Make trendy lamps yourself – fresh ideas with paper

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Home lighting is important for the well-being of all family members. The design of the lamps is also of particular importance if you want to emphasize your individuality. Are you looking for modern pendant lights for your home? We present you fresh ideas on how to get a trendy one Make your own lamp can.

Make your own lamp – modern creation from paper ribbons

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For light crafting you need copy paper, a paper ball, glue and a spray paint. You choose the color you want yourself. Spray the corners of the paper and let them dry. When these are already dry, you can cut out the pieces of paper with a thickness of 2 to 2.5 cm. Glue the colored paper tapes onto the paper ball, leaving small space between them. First glue the longer ribbons from top to bottom. So you can quickly and easily create a modern and effective Make your own lamp.

Triangle shapes – make your own trendy lamp

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So that you have a triangular shape Make your own lamp, you will need the following materials: 1 ball of rice paper, a few scraps of fabric, scissors and glue. Cut small triangle pieces of different sizes. Make two different triangle shapes and divide them into two piles. Glue the triangles onto the ball from top to bottom, leaving space between the elements. You can also take a look at the other suggestions and get inspiration from them. You don’t need a lot of time to make a lamp yourself, but you need a lot of creativity.

Original idea for handicrafts – pendant lights made of paper

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Effective hanging lamp – switched on and off

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A remarkable craft made from newsprint 

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Colored paper lamps

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Instructions for a lamp

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Origami lamp

tinker lamp yourself origami idea instructions simple ball lamp

Lamp with triangular pieces of paper

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Make strips with paper

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