Make wooden picture frames yourself – decoration idea keeps memories

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We present you an original and relatively simple craft idea – we will show you how to do it Make picture frames yourself.

Make picture frames yourself – materials

Picture frame design idea

If you have a Make picture frames yourself it is a good idea to add a bit of color to the design. This idea is a simple design with stripes. Skilled painters can, however, bring changes and imaginative additional shapes – stars, hearts or flowers. You can even stick rhinestones on it. Here’s a quick summary of the materials you’ll need:

Handicraft instructions to make decoration at home yourself

Wooden frame – smaller and larger photo frames

Picture hanger including screws

White and blue / or other acrylic color /



Paper tape – double-sided, white

Glue for wood

Small paint rollers – polyamide paint rollers

Cutting knife


 Make picture frames yourself –  Step 1 – paint the wooden frame in white paint

Painting picture frames white Crafting instructions ideas

Make picture frames yourself is simple – here are the instructions in simple steps:

The picture frame is stuck with the adhesive tape and painted in blue

Make picture frames yourself design

The pasted front

Photo frame tape design

Let the pasted and painted picture frame dry, then remove the adhesive tape

Painting picture frames Step 3 Crafting instructions

Picture frame in blue with white stripes

Tinker picture frames yourself

First paint the wooden frame with white paint and let it dry out. Cover the picture with strips of paper tape. Color your wooden picture frame in the desired colors with the acrylic paint and let it dry out.

Step 2 – Attach the picture hangers

Handicraft instruction materials picture frames

 Glue cardboard to the back of the picture frame. Attach the picture hanger. Glue the back with foam so that the wall is not damaged by the frame.

Step 3 – the two photo frames are attached to each other with the double-sided adhesive tape

Build picture frames in children's rooms yourself

 Place the smaller photo frame in the middle of the frame. Stick the photo to the wooden frame with the double-sided tape – it will hold the photo securely, and you can switch photos at any time.

Step 4 – hang the decorative photo frame on the wall – done!

 Picture frames for sweet memories and as decoration in the nursery

Picture frames cute craft ideas children's room

Picture frames for the nursery

cute picture frame design idea pattern