Make your own concrete flower pot for indoors and outdoors – 5 effective ideas with instructions

On Pinterest everything revolves around concrete and today we have some instructions for concrete flower pot DIY for you. The optically modern material can be used for really every furnishing style and thus adorn your indoor and outdoor areas together with beautiful plants and flowers. The great thing about this material is that it is wonderfully easy to work with, so that even beginners can trust themselves on the following projects. But just convince yourself and choose your favorite flower pot, which you can then remodel right away. Have fun copying!

Make triangular flower pot out of concrete yourself

Triangular concrete flower pots with a golden color with a variety of design options

  • concrete
  • Cardboard or cardboard for the molds
  • template for the molds to print out
  • Container for mixing the concrete
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Glue
  • duct tape
  • gloves
  • optional golden color

Make a casting mold out of cardboard and fill it with cement mixture

How about if you make the concrete flower pot angular? In a triangular shape, several pots can also be combined into interesting and numerous variants. To make it, you first have to prepare the mold. Print and cut them out, transfer them to the cardboard, and cut them out again. Fold in the designated areas and glue the sides together until you get a triangular shape. Inside, tape the edges to prevent the concrete from leaking. Make rings out of thin cardboard strips, as shown in the picture, and glue them inside the large triangle. This way you not only get holes for drainage, but also openings for hanging. Finally, you have a large and a smaller shape.

The finished flower pots have holes for drainage

Now mix the concrete and use it to fill the bottom of the large triangle up to the level of the rings. The concrete should be a little more fluid so that it can be poured more easily. Now put the small triangle in it and make sure that it is really in the middle. As a precaution, you can also tape it to the large triangle from all three sides. Now pour the concrete between both triangles to create the side walls. With a toothpick, stick or popsicle stick, you can distribute the concrete evenly in the mold after pouring.

Compose a vertical garden with small pyramids with succulents

Let the concrete flower pot dry long enough. To avoid cracks, you should spray the concrete with water every day and cover it with a plastic bag or sheet. Once the concrete has dried, remove the cardboard. Since concrete is very alkaline and this can have a negative effect on the plants, you can put each concrete flower pot in water for a day afterwards. Then let the pots dry and you can plant them as you like. But if you want, you can paint and design them as you like first.

Make spherical planters yourself

Original concrete flower pot in the shape of a ball for succulents

  • round balloons of any size
  • quick drying cement
  • rubber gloves
  • old metal sieve with hook
  • Container for mixing
  • Plastic bag
  • old washbowl
  • 3 cotton swabs
  • big sponge
  • plants
  • suitable potting soil for the plants you have chosen

For the spherical concrete flower pot you need a balloon as a template

Inflate a balloon the size you want. Note that the concrete flower pot will be a little bigger afterwards due to the thickness of the concrete. Line the basin with the plastic bag and fill a glass of water, which you should have on hand with a rag. Now mix the concrete in the container provided. Use gloves as it is best to use your hands to mix. Pour about 120 ml of water into the mixing container and gradually add cement until you get a thick consistency that you can apply to the balloon without the concrete running. Try every now and then simply by rubbing the balloon. If you are not satisfied with the consistency, simply remove the concrete again, put it back in the container and add more water or cement as necessary.

Simple handicraft instructions for DIY projects with a modern concrete look

Hang the sieve in the basin and gradually start to cover the balloon on one side with the handicraft concrete. The area with the knot should remain free, because this will be the opening of the concrete flower pot in which you plant the plants. This shouldn’t be too small. If the concrete becomes too dry during work, just dampen it or your hands with water. Go over to the other half and try to create a smooth transition. If you need a break, you can place the balloon on the sponge.

Decorate the apartment or the garden with plantable balls

Finally, moisten a cotton swab and form three drainage holes in the lower area (opposite the knot). Now let the balloon harden on the sponge or in the sieve. However, do not place it in the sun, as this can cause the balloon to expand and burst. After about an hour or two, you can burst the balloon and remove it. Mix concrete again and reinforce the concrete flower pot by spreading it inside and making the walls a little thicker. However, do not accidentally close the holes! As soon as this concrete has also dried, you can plant your plants in it.

Hanging flower pot in concrete look

Hanging flower pots in pyramid shape and concrete look

  • Concrete look color
  • Craft clay for the oven
  • a thin rope
  • Wooden beads
  • drinking straw
  • a plant and potting soil
  • optional: golden paint or gold leaf and brush for the design of the concrete flower pot

If you don’t want to tinker with concrete of all things, you can simply imitate this modern material instead. An example of such a concrete flower pot is this model made of craft clay. Roll out the clay until it is about 6 to 12 mm thick. Then cut out the shapes you want. For the model in the example, you need three triangles of roughly the same size (you can cut out a template from paper or cardboard in advance and use it).

