Make your own candlesticks made of grapevine wood

Make-your-own-yourself-out-of-grapevine-wood candlesticks

This amazing centerpiece doesn’t look like the others. It presents a unique Vine candlesticks Wood. This candlestick has more arms because the branches of the vines wrap themselves in beautiful shapes. The sometimes very bizarre shapes of the grapevines make them an attractive decoration in every house.

Vine candlesticks


This center piece brings the feel of natural, untreated materials. This candelabra is not only beautiful but also functional and can create a pleasant ambience. It could be a nice decoration for your mantelpiece, coffee table or even dining table. Christmas is already near, so this project could be a nice challenge for you.

Vine candlesticks


You can probably do something similar to this one Vine candlesticks do it yourself if you are creative enough. Grapevine woods are mostly used as a decorative eye-catcher in the terrarium or aquarium. They’re cheap and easy to find. Then arrange tea lights or small lanterns on the branches. Make sure the wood is treated and cleared of intruders.

on the dining table