Make pretty garden plugs out of concrete yourself – ideas with shapes, from lace & others

Garden plugs are a pleasant and at the same time discreet decoration for the garden, which can not only decorate the flower beds, but also planters and pots. And since concrete is currently a trendy and popular craft material, we would like to show you today how you can combine both in one. We’ll show you a few ideas with which you can make pretty garden plugs out of concrete yourself. Learn how to make molds for casting to get any figures.

Make garden sticks out of concrete yourself – letters

Make your own letters as garden stakes out of concrete for nice messages in the garden

Letters like this are a great idea if you want to send out a message in your garden. You can create a “Welcome” for the front yard or a “Merry X-Mas” for the Christmas season. You can even make the house number visible to the postman in this way. And the best thing is that letter shapes can be conveniently bought ready-made so that you only have to fill them with concrete. Here’s how you can make this type of concrete garden plug yourself:

Make garden sticks out of concrete yourself - handicraft instructions with 3D letters made of cardboard

  • quick-drying concrete (craft concrete is finer than normal building concrete)
  • Container and plastic spoon (or other object) to mix the concrete
  • gloves
  • Copper pipes or other rods
  • Pipe cutter
  • 3D letters made of cardboard of any size (in the example about 15 cm)
  • scissors

DIY idea with three-dimensional letters made of cardboard for the garden

If you would like to make the concrete garden plug yourself, first cut one side of the cardboard up and down to create a shape that can be filled. On the lower side, where the pipe should be, cut an opening in the side wall and put the pipe into it. It should be deep enough in the letter to be well fixed later. To make it easier to remove the cardboard from the concrete later, you can now spray the inside with baking spray. Then mix the concrete and fill the mold with it. Once the concrete has dried, you can remove the cardboard. The simple but beautiful concrete decoration for the garden is ready.

Make molds for garden decorations from concrete yourself

Make molds for garden stakes out of concrete yourself from cardboard and with adhesive tape

If you prefer to make garden plugs with individual shapes, you can easily make them yourself. All you need is any template of the desired shape that you can print out, as well as cardboard and adhesive tape. How to do it:

Cut out your template and place it on a piece of cardboard. Trace the outlines with a pencil. Now cut out strips of cardboard, which you then stick upright with the help of the adhesive tape along these outlines of the motif. Be generous with the tape to make the side walls stable. Now add an opening for the rod. Your shape is now ready and you can make concrete garden plugs yourself.

Make flower studs with lace

Make your own garden plug out of concrete with lace - pretty flowers

Such plugs are also made very easily, because they do not even need a mold. If you want to make the pretty flowers as a plant plug yourself, all you need is a base, concrete mix, a stick and a piece of lace as well as twine to tie. And this is how you can make the garden plug out of concrete yourself:

Dip the tip into the concrete mix and wrap it around the rod over the backing. Then tie the tip around the rod in the lowest area. Insert the plug into the ground and shape the flower with your fingers (be careful when using construction concrete!) By carefully pulling the tip apart at the top. If necessary, you can add some more concrete here and there. Once the concrete has dried, the plugs can be flaunted as concrete ideas for the garden.

With bottle bottom

Craft concrete idea for cute, white flowers in flower pots

Would you like to make such flowers for garden plugs yourself? Then it’s best to use the bottoms of plastic bottles to keep the shape. Cut off the bottom of a bottle, stick a metal rod through the center, and either fill the inside of the mold with a thin layer of concrete or spread it on the outside. After the concrete has dried, you can paint the flowers as you like and design such delicate models as in the picture or colorful variants.

Depending on how big your flowers should be, you can of course also use bottles of different sizes. Make lots of flowers and use them to decorate flower pots and beds, because they are particularly effective in groups.

Make decoration out of concrete yourself

Make garden stakes out of concrete yourself - instructions for shapes and craft ideas

Craft concrete idea – pretty lilies

Make decoration out of concrete yourself - lilies as plugs for the flower beds

Make concrete decoration yourself for garden and flower pots

Butterfly and star tinker for pretty plugs as garden decorations

Make your own snail decoration out of concrete

Make snails out of handicraft concrete and decorate the beds