Craft clay is used and shaped for the concrete-look flower pot

Now carefully attach the three sides for the concrete flower pot to each other by pressing the sides together and smudging the clay. Especially inside, it is important to avoid joints and create smooth transitions so that the future planters are waterproof. Now poke a hole in each side with the straw so that you can hang up the pots later. Place the shape on a baking sheet like a pyramid and bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Beautiful flower pots to hang up and decorated with gold leaf

Once the clay has cooled, you can style it with the paint and create the modern concrete look. After the paint has dried, you can design the concrete flower pot as you like. Gold leaf was used in the example, but simple color is also suitable. Finally, tie the rope of any length on all three sides. At the top, where the three pieces meet, tie a knot and decorate it with a wooden bead, which you can also reshape with the paint and the gold leaf beforehand. Now plant the plant and you are done!

Homemade things from concrete – mini pots in marble look

Blue and pink for designing plant containers with a marble or ombre look

  • Craft or fine concrete
  • Concrete color pigment
  • Color pigments for concrete
  • Toilet roll or alternatively short pieces of copper pipe
  • Containers of any size and shape as a casting mold
  • Succulents
  • gloves
  • Container for mixing
  • old spoon or other tool for stirring

With gloves on, mix the concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Take out any amount of it and color it with coloring pigment in another container. Then add the non-colored concrete to the colored one and stir only a few times to create the marble effect. But you can continue without coloring.

Design concrete in any color with pigment paint and use it for handicrafts

If you are using the copper pipe: Fill the casting mold about two-thirds full with the concrete mixture and insert the copper pipe, but only deep enough so that it protrudes a little over the edge of the container. Then fill in the shape around the pipe with concrete. If you don’t want to use a pipe, just take a roll of toilet paper that you can remove later. Finally, tap the container on your work surface a few times to remove any air bubbles. Let the concrete dry and remove the toilet roll. However, the copper pipe remains in the concrete flower pot for decoration. Plant the succulent in the resulting hole.

Idea for ombre effect

Colorful pots for flowers and plants with an ombre effect in two shades

Instead of the marble effect, you can also opt for an interesting ombre effect. In this case you need two to four shades of a color, which you mix accordingly in two to four different containers. Then fill the first or the first two or three shades into the mold, add the tube or the roll and fill up with the second or the remaining two or the fourth color. The following steps are the same as for the marble effect.

This way you can also make large concrete planters for the garden. Then all you need is a larger amount of concrete and of course a larger container into which you pour the concrete mixture and let it harden. Then you can decorate your entrance area, the terrace, the balcony or your garden with such an effective concrete flower pot.

Make your own concrete flower pot with muffin molds

Concrete flower pot made of muffin molds in copper with succulents

  • quick-drying craft concrete
  • Muffin cups made of silicone or plastic
  • Bottle caps, tubes, corks or the like
  • copper spray paint
  • Non-stick baking spray
  • tongs
  • Stones as weights

The size of the bottle caps or corks you need to make this concrete plant pot depends on the size of the cupcake cups you have chosen. The diameter of the lid, the tube or the cork for handicrafts should be about 2 cm smaller at the top and bottom in order to create a cavity for planting. Spray the molds with the baking spray to make it easier to remove the pots later.

Instructions for concrete flower pot from molds for plastic muffins

Now mix the concrete in a mason jar, for example. The mixture can be a little more liquid so that it can then be better distributed in the mold. Fill the muffin molds about a third full with it and then tap the mold a few times on the table to remove any air bubbles and to distribute the concrete well. Let the concrete dry, put the lids or corks in the middle and fill the molds with concrete around them. You can put small weights on them to keep the lids or corks in place. For example, stones are well suited.

Let the concrete dry again, then twist the corks a few times to prevent them from sticking too tightly to the craft concrete. This makes them easier to remove later. As soon as each concrete flower pot has dried, you can remove the lids or corks with the tongs, then take the pots out of the molds and let them harden for another 24 hours. Then you can wash off any baking spray residue with a sponge and soap and, as soon as it has dried, paint it as you like. Copper spray paint was used in the example, but you can of course come up with something yourself.

tip: If the holes for planting do not have flat edges and you would like to smooth them, or if the holes are not deep enough for you, you can also grind them.