Make your own decoration from green plants in spring

idea spring decoration from green plants vases glass gypsophila

Everyone is now longing for the warm sun, for more colors and joy in everyday life. And with the onset of spring, you can decorate your home accordingly! With the help of some examples of a pretty Decoration from green plants we would like to show you how to welcome this great time of year! You really don’t need a lot to bring a new mood into the house. The foretaste of spring now comes with green leaves, nicely arranged in a clear glass vessel. For a simple yet contemporary look, use individual leaves in a vase, pitcher, or glass.

Decoration from green plants – you need:

butcher palm areka palm helix gypsophila maize thorn deco leaves

If you don’t have your own selection of green leaves to decorate your garden with green plants, then you can go to the nearest florist. You will definitely find a wide range there. Look for different leaf shapes, textures, and sizes. For these instructions, leaves of the butcher’s palm (aspidistra), areca palm fronds (areca), butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus) and gypsophila (paniculata) have been selected. Pour clear water into the arranged vessels, arrange the vases in a pleasant group and enjoy the sight! Spring is here!

Decoration from green plants – glass vases in different shapes

designs vases modern glass shapes wood box

Do you already have all the vases you need for decorating green plants? If not, then collect pretty bottles, empty lanterns and clear glass jugs. They are also good for your DIY project. Wash all vases thoroughly to make sure they are crystal clear.

Decoration made of green plants – a loose bouquet of areka palm and palm spirals

glass vase modern scissors areka palm palm spiral leaves idea deco

But remove the damaged and wrinkled leaves of the palm fronds with a small pair of scissors. Then you can arrange four sheets in a loose fan shape.

Arrange the palm fronds for the leaf decoration

blaetter areka palm palm spiral strauss arrange spring

Decoration made of green plants with butcher palm

Butcher palm flower arrangement idea leaves decoration round vase

The stems that are too long have to be cut, of course, so that the leaves fit the size of the vase, in order to achieve a more stable arrangement.

Shorten the stalks of the leaves for decoration

arrange decoration from green plants butcher palm scissors bottle

Delicate gypsophila as a decoration from green plants

flowers white gypsophila decoration diy spring

All you need is a bunch of gypsophila. The delicate, white flowers wonderfully fill a short, wider container and are therefore perfect for decorating green plants. Just cut the twigs and place the flowers in a jar to fill it completely.

Separate the flowers for decoration …

gypsophila arrange bouquet of flowers leaves scissors white flowers

… and fill the decorative vase with them

glass of gypsophila bouquet of green plants

Simple decoration made of green plants

decoration made of green leaves vase modern glass

All you need for this decoration made of green plants is perhaps just a leaf of the butcher’s palm or a sprig of butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus). They look really wonderful, especially in a slim vase. If the stem is too thin or too soft, a very simple trick can help: wrap a thin wire around the stem. In this way it will stay upright in the vase.

Decoration made of green plants – idea for a very low vase

maeusedorn scissors metal vase square glass deco spring

The smallest glass jar is also worth something. Gather some butcher’s broom leaves (Ruscus aculeatus) and arrange them in a small, square jar that may have served as a lantern.

Don’t forget to water the decoration from green plants!

decoration made of green leaves watering can black glass vases