Make makeup storage yourself – 5 simple ideas and instructions

Surely every lady knows the problem: All make-up products and utensils are in a drawer or a box and it creates such a mess that you can’t find anything quickly. Most of the time, you always postpone creating order or you just don’t have the right ideas. There are really many simple DIY projects that you can use to perfectly organize all the make-up so that you always have what you are looking for at hand. Today we have put together some such ideas for make-up storage that you can easily imitate as you wish. From now on you can have more fun putting on make-up and making things beautiful!

Make make-up storage yourself with a copper mug

Make-up storage copper-mug-wooden board-wall-design

The first idea is a simple variant, for which you only need any number of copper cups, a wooden board on which all cups fit, and leather straps. Take the board and first measure where the cups should be attached. You can choose a regular or irregular spacing and fix the cups vertically or horizontally as you wish. Just experiment by placing the cups on the board.

Make-up storage tacker-wooden board-wall decoration-original-instructions

Once you have found the perfect design, use a pencil to mark the outer, upper edges of the cups on the board. Then drill small holes there. This is very easy and can also be done by beginners. Now wrap the leather cord through the first hole and tie a knot on the back of the board. Now wrap the ribbon around the edge of the cup as often as you want and estimate how much length you will still need to put the other end through the second hole and be able to knot it. Then cut off the excess part and finally tie the mug in place. If you want, you can also fix the knots and ribbons on the back with a staple gun or use the staple gun instead of the knot. You can now hang the wooden board on the wall.

Make up storage tinker with leather

Make-up-storage-leather-idea-rolls-make-up utensils-basic equipment

This idea is also made faster and easier. This is a great way to store your basic equipment or elongated products. All you need is a piece of leather. This can be of any thickness. There is also a strap, which can also be made of leather, and a carpet knife. Now cut into the leather a little at regular intervals. Create two rows in this way, whereby the cracks should always be directly on top of each other. You can now put your make-up and make-up utensils into these cracks. This make-up storage is particularly compact, as the leather can be rolled up and tied at the end. This saves space in the drawer or in the closet.

Store utensils and make-up in a bamboo mat


This simple and original idea works on a similar principle. Such a bamboo mat, which is used for rolls of sushi or as a pad on the table, replaces the leather in this case. There is also no extra cutting here. Instead, a rubber band is pushed through the gaps between the bamboo sticks. At the beginning a loop is formed for this, which is simply sewn in with a needle and thread.


Now wind the elastic band through the cracks as shown. You can create as large a space as you want in order to store utensils or make-up of different thicknesses. Finally, cut off the remaining ribbon and sew the end and the beginning in the form of a loop. You can also roll up this make-up storage at any time and save space with it.

Make-up organizer made of lanterns

Make-up-storage-pyramid-lanterns-mug-hot glue-inspiration

After the purchased candles have burned out, the lanterns are left over. But instead of throwing them away, you can use them perfectly to make make-up storage for the bathroom or bedroom. And that is anything but difficult. The number depends on how many individual subjects you need. In this case six lanterns were used. Residual wax in the containers can be removed with acetone. Then fold the first row. With the help of hot glue you can fix the lanterns to each other. Make sure that they do not deviate from each other at the front and back.

Then design the second row in the same way, for which you use one less lantern. Once the glue has set, you can put the second row on the first row and attach it in the same way. Continue like this until you get to the last lantern for the tip. Now you can sort the make-up according to function or color.

Make-up storage made of wood

make-up-storage-wooden-cubes-drilling-brush-accessories-stow away

There are two ways to recreate this do-it-yourself cosmetic storage. Either you make them yourself by getting a wooden cube and using a drill to make it with several holes, or you can simply buy a ready-made wooden pen holder. The advantage of the first variant is that you can design holes of different sizes in order to store thick utensils or make-up products.

You can also paint the wood as you like or add decorations. Use rivets, metal, ribbons, glitter, or whatever you can think of to create a unique design. The color copper looks particularly chic and elegant. You can also use these to create modern geometric patterns and combine them with the natural wood color.

Make-up storage for the drawer


Simple gift boxes or even an ordinary cutlery box are just as wonderfully suitable for make-up storage. No time is needed to tinker with the make-up storage box, because it can be bought ready-made. The boxes are simply arranged in the drawer and can then be filled straight away. It is advisable to measure the drawer beforehand and to find boxes of the right size so that they are stable in the compartment and do not always slip when opening and closing. Alternatively, a rubber or silicone pad can be used to prevent slipping.

Make-up storage – DIY idea with magnets


It’s no secret that pinboards are practical. And the self-made pin board is even particularly unique. But would you have come up with the idea of ​​using a magnetic board to store your make-up? Use a ready-made magnetic board or make one yourself by covering a magnetic metal plate with fabric and then adding a beautiful frame. So that the make-up can be attached to the board, magnets are of course necessary. These are simply glued to the back of the product and they are ready to go on the board.

For gluing, it is best to use an adhesive that can be easily removed so that you can easily transfer the magnet to the new product when the old one is used up. It is also a great idea to put magnets on cups for the brushes and other utensils. You can then fix these on the board and use them to store make-up and have them ready to hand.