).

Tinker pen holders for children: The Very Hungry Caterpillar made from toilet paper rolls

Tinker pen holder The Very Hungry Caterpillar Instructions from toilet paper rolls

The next handicraft project was inspired by the children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Because there is a place for pens, scissors, rulers and the like in the caterpillar made of toilet paper rolls.

The very hungry caterpillar make pen holders out of toilet paper rolls

Necessary materials:

  • 5 toilet paper rolls
  • Construction paper in green, orange, red, yellow, purple and blue
  • A black pen
  • Paper glue
  • scissors


1. Cut the toilet paper rolls and cover them with construction paper.

2. Draw the mouth of the caterpillar and make the eye glasses and the caterpillar hands.

3. Make a “book” and assemble the pen holder.

Tinker pen holder for girls: unicorn

Make your own pen holder for girls with children

Are you looking for gift ideas for first graders? Then you can opt for a pen holder made from an old tin. With the right decoration, you can turn her into a unicorn.

Make a pen holder Girls make unicorns themselves out of cans

You will need the following materials for your DIY project:

  • A tin made of metal (well cleaned and with beveled edges)
  • white and pink colored paper
  • Glitter paper in gold
  • Paper flowers (from the craft shop)
  • a black marker
  • a scissors
  • Glue

DIY instructions:

1. Cover the can with white colored paper.

2. Draw the eyes with the black marker, cut out two circles from pink colored paper for the cheeks and attach them. Decorate with the paper flowers.

3. Cut the horn out of glitter paper and glue it on.

4. Fill the can with beautiful ballpoint pens and pencils.

Tinker pen holder for girls: template

Pen holder tinker with old cans upcycling idea

Another variant is to print out the enclosed template, paint it as you like and use it to stick to the can. The easiest way to do this is to use self-adhesive paper.

Make your own pen holder out of old cans unicorn and pencils on cans painting template

You can then paint the motifs as you like with watercolors and crayons. Or you can ask the children to do the job. You will definitely be happy about it.

Alternatively, you can also create a collage. To do this, simply draw various motifs on a sheet of paper.

Tinker pen holder: DIY project according to Montessori

Pen holders for children make upcycling out of old jam jars

The toddlers are still learning to keep things tidy. Small items such as pens, rulers and the like are often lost. Or they are desperately looking for their favorite color. With a self-made Montessori pen holder, schoolchildren learn to organize their crayons by color.

Make your own pen holder out of old jam jars

The basic principle is very simple: several containers are placed next to each other. Each container has a different color. In this way, the children learn quickly and easily that the pens in pink and pink shades belong in the pink box.

You can use cans, mason jars or even new disposable cups for the containers. These are then attached to a solid surface (for example a wooden strip) with nails, screws or glue.

Make a pen holder according to Montessori instructions

This method promotes the ability to concentrate and the theory of colors. The children get to know new nuances of a color and can assign them.

Make your own Montessori pen holder Instructions

You can paint the cans, jam jars or baby jars with acrylic paints. When arranging the colors, you can use the order of the rainbow colors as a guide:

  • Black (missing in the rainbow, you should add it anyway as there are many pens, markers and pens in this color)
  • violet
  • Dark blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • orange
  • Red

Make your own pen holder: Minions from old bottles

Handicraft pen holder for children from old bottles Instructions

The next DIY suggestion is for upcycled bottles. Small PET bottles are ideal for this. You need the following materials:

  • PET bottles
  • black colored paper
  • Water bottle lids (white)
  • yellow acrylic paint


1. Paint the bottles yellow.

2. For the eyes: turn the lid over and glue a black circle made of colored paper on the inside. Cut out a strip of black colored paper and attach the eye to it. Glue the strip around the bottle.

3. Draw the mouth.

Make a pen holder DIY out of old bottles of Minions

These cute minions are guaranteed to put a smile on your kids’ faces. You can of course also think of other motifs and transform the bottles into cute animals or fairy tale creatures.

