Make your own concrete flower pot – instructions

Concrete flower pot-make-your-own-succulents

Succulents are often used as decoration because they are really robust, absolutely frugal and hardly need any maintenance. These plants can get by with very little soil and can be arranged as desired and in different containers. Today we are going to show you how to do a modern Concrete flower pot for your succulents yourself in just a few steps.

Concrete flower pot – Materials required:

Concrete flower pot do-it-yourself materials

– Non-stick baking sheet

– Small plastic container

– fine concrete

– Bucket to mix

– Chopsticks for stirring

– Scissors

– Tac adhesive pads

– Salad oil or petroleum jelly

– Small succulents

Concrete flower pot – Instructions:

1. Choose a small plastic container that is shallower than the baking tray you selected. At least 1 cm smaller so that a stable layer of concrete can be formed.


Flower pot-concrete-do-it-yourself-mold-baking-tray-plastic-container

2. Roll a long, thin strip of Tac adhesive pads between your fingers and stick it on the inside of the small container. Make sure it comes just slightly over the edge of the container without covering the outside edge. Glue and press down to the bottom of the baking sheet. Position where you like the hole for the plants to be. Cover the surface of the plastic container with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to make it easier to remove the concrete from the baking sheet later.



3. Mix the concrete with water in the bucket according to the packaging instructions and pour it into the baking sheet. Hold the container with one hand while you pour a little concrete around the base. Repeat this step several times until the baking sheet is completely filled and the small container can no longer be seen.




4. Gently shake the baking sheet so that all air bubbles rise to the surface.

Flower pot-concrete-do-it-yourself-baking-tray

5. Let dry for at least 3 days. If you took the concrete out too soon, it would break or crumble. After 3-4 days, carefully pull the sides of the baking sheet outwards. Turn over and dab lightly on the floor to remove the concrete.


6. After a few hours, the surface exposed to the air should harden completely.

Do-it-yourself concrete flower pot with sandpaper

7. Remove the adhesive pads and do not sand any corners or edges with a fine sandpaper. All that’s left to do now is arrange the succulents in your new concrete flower pot.


Flower pot-concrete-do-it-yourself-non-stick baking sheet


Make-your-own-flower-pot-concrete-three-types of succulents

Flower-pot-concrete-do-it-yourself-fine-concrete-casting mold