Make your own concrete look table – ideas with special effects

Do-it-yourself table in concrete look-dining table-rectangular-wood-frame

Concrete is celebrating an impressive comeback in furniture design. And although some think that concrete looks cold and uncomfortable, the gray material is right on trend. Concrete furniture becomes an attractive eye-catcher not only in the living room, but also in the garden. Real concrete furniture can be very heavy and is anything but moving. How can you actually transport a large concrete dining table? Or move a concrete coffee table back and forth in the living room or on the terrace? There is something on the market that can solve the weight problem: effect paint. A Concrete look table can be quickly made at home – in the typical color and with the right effects. Check out the great examples below and see for yourself!

Concrete look table for the dining area


Bring the urban charm of concrete into your home without worrying about the weight of the material. With an effect color you can get pretty close to the original. The concrete-like look is created using special base and effect spatulas or effect paints with a concrete look. So you can completely remodel all of your old furniture.

Concrete look table – before and after pictures

Make-yourself-before-after table in concrete look

First, roughen the existing paint with sandpaper so that the new paint lasts better. Apply the basic filler as a base with a trowel. Then flatten it back and forth to create a textured effect. Let the basic filler dry for about six hours, then you can start using the effect filler and repeat the smoothing process. For a really cool look, you can paint the table legs and frame in white. Concrete looks cozier when combined with warm wood material.

Side table for the living room

Concrete look table-make-yourself-square-table-top-white-frame

You can also achieve the trendy industrial look using concrete-effect paint or paste. Regardless of what material the table is made of, you can achieve great results with the effect color in concrete look. If you want to give your old wooden table a new, elegant look, you need the concrete effect color as well as light and dark glaze. The remaining materials you will need for this remodeling project are sandpaper, paintbrushes, spatulas, and small sponges.

To improve the effect, small cracks do

Do-it-yourself-make-your-own-square-table-top-filler-table in concrete look

Before you apply the paint, the surface to be treated must be dust-free and clean. Mix the paint with the spatula or with a piece of wood and first apply the effect paint thinly. Then let them dry well. For the second coat, you can apply the paint thickly. You will get a stronger concrete effect the more paint you apply with the brush. When distributing the paint, you can use a spatula or a sponge, depending on the desired result. If you spread the concrete effect paint with a sponge, you will get a smooth surface because you can work on smaller areas in a targeted manner. With a spatula, on the other hand, you can intentionally create a rustic concrete look.

Table top in concrete look and mirrored table legs

Do-it-yourself table in concrete look-coffee table-living room-metal frame

Before you smooth the table surface, the first layer must be dry. Finally, smooth the table with the sandpaper. If you want your table to be completely smooth, you can use a grinder. Then you can apply the dark glaze. In doing so, follow the instructions for use on the packaging of the paint. At the very end, the light glaze is applied and the living room table shines in a chic concrete look.

Table with urban charm


The finished table with a concrete look gives the room a subtle but modern look. The advantages of the wooden furniture are retained, while the table scores with its new, elegant concrete design. Such a table comes into its own when it stands free in the room. The design options with pieces of furniture in concrete look are very diverse. If you want to give the room an industrial charm, glass and steel are suitable material partners. With this mix of materials, there is a risk that the room can quickly appear hypothermic. In combination with wood in the room, your concrete-look table looks more natural and is a bit reminiscent of natural stone.


Light wood looks very airy and pleasant. The color contrast between the concrete effect color and the wood is also impressive. There is also a wonderful combination with transparent and discreet plastic chairs. This variant is particularly suitable for smaller rooms. The concrete color can also be wonderfully combined with many other shades, which opens up many options for room design according to your own taste. The warm colors, for example, make the light gray stand out. A combination with yellow, orange or bright red tones is a great eye-catcher in every interior. Splashes of color in rose or turquoise give the concrete look an additional pizzazz.

table-concrete-look-do-it-yourself-square-table-top-wooden legs

A concrete look table would also go very well in a Scandinavian furnishing style. The clear, minimalist lines of the Nordic look, the light wood, as well as the metal and plastic elements harmonize with the concrete. Furniture with a concrete look also goes well with cozy shabby chic.

table-concrete-look-do-it-yourself-dining-table-rectangular-wooden legs

The color of the concrete impresses in a certain sense with its unique character and restraint. The pleasant gray lets the material and the surface of the piece of furniture come to the fore, which gives the room a very special charm.


If you are technically gifted, you can also build the wooden structure for the table yourself and then cover the table with a concrete spatula. You can assemble the wooden structure from an MDF board and wooden slats. Stir the filler according to the instructions and apply two coats. The mass is easy to spread and can be balanced again and again.

table-concrete-look-do-it-yourself-effect spatula-wood-frame

So don’t worry if the results aren’t perfect right away. Once the mass is dry, you can work the tabletop and create a smooth or rough structure. Finally, the sealant is applied with a paint roller and your unique masterpiece is ready for use after just one week.





Coffee table-concrete-look-do-it-yourself-square-rolls Coffee table-concrete-look-do-it-yourself-rectangular-wood-frame



Table in concrete look, worktop-wood-table frame-square


table-concrete-look-side-table-cubes-succulent-plants-clay peppers

table-concrete-look-tabletop-wood-table-legs-metal-chairs-large-format-gray-floor tiles

table-concrete look-coffee table-round-living room-maritime-flair