Make your own wooden pen holder: gift idea for the first day of school

Make your own pen holder for the first day of school out of wood Instructions

The first day of school is getting closer. Now is the right time to surprise the grandchild with a present. Purchased pen holders look good, but homemade gifts are particularly popular. In the following we explain how you can make a pen holder out of wood yourself. You need the following materials:

  • a wooden box (you can use a sorting box or a tissue box) from the craft shop.
  • Paper tape, 1 cm wide
  • white board paint
  • blue and red paint or a blue and a red fineliner
  • a black fineliner
  • a brush
  • Chalk pencils

Make your own pen holder out of wood with washi tape, paint it on the first day of school

First paint the wooden box with the white board paint and let it dry overnight. Then you have two options:

1. Cover the wooden box with paper tape. Leave about 1 mm of space between each strip of tape. Then apply blue paint with the brush. Let the paint dry and remove the tape. Do a similar thing and draw a vertical red line. You can then draw the circles with the marker. The wooden box looks like a lined sheet of paper from an exercise book.

2. Alternatively, you can use fineliners and a ruler to draw the lines.

If you want to give away the wooden pen holder, you can fill it with chalk pens. So the child will be able to write his assignment for the day on it. The gift is perfect for kids in elementary school.

Tinker pen holders for children: hedgehogs made of wood

Make your own pen holder for children wooden hedgehogs Instructions

Next, we will explain how you can make a cool wooden hedgehog yourself, which also offers storage space for all pencils and pens. You need the following materials and accessories:

  • a wooden egg from the craft shop
  • four large wooden beads for the legs
  • a small and darker wooden bead for the nose
  • Wood drill and drill
  • hot glue
  • Crayons

Make your own pen holder out of wooden eggs and make hedgehogs

DIY instructions:

  1. Attach the four wooden beads with the hot glue.
  2. Also glue the small wooden bead as a trunk.
  3. First drill two small holes for the eyes and then 6-10 holes for the crayons.
  4. Sharpen the crayons and insert them into the holes.

Pen holder DIY: rocket made from old bottles

Make your own pen holder for children rocket from plastic bottles

You can make a creative pen holder out of old white PVC bottles. You need the following materials and accessories for the craft project:

  • Craft paper in blue and red
  • three bottles (white) made of plastic
  • hot glue
  • a scissors
  • a craft knife
  • double-sided tape

Crafting instructions:

1. Cut the two bottles crossways with the craft knife halfway up. You only need the lower halves.

2. Cut out the rocket tip and the nozzles or the fire from the red cardboard. For the tip of the rocket you need a cone made of red cardboard and for the fire you cut out a 5 cm wide strip and cut into its lower edge.

3. Use the third bottle for the rocket. Attach the tip and the fire and then you can still decorate or paint the rocket as you like.

4. Then glue the three bottles together, the rocket should be in the middle.

Tinker pen holders for children: paint the mason jar

Old glasses like fruit painting ideas and instructions

If you want to make a pen holder, then of course the plastic bottles are the best choice. For one, because you are going to use them again and not just throw them away. On the other hand, because the children cannot injure themselves. But sometimes you just don’t have any old bottles at home. In this case, you can also use plastic mason jars. These can be painted fine. You can use acrylic paints, waterproof felt-tip pens, or CD pens to prevent the colors from smudging. You can also use a special primer for plastic so that the paints adhere well. It is available in hardware stores. However, you should only apply them in a well-ventilated room, preferably outdoors, and let them dry.

Proceed as follows: Drill holes in the lids of the mason jars. Apply a protective coat of primer. Then paint the jars and lids as you like and let the paint dry overnight. The next day, you can use a pencil to paint the details like the mouth and eyes.

A creative pen holder attracts attention and creates a happy atmosphere at the desk. This makes writing and painting a lot of fun. Pens, crayons, scissors and rulers all have their place and the child can quickly find what they need. A pen holder allows you to quickly tidy up your desk and keep it tidy. Therefore it is a nice gift for the first day of school. Let yourself be inspired by the DIY ideas and make a pen holder!