Make large wooden planters yourself – 47 DIY ideas

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Raised beds or large ones Planter made of wood can be found in the garden department for a certain price. With a little craftsmanship, some free time and from scraps of wood, you can also build something beautiful yourself and design it according to your personal taste. Wooden slats, boards or boxes can be transformed into practical planters. An old barrel is also suitable for this purpose. A lot of tools are not needed for this either. All you need is a hammer, nails, a cordless screwdriver and possibly a handsaw, if the wood has not already been cut into suitable pieces. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. Collect ideas and great examples for large wooden planters in the outdoor area.

Build raised beds or large wooden planters yourself

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If you want to grow ornamental plants in your garden or on the balcony, wooden planters could be effectively used for this purpose. Use scraps of wood to create a medium-sized raised bed, a small vertical garden or a spice garden from a Euro pallet. These and other cool ideas follow in the photo series.

Make large wooden planters yourself – Great DIY ideas and tips

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Building your own wooden planters doesn’t have to be complicated. In the following we will show you how easy it is to create a great piece of jewelry for the outdoor area. The materials that are needed for the buckets can be found in almost every apartment. This DIY project works best for balconies or patios that are covered. The bucket should not be exposed to direct moisture.

Necessary materials:

– Moving boxes – as free as possible from writings or stamps

– solid copper wire

– Wooden slats or boards – the length should correspond to the length of the side of the box

– solid plastic bag

– Hot glue

Build your own wooden planter with a copper frame for your terrace or balcony

Wooden planter -diy-decorative-wood-slatted-flowers-copper-feet-frame

Look for a moving box in the size you want so that the finished wooden planter stands well in its future place. Use the plastic bag to carefully cover the inside of the box. This ensures a long-lasting hold. After the inside is done, let’s move on to the outside. Arrange the wooden slats or boards horizontally and fix them with hot glue. Use pliers to shape the copper wire base and attach it to the four lower corners. To be on the safe side, you can attach an additional fifth foot in the middle of the cardboard base. The last step is to choose a suitable plant that fits in the box and is not too heavy for the construction you are building. Note that this wooden planter should be used decoratively and is not weatherproof.

Make decorative wooden planters

Wooden planter -diy-decorative-planter-plant-copper-feet-deco

* a DIY project by Designer trapped

Build a wooden box yourself with a hammer and nails

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Anyone who has opted for plant containers made from the natural material wood can benefit from several advantages. The material can be colored according to your own taste and can also be edited as often as you like, which means that new designs are always created. If you want to redesign your garden, you can create a whole new atmosphere in the outdoor area with a simple paint job. Wooden plant boxes create a uniform overall picture on the balcony or in your garden and can set stylish accents depending on the shape and color design.

You can easily put together a box from wooden slats

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If you want to create a real eye-catcher in your garden, you can, for example, make a planter yourself from a wooden box. If you are technically gifted, you can build a sturdy wooden box from wooden boards yourself. For the necessary stability, the boards should be at least two centimeters thick. You are also welcome to use corner timbers to which you attach the boards. Leave the corner timbers a little longer so that your planter does not stand directly on the floor and has feet.

Build a vintage wooden planter yourself from old wooden boards with peeled paint


You will also need a base plate for the wooden box into which you drill drainage holes. A wood seal will protect the wood from wind and weather. Various oils and biological glazes provide the necessary protection. You can treat the planter with linen oil, for example. Linen oil is also very suitable for regular care. It makes the bucket look like new again. After oiling, the planters take on a brown color. So that the wooden box is also protected from the water from the inside, you can cover the inside with pond liner, the bottom of which you can provide with drainage holes.

Tinker a rectangular flower pot from different wooden boards

Planter-wood-waste-wood-boxwood-wooden slats-arrangement-different

Of course, you can plant any stable box you want. A drawer from the unusable, old chest of drawers can also be converted into a planter. When you are ready and planting is pending, you can choose the plants. In order for them to feel comfortable in the bucket, they have to have very similar demands on water, light and soil. For example, if you always want fresh herbs to hand, a herb bed is the right thing for you. Numerous other combinations are also possible. Wildflowers, sunflowers or fragrant pelargoniums – they all cut a fine figure in the wooden box.

Paint the wooden planter white


You can also design a planter from Euro pallets. You can hang this flower box outdoors or lean it against the wall and fix it. First saw off the lower part of the pallet and sand the edges smooth with coarse sandpaper. If you want to hang the flower box on the balcony, you can drill holes in the boards protruding above and thread a solid rope through it.

Use a larger barrel as a spice garden on the balcony


In the next step, you can set up the Euro pallet vertically and put a garbage bag in the pallet. Secure it with a hand tacker. You will fill the potting soil in there later. Now all you have to do is seal the lower part of the planter. Saw some pallet boards to size for the bottom of the box and nail them in place. Now you can get really creative and dedicate yourself to the decoration.

Wooden planter with vintage flair – Blossoming wooden barrel


You can design large planters in any shape you want. Whether round, rectangular or square depends on your personal preferences. Combinations of flower boxes in different shapes also look great. You can also combine the wooden planters with other materials. Wooden buckets are particularly effective when combined with others made of concrete or stainless steel. You can achieve great effects if you place planters made of different materials next to each other or create a mixed design. Wooden buckets with a stainless steel frame look elegant and modern.

Wooden boxes instead of wooden planters 

planter-wood-garden-wooden box-earth-planter-earth

Wooden planters can be very durable if you get a little maintenance. After several showers, dry the tubs off so that the self-made flower box can beautify your garden for longer. Persistent moisture can damage even the best wood. It is also important that the planter is not in the wet. A base ring with plastic feet can keep the moisture away.

Small vegetable garden in the bed made of wooden boards

planter-wooden-garden-lawn-raised bed-tomato-plant-planting table

Planter-wooden-garden-privacy-screen-thecke-stool-plastic-transparent-garden-wooden floor

planter-wooden-garden-terrace-geranium-flowers-plants-wooden slats-wooden floor

planter-wooden-planter-raised bed-bench-one-construction-outdoor-practical

planter-wood-red-baking-wall-cypress-roof terrace-wooden floor

planter-wooden-raised bed-table-bench-gravel-outdoor-garetn

planter-wooden-raised bed-under-window-garden-plants-arrange-flowers

Plant-pots-wood-raised beds-floors-under-window-garden-outdoor-build-yourself

Planter-wooden-spice garden-raised bed-build-yourself-idea

planter-wooden-spice garden-hexagonal-pavement-outdoor-idea-creative

planter-wood-spice garden-thyme-basil-mint-outdoor-garden

planter-wooden-spice garden-vertical-garden-soil-outdoor-euro-pallet

planter-wood-vertical-garden-planter-garden-raised bed-three-tier



Planter-wooden-large-raised bed-strawberry flowers-outdoor-garden


planter-wood-large-gravel-wooden slats-wood residues-plant-soil

planter-wooden-raised beds-arranging-plants-green-outdoor-garden

planter-wooden-raised bed-vertical-garden-spices-basil-mint

Planter-wooden-raised bed-wall-guided-paving-soil-garden-lawn

Planter-wood-wood-scraps-outdoor-planter-raised bed-industrial-design



Planter-wooden-wooden box-build-yourself-metals-corners-lawn-garden-concrete-idea-construction


planter-wood-small-garden-salads-growing-stamp-wooden slats


planter-wooden-jute-rope-high-fern-brick-wall-front door-outdoor

Planter-wooden-boxes-lawn-garden-outdoor-iron chair



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