Make your own flip flops: 20 cool DIY projects for the summer

Make your own flip flops -decorate-rhinestones-flower

Flip-flops are light, airy, put you in a good mood and summer is simply indispensable. Our feet have been waiting all winter to finally get some fresh air. Flip-flops come in many different varieties and colors, but can sometimes look too boring or too colorful and exaggerated. We have put together some great ideas and instructions for you on how to create new Make your own flip flops or can creatively spice up old ones so that they look trendy and modern.

Make your own flip flops – creative ideas and instructions

Make your own flip flops - spice it up - instructions - sew sequins

You can turn your flip-flops into an eye-catcher in just a few steps. You will need a pair of foam flip flops, colored ribbon, needle and thread, a hot glue gun and loads of beads, sequins, pebbles, shells, rings, brooches. Anything that pleases is allowed. First wrap the ribbon around the straps and then make a base for the decorations in a triangle shape (as shown in the picture). Then you can start with the creative design. It is best to only attach the tape at the front and back with the hot glue gun, because the needle can be very difficult to pierce through the hot glue. Make sure that the band between the straps has to be a little loose, otherwise it would be difficult to put your foot in afterwards.

Make and decorate your own flip flops


The geometric shape of the brass ring and the emerald green band make these flip-flops so chic that you can wear them with a light summer dress or a bikini on the beach.

Make pearl flip flops yourself


Designs by

Straps decorated with turquoise and green sequin flowers

summer-flip-flops-spice up-white-turquoise-green-sequin-flowers

flip-flops-spice up-instructions-sequins

Design by

Black flip-flops decorated with rivets



Instructions here

interestingly painted flip-flops soles


How to create the zigzag pattern –


Flip-flops decorated with pompoms by Laura Giuliani

Flip flops make your own pompoms-elastic-fabric



Straps pepped up with golden glitter


sew various decorations on the straps


Wrap the ribbon around the straps


in trendy colors – red, white and navy blue



simple and elegant in white


perfect for the beach vacation

foam flip flops beach spice up tape

flip-flops decorated with pearls


Straps made of fabric instead of rubber

flip-flops-do-it-yourself-instructions-fabric panels

flip-flops decorated with ribbon, pearls and tassels


Flip-flops pepped up with a cloth to tie up