Make your own playmat with play arch – great ideas and instructions

play mat with play arch baby-play-wooden-toy-plush-animals

The play arch is a great activity for babies who cannot sit up yet. It usually consists of a wooden or plastic frame on which any toys can be hung. If the baby is lying underneath, they can play with these toys. Of course there are such bows to buy ready-made. But today we would like to encourage you to build your own play arch. However, this is not yet sufficient. So that your baby is cozy and warm, you also need a baby blanket, which you can also sew yourself. We have some ideas for practical use Playmat with play arch put together that you can imitate so that your baby will never be bored again. Try them out!

Sew the playmat with the play bow yourself

crawling mat with play arch scaffolding-wood-fur-blanket-plastic-rings

As already mentioned, you can use different materials for the game arch. The same goes for the playmat. A wide variety of shapes are also suitable. Sew a rectangular or square blanket, or choose a round shape. You then design the game arc accordingly. So it’s best to start with the play mat if you want to make a playmat with a play arch yourself.

Play mat with play arch – fur as a quick alternative

Playmat with play arch ideas-sew-yourself-build-wooden-toys

Of course, the project will be even easier if you use a ready-made ceiling. A piece of fur is just as suitable. When buying, however, make sure that you choose a suitable material. Some fake pelts could irritate the baby’s skin. How you design the play mat with play arches depends on your taste and on what you want to invest.

Play arch for babies made of wood

Playmat with play arch, scandinavian-style-plain-gray-play mat

Working with wood is quick and easy. This is mainly due to the fact that you can find the necessary elements in the hardware store, where you can have them cut to the right size. At home everything is just put together. How you can make a playmat with a play arch with wood is explained below thanks to the instructions.

The toy for the play arch

Playmat-play-arch-beads-wood-cloud-fabric-build your own scaffolding

Also worth mentioning is the toy for the play mat with play arch. It is easiest to use ready-made toys made of plastic or fabric. You can just as easily buy elements such as balls or rings made of wood and then put them together yourself. Some bells make playing even more interesting for the baby. Toys can be sewn from felt and wadding to be filled.

Sew baby play mat with play bow

Playmat-play arch-sewing-instructions-sewing-machine-hem-sew-do-it-yourself

With these instructions you can make your own square or rectangular playmat with play arches. Use any two fabrics. If you want a thick blanket, you can also use foam as a filling. One of the fabrics should be slightly larger than the other. Lay them on top of each other and pin the edges with pins. Then sew the hem of the playmat with play arches.

Loops as a trick for baby play blankets


These loops are used to keep the play arch from slipping. It is advisable to first make the game bow and use it as a template so that you know exactly where to sew the loops. If you would like a playmat with a play arch and music, we recommend buying a ready-made play arch.

Baby playmat with patchwork design

Playmat-play arch-hexagon-blanket-idea-patchwork-pink-yellow

Here you can see an attractive play mat that you can make yourself as a play mat with a play arch. It is a so-called patchwork. The great thing is that you can use scraps of fabric for this. You can just as easily cut the fabric yourself into smaller pieces and then sew them together as you wish. Create a square, rectangular or this hexagonal ceiling.

Crocheted play mat for baby


If you have a little knowledge of crocheting or just want to try it out, then you can also use this technique for a DIY play mat with a play arch. Use any colors. You can also design the blanket in the form of a cover by leaving one side open and pulling it over a blanket, foam or pillow. You can find the crochet pattern at the end of the article.

Build a play arch for baby

Playmat-play arch-diy-stimulation-do-it-yourself-fun-employment-baby-game

This variant for a play mat with a play arch is also a creative idea. It has a round shape and is sewn very quickly. You can find out exactly how in the instructions at the end of the article. To hang up the toys, a hula hoop is used, which is cut in half and also used to measure the material.

Fasten the scaffolding


The way in which the play arch is attached to the play mat is interesting. First the tire is covered with fabric. Then you create such circles of fabric that you attach with snaps. You insert the press studs into the hollow space of the tire and sew them on. The elements from the last photo are then attached to the play mat with the play arch with the other parts of the snap fasteners.

Round play mat with play arch

play mat-play-arch-round-play-mat-baby-blanket-checked-pattern-hula-hoop-tire

The play arch can now be attached directly to the play mat by simply pushing the buttons into each other. This way nothing can slip while playing. Each bow has a few loops to tie the toys. Pin the tire parts in place and tie them with a ribbon where they intersect. The play mat with play arch is ready.

Soft playmat


As a variant, you can see a thick play mat with a play arch in an equally round shape. Simple foam was used as the filling. This play arch also consists of a cut up hula hoop, which is fixed to the mat in the same way. As an alternative, simple loops that hold the half rings in the correct position are again suitable.

Baby play arch made of wood


We have already mentioned that you can make great play bows with wood. Above is a simple guide to follow suit. Above all, it is important that the wood is sanded well to avoid injuries. If you want to paint the wood for the play mat with play arch, use a child-friendly product.

Playmat with play arch and balls


This game sheet is a similar variant. If the legs are crossed as shown here, the height can be corrected at any time. The selected height is then only fixed with a cord so that the scaffolding can no longer be adjusted. Simple wooden rings and pompons were chosen as toys. You can quickly make the latter yourself for the playmat with play arch.

Recycle materials


You can reuse wonderful materials for the playmat with play arch. We have already mentioned the patchwork for the playmat. The play arch, in turn, can be made from the legs of an old stool or coffee table. The variant above is very simple. The A-shaped legs are incised. A thin board with the toy is then placed in the interface.

Quickly interchangeable toys

Playmat with play arch diy-idea-gray-varnishing-floor-playing-babies

If you want to be able to exchange the toys for the playmat with play arch particularly quickly, this is a great idea. Use ribbons to which you attach metal snaps. Put the ribbon around the bar, which can also consist of an old broomstick, and pin the buttons together. Practical, isn’t it?

Play arch made of pipes


It is even easier to work with tubes for the play mat with play arches than with wood. Use lightweight plastic tubing as they are safer. You can only choose the connecting pieces made of metal. Cut the tubes to the length you want and then just clip them together. Hang any toys on the play arch.

Plastic idea


Here you can see another variant for a play mat with a play arch made of tubes. How exactly you arrange the tubes is up to you. Even with such models, the toy can be easily exchanged by simply removing the middle tube from the connecting elements. Such rings allow you to correct the length of the toy.

Fun for babies


A play arch is also great for a baby seat. If you prefer to build this variant instead of a play mat with a play arch, the play arch must also be a little higher. One thing is certain, however: no matter what type of play arch and play mat you design, your baby will simply be delighted and always be busy. Have fun copying!

Instructions for crochet blanket here.

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