Making a cake out of tins: lots of fun ideas for gifts for men!

Whether for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion – homemade gifts are always something very special and have something original and unique about them. But when you are looking for an idea for a creative gift for men, you sometimes quickly reach your limits. But that’s what we’re here for you! How about a birthday cake with a difference? In this article we will show you how to make a cool and fancy cake out of tins!

Birthday present for men packaging beverage cans as a present

After all, almost anyone can bake a cake. But make a cake out of tins? This is an especially cool and fun gift idea for all beer drinkers! However, it doesn’t always have to be beer – Red Bull or Coca Cola cans are just as suitable. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and handicraft instructions – we promise you that the gift will be really well received and that the recipient will be very happy!

How to make cake out of tins Instructions

Birthday cake for men ideas Funny gift wrapping beverage cans

Wrapping different beverage cans as gifts is cool, fun and exciting. And the best thing about this and most of the ideas for a homemade adult gift is that it only takes a few minutes to put together. The most important ingredient for a canned beer cake is logically the beer. Go to a well-stocked supermarket or visit a special drink store and either get the recipient’s favorite brand or mix and match different beers from around the world. But you have to remember that a canned cake is not that easy to carry. For this reason, we recommend using around 12 to 18 cans of beer for your first piece of art.

You will need the following materials:

  • 18 beer cans
  • Cake plate or serving plate with a diameter of 28 cm
  • Cake platter with a diameter of 24 cm
  • Cake plate with a diameter of 16 cm
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon and other decorations of your choice

And that’s how quickly a cake can be tinkered

Men's birthday gift ideas funny beer cake tinker yourself

You have two options for putting the cakes together:

  • You can attach the cans to each other with the double-sided adhesive tape and place them on the cake plate.
  • Or you can fix the cans on the cake plate with the help of beer mats. It is up to you whether you use finished beer mats from the store or make your own from cardboard and aluminum foil.
  • Place 8 beer cans on the first plate, then the middle plate with 6 cans and on top of that comes the smallest cake plate with the last 4 beer cans.
  • So that the beer cake does not fall apart during transport, we recommend that you attach the cake plates to the cans with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Finally, tie a suitable gift ribbon around the cake and decorate it with other decorations depending on your mood.

How to decorate a canned beer cake?

Make your own beer cake out of cans Birthday gift for men funny ideas

Even if a homemade cake made from tins is a real work of art and eye-catcher in itself, the right decoration should not be missing. The easiest way to decorate your gift for men is of course with a color-matching gift ribbon. However, don’t be afraid to use your creativity and add other decorative elements and details. A photo of the birthday child and a balloon or a few candles on the top of the cake complete the whole gift. The recipient treats himself to a whiskey every now and then? So how about if you also decorate the beer cake with a few small bottles?

Beer cake is easy to make birthday cake out of muffins

The birthday child likes to drink beer, but also loves delicious cakes and pies? Then you can bake some delicious muffins and then place them on the beer cans. Now all that’s missing is the candles and you’ve conjured up the perfect birthday present!

Cake from tins tinker instructions men's birthday gift ideas funny

And who said that the cake should only consist of cans? You can just as easily use many different chocolate bars and other goodies for it.

Making cake out of tins – Many more great ideas and inspirations!

Tinker cake from tins Instructions men’s cake ideas funny

A canned Pepsi or Coca Cola cake with delicious chocolate bars makes the perfect gift for all children

Make a cake out of cans. Wrap beverage cans as a gift

Wrap beverage cans as a gift and a matching color ribbon – a real work of art

Cake from cans tinker instructions beer cake birthday gift men

Or maybe recharge your batteries with a Red Bull cake made from cans?

Red Bull canned cake instructions birthday cake for men ideas

The ultimate gift idea for men and all beer lovers!

Red bull cake from tins instructions gift ideas for men funny

The canned beer cake is a real treat for the eyes and the palate!

Man cake funny ideas birthday gift for boyfriend

A funny gift with which you will bring great joy to the recipient!

Wrapping beverage cans as gifts Homemade birthday gifts for men

Let your imagination run wild when decorating!

Make funny gift ideas for men beer cake

Or why not keep the beer as a decoration and just have a good whiskey nudge?

Birthday gift ideas for men funny beer cake making instructions

You can just as easily add a few bottles of beer to the canned cake.

Wrap beverage cans as a gift Make your own beer cake Instructions

Canned Coca Cola cake and a bottle of rum – it couldn’t be better!

Coca Cola cake from cans tinker instructions gift ideas men's birthday

The gift looks so great that it can even be used as a decoration for the apartment.

Coca Cola cake from cans make funny gift ideas for men

A tinned cake is only for men? With a cute plush toy and a few hearts you have conjured up the perfect gift for your friend!

Coca Cola cake from cans tinker instructions gift ideas girlfriend

The canned beer cake as an addition to a delicious finger food buffet.

Make your own beer cake out of cans Instructions Birthday gift for men ideas

The right decoration turns the cake into a real eye-catcher!

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