Make photo wall heart yourself – How to make a heart from photos on the wall!

simple photo wall heart make square pictures yourself

If you are currently looking for an interesting idea to beautify the walls in your apartment, then you have come to the right place. The photo wall is one of the most popular ideas for wall decoration, as it depicts beautiful moments from our lives on the wall and reminds us of the time well spent with family and friends. There are actually a lot of great ways to hang photos on the wall. A heart made of photos, for example, looks very effective and is not difficult to design. In today’s post we will show you how to make a photo wall heart yourself and decorate the wall with your favorite moments.

Design the photo wall as a wall decoration

wall with photos design picture frame photo wall heart

A photo wall consists of several photos, which are usually first set in picture frames and then hung on the wall. The photo size does not play an important role – you can combine photos and images in different sizes and shapes to create a beautiful overall picture. There are also no limits to the size of a picture wall. For example, you can only decorate a small area of ​​the wall with photos or decorate the entire wall with them.

creative wall decoration heart photo wall corner

Photo walls are usually designed in the living room, hallway or stairwell. You visit these areas of the apartment several times a day and can therefore admire the beautiful memories in the photos every day. If the photos are more private, you can also decorate the walls in the bedroom or children’s or teenagers’ room. The area above the bed or above the desk is best for this.

Photo wall heart for your favorite photos

Photo wall heart diy youth room wall decoration

A photo wall can be designed in any way, with the heart shape enjoying great popularity. Photos of family and friends in particular are often arranged in the shape of a heart, as they depict the most beautiful moments in life. A photo wall heart can be designed with or without a picture frame, depending on the effect you achieve. The only important thing is to get the outline of a heart right.

photo wall heart mantelpiece decorate family photos

A heart made of photos on the wall is perfect as a gift for a loved one, for example for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. This is how you can surprise your boyfriend / girlfriend and express your love.

youth room decor photo wall heart design without a picture frame

Children and especially teenagers love to decorate the walls in the teenage room with photos, pictures, posters, etc. Therefore, a photo wall in the shape of a heart offers a great idea for the decoration in the teenage room.

If you would also like to create a heart from photos for the photo wall, we will explain how to do it below.

So you can make a photo wall heart yourself

Photo wall heart make yourself combine photos

First you need to gather all the necessary materials for the DIY project. For this you should have already thought about the design of your photo wall. Are the photos framed first or not? Do they come directly on the wall or do you use a mat for it? What type of adhesive would best suit the selected surface? See below for examples of the different options.

Now we will use a quick guide to show you how to design a classic heart photo wall without a picture frame. For this you need the following materials:

  • Photo prints
  • Heart template (optional)
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Duct tape or adhesive pads
  • Underlay (if used, e.g. a cork board)

design photo wall without picture frame cork board photos heart

1. Select and print photos – First, print out the photo prints in the appropriate sizes. In our example only square or Polaroid photos are used, but you can of course design a heart from different photo sizes.

Photo wall heart template photos square

2. Use / create a heart template for the collage – You can use a template so that your photos are arranged symmetrically and form the perfect heart shape. You can see an exemplary template for 27 photos in the picture above. You can have these printed out on adhesive foil, for example, and then cut out the gaps for the photos. This way the collage can be designed right on the wall and you can make sure that the photos are arranged exactly in the shape of a heart. Use a tape measure or ruler to determine the exact location for the template.

diy photo wall heart template instructions

3. Arrange the photos – Now it only remains to arrange the photos for your photo wall heart. Depending on the surface, these can be glued with double-sided adhesive tape or, for example, with adhesive pads for the wall. For a nice overall effect, you should make sure that the colors in the photos go well together. Ultimately, the photo wall should have a decorative effect and create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Finally, peel off the adhesive film and admire the beautiful DIY photo wall.

A photo collage for the photo wall

photo wall ideas decoration photo collage heart shape picture frame

The collage is a technique from the visual arts in which several individual images are combined and result in a complete work of art. You can also design a photo wall heart in the form of a photo collage by first arranging your favorite photos on a surface in a heart shape and then hanging them on the wall. For the collage, the photos do not necessarily have to be arranged symmetrically – there are no limits to creativity.

make heart from photos collage yourself instructions

Here is a picture guide for creating a simple heart-shaped collage. It is important to first design the contours of the heart with photos and only then fill in the photo collage inside. So the good result is guaranteed.

heart collage design photos instructions

You can put the finished collage in a beautiful frame and thus create a pretty decoration for the wall in the living room, bedroom or hallway.

wall decoration ideas creative photo collage heart frame

Decoration ideas with a photo wall heart

Make photo wall heart yourself saying wall sticker

The possibilities for designing a photo wall heart are many. In addition to photos, you can also add small notes or wall tattoos with favorite sayings about life, love, family or friendship to the design. In this way you can make the decoration even more personal.

photo wall heart shape corner design tips

If there is only little space available in the room, the heart-shaped photo wall can also be designed in a corner. In this way you can also beautifully decorate the unused corners in the room and put them in the limelight. You can find more ideas as inspiration for your own photo wall heart in the picture gallery.

Photo wall heart corner design living room

photo wall heart nursery decor pictures friends

Make heart out of photos on the wall without a picture frame

diy photo wall heart over bed picture frame

picture frame photo wall heart big

photo wall heart shape living room wall

diy photo wall ideas shape heart shape

photo collage heart picture frame beautiful wall decoration

photo collage heart design wall decoration