Make picture frames yourself and design creative photo walls – 20 ideas

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Let your imagination run wild – we’ll show you 20 ideas on how to be original Make picture frames yourself and be able to design a creative photo wall. Show off your family pictures or your favorite photos and drawings!

Make picture frames yourself – original ideas with natural materials

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You can get a completely new one Make picture frames yourself, or buy a basic picture frame and design it in an original way with natural materials. If you have decided on the first variant, you can build the frame from four tree branches and simply attach the photo to the back with adhesive tape. A tip – the pallet wood is ideal as a photo frame. Those who want to decorate a picture frame that they have bought have a little more creative freedom. The frames glued with shells are very popular – but you can also decorate the frame with nuts or birch bark, for example. On the other hand, picture frames that are decorated with colorful decorative tape look modern. Here you can show your creativity – instead of using adhesive tape, you can decorate the frame with stamps, for example.

Make picture frames yourself and decorate with several pearls and glittering stones

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Picture frames are not only used for photos, but can also be used to store jewelry. For example, if you want to find a special place for your engagement ring, you can make a small photo frame for it and decorate it nicely. For this handicraft project you can use small pearls and rhinestones and make a glamorous ring storage yourself. In the place of the photo, insert beautiful pattern paper and stick a pin with a beautiful head on it. The ring can be hung there.

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Make creative picture frames yourself – 20 cool ideas

picture frames-make-yourself-photos-mini-clothespins-jute twine-rice-twine-frames-turquoise

Here we would like to present many great ideas that are easy to imitate and that can successfully stage your pictures. For the idea shown above, you will need an old picture frame, some string, mini clothespins and some thumbtacks. The cord is first stretched along the long side and attached to the picture frame with thumbtacks. Then the photos can be hung up using the clothespins and the original DIY photo wall is ready.

Stylish wall decoration with small black and white photos on patterned boards 


You can creatively redesign simple picture frames and use them to create a beautiful photo wall in the apartment. Small boards made of wood or plastic can be covered with sample paper and then used as a base for the photo frame. For this project, use papers of different patterns and colors that go well with each other.

Creative and inexpensive idea – make your own picture frames out of cardboard

Cut out cardboard picture frames yourself

If you want to make the whole picture frame yourself, cardboard is a very suitable material. Various shapes can be cut out of this and converted into creative photo frames. The first thing you should do is cut out two identical templates in any shape from cardboard. Then cut out a window for the photo from the first template. To make the picture frame look nicer, you can decorate it with paper or other decoration of your choice.

Make picture frames yourself and decorate with birch peel

Design photo frame birch bark natural materials handicraft ideas

For a natural interior, natural materials are wonderfully suitable as decoration for the picture frames. They are also an inexpensive decoration, because they can be collected during a trip in nature or a walk in the park. You decide for yourself whether birch shell, walnut shell, chestnut or any other material. You can use the hot glue to attach the decoration to the frame.

Color different picture frames the same color

Red color photo frame black white photos

If you have decided on a beautiful photo wall in the living room or stairwell, then you can use picture frames in different sizes and colors. Instead of tinkering these yourself, basic photo frames can be painted in any color so that they match the rest of the interior.

Picture frame decorated with adhesive tape

Adhesive tape colorful modern original decoration idea

You can even use adhesive tape as a decoration for a picture frame. What is meant here is a patterned tape that can be found in many different colors and pretty patterns. The so-called washi tape is perfect for decorating simple photo frames and can turn them into beautiful eye-catchers.

Original photo wall – black and white photos on a colored surface

blue purple blue orange colored paper

With pictures and photos in beautiful frames, lively accents can be set in the interior. Colored paper can be used to decorate this and thus make colorful picture frames yourself. However, if the photo frames are colored, black and white photos are better than colored ones. This way the colors of the picture and the frame will not be mixed.

Photo frames are made from paper rolls

Creatively design photo wall hallway kitchen

A cool idea for the hallway or for the children’s room – cut out creative shapes out of cardboard and stick the family pictures on it. Cut the kitchen rolls in two, then cut out the photos according to the size of the rolls. At the end, glue the photos to the kitchen rolls and hang them on the wall. Buy monochrome picture frames and use colored paper as a base for the photos. Paint all picture frames a bold color. And at the end a sweet idea for the girl’s room made of cardboard again – decorate the frame with glitter spray.

Cut a picture frame out of cardboard for the children’s room

tinker cut cardboard decorate children's room

Playful photo frames made of cardboard are also perfect as wall decorations for the children’s room. Children and teenagers can also make these picture frames themselves and use them as a present for a friend, for example. If the children are too young, you should take care of them while they are doing handicrafts and maybe help them cut with the scissors.

Decorate the picture frame with natural materials

tinker yourself autumn winter decoration ideas

As already mentioned, natural materials are very suitable as decoration for picture frames. Especially if you are looking for an original handicraft project for autumn, you can use different nuts or nutshells to decorate. All you need is an old photo frame and a good glue.

River stones as an accent on the desk

River stones creative design ideas nature

Photo holders offer a creative alternative to picture frames for the desk. They are space-saving and are always suitable as a homemade gift. You can also make original photo holders yourself by using river stones and some wire. In addition to photos, these holders are perfect for small notes and notes.

Build picture frames yourself from tree branches

Build cool picture frame tree branches yourself

Picture frames made of wooden pallets – idea to make yourself

Frame rustic wood deco hallway design

Ideas photo frame design cardboard purple glitter spray

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Tree branches build a rustic decorative wall yourself